3 Reasons Why Aliens Love Climate Change

The New Message from God emphasizes that the world’s environment must be preserved and well cared for if humanity is to have a future. For if this is not done, humanity will decline, human conflict will escalate and human deprivation and suffering will increase dramatically. While this is apparent to a few people today, what many people do not realize is if humanity were to decline in this way, you would be extremely vulnerable to persuasion and influence from forces from the Greater Community, the Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe in which your world exists.” —  The New Message on the Environment

The effects of climate change are in the news more often than the Kardashians. Each passing day brings a new weather-related disaster, announcement that yet another species has gone extinct, or grim news about nations itching to grab whatever remains of Earth’s important resources.

It’s depressing stuff. But not for everyone. Extraterrestrials are watching us run off the climactic cliff with big alien smiles on their faces. Our hardships are their opportunities.

Sit back, keep an open mind, and deeply consider these 3 reasons why aliens love climate change.

1. It’s Good for Trade

How could you trade goods with someone that’s completely self-sufficient? They wouldn’t need what you have to offer. Quite a conundrum for the enterprising merchant. The answer is to create a need.

Aliens didn’t cause climate change, but they’re certainly giddy about it. They expect it to create that need. According to the Climate Change Prophecy, a severe warming of the planet will cause catastrophic weather events that will drastically accelerate the depletion of our resources.

resource depletion
We are rapidly depleting our resources.

As the human family grows increasingly desperate, alien merchants will step in to cut a deal. Given our weak negotiating position, the terms won’t be in our favor.

The hidden threat is that trading with them will ultimately lead to the loss of our sovereignty. That’s their secret long-term goal.

Henry Kissinger once wrote that the best way to control people is to control their access to food. The same logic applies to controlling entire planets. If we can’t feed our growing population, we’ll give them anything for resources — even rulership of Earth. The Allies of Humanity confirm that this has happened countless times in the universe.

We absolutely need to maintain our self-sufficiency to avoid this fate. Humanity must work together to reverse the effects of climate change. We need to become wise stewards of our resources to maintain our freedom and independence in a universe filled with self-serving forces.

“Human conflict is wasting you away. Ignorant, foolish and unaware of what exists at your borders, human conflict is wasting you away.” — Entering the Greater Community

2. It Creates Conflict

The human family is divided and therefore very weak. We’re facing aliens that have united planets all working towards singular goals. We, on the other hand, fight amongst ourselves. Divide and conquer.

Climate change will lead to a drastic collapse of our resources. How will governments react? As entire nations go hungry, as economies fail, there’s a very real possibility that the strongest powers will use their military might to grab whatever resources they can.

Many governments are already well aware of what the next few decades are going to look like. And they’re preparing for it.

One of the reasons why the United States invaded the Middle East and wants regime change in Iran is because it wants to control access to all that oil. One of the reasons why Russia invaded Ukraine and is questioning its very sovereignty is because Ukraine is one of the most fertile agricultural regions of the world. China is making long-term plans to dominate the South China Sea because of the vast gas and fishing resources there.

Look at the world with clear eyes — competition for the Earth’s remaining resources is already happening.

Aliens love this. Increasing conflict amongst the human family decreases the chances of us cooperating together to kick them out of here.

All nations will need to work together to share resources in the difficult decades to come. We need to protect global stability at all costs. We need to defend our borders to space rather than the imaginary lines we’ve drawn up on a map. Planetary security demands it.

3. It Gives Them a Reason to Invade

“Should humanity fail, then others from the Greater Community will come to take over the world. They will take it over because they value the environment. The environment is more important than any one race or species. It is generally held in the Greater Community that should a race spoil its natural environment, then others are free to intervene and to displace them.” — Wisdom from the Greater Community

This last reason is a little more esoteric. It’s the type of insight that we could never discern for ourselves because we don’t know much about how the universe works. Who on Earth really knows about how alien worlds interact with each other? That’s where the Allies of Humanity, a group of aliens from free worlds in this sector, come in.

According to them, we live in a “civilized” part of the galaxy. Aliens are disallowed from outright invading worlds. If they do, all other alien powers gather against them. There’s only one exception: when a species threatens the ecology of a biologically-rich planet. When this happens, all bets are off.

It makes sense. Earth is a lush world in a universe filled with mostly barren planets. Aliens see this world as a greenhouse of sorts, the type of planet that can be used to terraform other planets. Very useful.

We haven’t yet reached the point where the entire ecosystem is threatened, but climate change, widespread pollution, and resource depletion are making that possibility ever more likely.

If this happens, they’ll get a green light to do whatever they want. They’ll invade us and corral humanity as one would fence off cattle. According to the Allies of Humanity, this has happened many times in the universe. Most alien races are not free.

We need to prevent this from happening at all costs. Think about all the countless lives that have been given to further human civilization. All the great contributors to humanity, the heights of human culture… it will all be for nothing if aliens invade. We’ll lose everything that’s precious to us. Preserving the environment will help us avoid this grim fate.

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