Alien Psychics Deceive us with Promises of “Spiritual Advancement”

The ET Intervention is here with the agenda of Invasion, by contact through psychics to deceive us with promises of “Spiritual Advancement” and “saving” our race from a particular staged ‘threat’, such as our OWN Human Leadership so that they can undermine our confidence in human governance and make us willingly want their authority.

The various alien groups host different flags, but essentially they are the same force, here with the same intent: a subtle, clandestine take-over of Earth and it’s resources.

Physical Contact is only made for invasive purposes in the Greater Community and not because they are interested in our culture, well-being, etc. Such expeditions are carried out with a great cost of resources and only for a commercial interest.

They cannot operate here if we’re not willing as they use a more mature form of invasion. Not through warfare for that is primitive and destructive, but a FAR more potent force – Deception.

  1. This is also because, There is a risk of biological contamination in our atmosphere and they cannot be physically present here for prolong periods (our planet’s biological wealth is very valuable and rare) and hence require our allegiance and integrate amongst us (through hybrids);
  2. Military invasion is prohibited in this area of space which is densely populated, due to obvious risks of radiations, destruction and destabilization;
  3. They have higher mental influence as they exist in Collectives and their minds think in unison (meaning they have no individual expression) and hence have a strong influence over a human’s mind which is conflicted and weak, (but is still connected to an Inner Knowledge which THEY have lost);
  4. They have studied us for centuries to understand our psychology and weaknesses very well, knowing what inducements to Deceive us with and how to approach us.

Such Physical entities have influence in the Mental Environment, which could be very alluring but easily control and influence us in many ways- by thought, feelings, emotions and also physically (this is how abductions are carried out, and the interbreeding program continues to gain momentum).

There are also the ACTUAL Good ETs out there too, which are actually spiritually advanced, but they cannot stop the Intervention‘s deception as there is an agreement of non-interference between established worlds, which if thwarted can be a threat to their own race.

They also cannot interfere in this way because they understand that humanity needs to face its own predicaments to truly grow spiritually and not be dependent and helplessly reliant on a some kind of technological aid.

However, at the risk of their own lives in secrecy and anonymity, they are giving us what they can-their wisdom and advice to help us be aware of this and give humanity the strength to emerge in the “Greater Community” as a free and sovereign race, overcoming deception and establishing our own unity and self-sufficiency.

They are from societies who have previously offset a similar intervention in their own worlds, being amongst the very few to gain freedom.

They, with the great help of the “Unseen presence” is helping humanity to spiritually prepare for this threshold now.

I’m sure there will be still a lot many unanswered questions, and so I advise you to go to and be open. The wisdom and Spiritual Preparation on the other hand given by the Unseen Ones or the Angelic Presence is presented at this time of Great need to Humanity in a series of texts at , for God has sent wisdom and warning at this Great turning point for humanity’s preservation, as has been the case in our history when we have received Revelations at great turning points.

Many people can feel this internally but unfortunately they are not able to comprehend it correctly and have also fallen under Deception as the force cast is so powerful. But they still have the chance to see and hear and know, beyond illusions – and reach for the truth.

This has been received by a single source to ensure the authenticity and efficacy of the message, and not get it lost or influenced by the unethical intent of the ET intervention.

Hear the truth. This is your chance and this is your warning. This is the answer to all your prayers for truth and resolution- for this has been your truest need in each prayer and for your Soul.

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