Why Most Alien Worlds Are Like North Korea

“Freedom is rare in the universe, as it is in your own world. This is the great truth that you will have to face, in contrast perhaps to your expectations, hopes and wishes.” — Life in the Universe, Chapter 2: A Brief History of Visitation to the Earth

Have you ever looked up at the stars and wondered, “what’s it like out there?”

Is there a gigantic empire that rules it all like Rome in its heyday? Or, do enterprising free worlds band together in association like the Hanseatic league? What if — gasp — most alien civilizations look more like North Korea? What then?

These questions aren’t only for starry-eyed dreamers anymore.

Extraterrestrials are here and they’re interfering in our affairs. Who they are and what they want are critical topics of discussion. Understanding the type of world they come from helps us determine what they value and how we can best deal with them.

The Risk of Freedom

Freedom is a beautiful thing. Wonderful inventions, social advancements and creative expressions are some of its many gifts. Most Alien Worlds Are Not Free

Given its numerous advantages, you’d think that every society would choose freedom over oppression. This has not, however, been the case in human history.

Unfree states can more easily maintain stability and control. They’re also able to act boldly and direct all their resources towards a single goal.

North Korea is a case in point. They’ve opted for a tightly organized society that’s run from the top. Regime survival is everything. They have the GDP of tiny Gabon and yet they’ve been able to develop hydrogen bombs and square off with the world’s largest military powers.

Look at a world map. North Korea is surrounded by some of the biggest bullies on the planet. You have to be a pretty tough kid to survive in that environment. No one’s going to pull an Iraq, a Libya, a Syria, a Ukraine, a Georgia, a Tibet… on North Korea.

Their people suffer, but North Korea continues as an independent entity.

The Rough and Tumble Universe

According to the Allies of Humanity Briefings, the universe is the toughest neighborhood there is. It’s anarchy and the strong rule the weak, more often than not. The East Asia security environment is nothing compared to the threats that extraterrestrials face.

The competition for finite resources is so fierce that the majority of alien worlds have chosen security and control over freedom. Just like North Korea — the reasoning is the same.

Welcome to the galaxy, kiddo. Don’t forget your brass knuckles.

The Freedom Movement

Alien Designs on EarthIt’s important to highlight that free worlds do exist, according to these same briefings. The Allies themselves come from such worlds. They want humanity to maintain its freedom as they desire more free worlds in their vicinity. They don’t want another “North Korea” in this region.

There’s a freedom movement in the universe and they want humanity on board!

Forget the fantasies of being helped or spiritually enlightened by foreign alien powers. Let go of the notion that advanced technology breeds high ethics. We’re surrounded by unfree worlds that want what we have, with a few potential allies scattered here and there.

But even our free neighbors can’t fight this fight for us. They can’t intervene directly as this would jeopardize their security. Instead, they’ve provided us with the information and perspective we need to make wise choices. To maintain our hard-won freedoms, we’re going to have to moderate our behavior and focus on planetary security.

Become a part of Earth’s freedom movement! Start by looking at our situation with clear eyes. The alien intervention has been studying us for decades. It’s time we return the favor.

“Free nations are rare and have had to earn their freedom. They have had to mature and become strong and united to ward off the many influences that the Greater Community will inevitably bring to them.” — The Allies of Humanity, Book 3, Fifth Briefing: Many Voices in the Universe

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