“All Good Things Come from Above”

Every good and perfect gift is from above.” (James 1:17 NIV)

It could be true–all good things come from above–but then is everything heavenly also divine? Everything that comes from above is good and perfect?

“People have associated the greater Community with their heavenly state. They look at the stars and they say, ‘That is the heavenly abode. I will be free there. In the world I am not free. But there I will be free.’ And this assumption has been reinforced throughout the centuries, so people naturally think that visitors from the Greater Community will be Angelic and will be enlightened and will be coming here for the sole purpose of edifying humanity, uplifting humanity and enlightening humanity.”(Marshall Vian Summers. Steps to Knowledge Continuation Training, Step 48)

To fail to analyze or recognize what is over our heads, on every level, is to allow beliefs about the providence of God to lull our own self-interest and to foster neglect of  exposure to outside forces beyond our ken and above our heads.

It would be wise to duck when random things are coming from above.

You must not view the Intervention in a superstitious manner. The visitors are not angels, and they are not demons. They are driven by the same needs that drive humanity, and they will employ many of the same techniques that humanity has attempted to employ, though on a far lesser scale, in order to achieve their goals.” (Marshall Vian Summers. The Allies of Humanity Book TwoThird Briefing: The Influence Upon Humanity)

A confusion of levels

To confuse levels is to find spiritual meaning in the physical, perhaps in a misleading way, To confuse levels is to forget that “above” is sometimes merely overhead. Just because something comes from “above” does not mean it comes from “heaven.”

How easily our minds can be led to go from here in the physical to above and beyond the material. So when we hear the saying, “All good things come from above,” we interpret it to mean that everything coming from above is good. This is not true. It is not saying, “All and only good things come from above.”

Not everything that comes from above is divine. There are those who come from the direction we think of as “heaven,”  who are not angels but are real aliens in the physical, whose intent is not necessarily benign. The fact that they are here in the physical is one clear indication that their interests are not strictly spiritual nor necessarily beneficial.

all good comes from above but not everything from above is all good

You have competitors, and you have potential allies. Your Allies will send you their wisdom as they have already done in a series of Briefings, Briefings from the Allies of Humanity. But they will not interfere. They are not present in your world. All those visiting your world at this time are part of the Intervention.” (Marshall Vian Summers. Contact with Intelligent Life in the Universe, October 1, 2008)

You do not yet have the skill to discern friend from foe, your allies from your adversaries.” (Marshall Vian Summers. The Allies of Humanity Book 2, Second Briefing: Why the Intervention Is Occurring)

You … do not yet realize the value of your own world.” (Why the Intervention Is Occurring)

You now have competitors from beyond. They are not warriors. They do not conquer through force. Their powers are subtle but extremely effective in a world where people are divided and in conflict with one another, in a world where people are ignorant of the realities and requirements of life in the Universe around them, in a world where people are superstitious, in a world where people have not yet learned to trust the deeper Knowledge that God has placed within them.” (Marshall Vian Summers. The Great Waves of ChangeChapter 10: The Great Waves and the Hidden Reality of Contact)

not all things from above are good

The Realities and Requirements of Life in the Universe

Dualism in our thinking casts anything Earthly as dross, anything Earthly as purely material without any spirituality, and anything from beyond Earth (“from above”) as more elevated physically and spiritually.

The reality in the universe is that the things we consider so dross–the material of life–are precious, highly valued and not to be disparaged or wasted.

“If you stop climbing, you don’t get up the mountain. There are no elevators or helicopters to take you to the top. Angels do not descend on the mountain to lift you up. You have to make the journey. The journey is everything. The journey is where your gifts are given. The journey is where your gifts are discovered. The journey is where you become stronger and wiser, more forgiving and more compassionate. You came to the world to make this journey. If you do not make it, you have wasted your trip, a fact that you will have to reflect upon when you leave here.” (Marshall Vian Summers. Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume II: Perseverance)

“All things that are most highly valued in human life —love, patience, devotion, tolerance, forgiveness, true accomplishment, courage and faith—all naturally arise from Knowledge, for Knowledge is their source. They are but the outward expression of a mind that is serving Knowledge. (Marshall Vian Summers. Steps to Knowledge, Step 208)

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  • April 15, 2018 at 11:31 pm

    “If humanity were well versed in the affairs of life in your local Universe, you would be ending war today. You would be preserving resources today. You would be rationing energy today. You would be preserving your environment today. You would be maintaining biological diversity today. You would be confining your communications through other media today. And yesterday.

    You are heading towards a position of extreme powerlessness and vulnerability in the Universe, and because you live in a world of such immense biological diversity and wealth, you do not realize its importance to others. You are like the native tribe living in the jungle, isolated from the rest of the world, living in a place of immense natural wealth, unaware that explorers are now reaching your shores and penetrating your sanctuary—explorers who are here to take control of what you possess and to dispossess you.

    This is nature. This is evolution. This is what happens when the native peoples of any place or world squander their resources and are not prepared for intervention. This is not to say that humanity will, by destiny, fall under foreign power. But it is the great risk you now face—the great, unrecognized risk, the great background to the Great Waves of change, the hidden threat to humanity.” from https://www.newmessage.org/the-message/volume-4/great-waves-change/the-great-waves-prophecy

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