I’ve Heard Alphabet Kids Come from Off-Planet

Many people in the world today have roots in the Greater Community, for much of their previous experience [occurred] there before coming into this world, in this life.

Marshall Vian Summers, Entering the Greater Community, 2011

I wasn’t prepared to come away with respect for Mary Rodwell, as I began to check out what I thought she was saying. In particular, did she have a word for the disorders like ADHD, ASD, OCD–did she call them “alphabet kids”? And what did she say about them?

alphabet kid
enough is too much

No, so far I haven’t found the reference to “alphabet kids.” What I thought she was saying about them, she credits to Lena Ohlson, Ph.D., who calls them “letter kids.” Correlations are found in Richard Boylan’s “Star Kids” whose extraterrestrial-human hybrids, extraterrestrial-human contactees and the newly human (after incarnations in other worlds) are the kids who have Mary Rodwell’s attention, who take neurodivergence to a whole other level.

Mary Rodwell follows Richard Boylan’s assessment that “all humans are hybrids to the extent that we are all descended from forebears who were bioengineered from primate stock.” This statement has support in the first two Briefings from the Allies of Humanity; the implications are another matter, as when Mary Rodwell concludes that it therefore follows that “they created us.” This kind of distortion, a false equivalency, needs to be recognized as a flag for the specific kind of propaganda that the Allies are warning us to be aware of.

One speech by Mary Rodwell is particularly rewarding: “The New Humans” at the 2nd Annual British Exopolitics Expo in 2010. Here she takes care always to distinguish between what can be seen from the evidence and what one might derive from the evidence. The evidence she presents is substantial and convincing. Lacking other explanation, her conclusions might almost seem self-evident, clearly self-reinforcing, as she is herself quite persuaded of her conclusions.

Her conclusions are dangerously naive. To follow her line of thinking is to ignore physical causes and realities and to insert possibilities as if real. This kind of fallacy is commonplace and reinforced in the experience of the very subjects who present the evidence of real alien contact and influence. Though the evidence Mary Rodwell brings forward is, as she calls it, “interesting,” persuasive even, the challenge is not to be beguiled by hopeful optimism and thirst for advantage. There is a hidden technology transfer being promised to a gullible people who do not count the cost nor even know what is being exchanged.

Other Dimensions, Other Planets, Other Realities–(keep it simple, sweetheart)

Mary Rodwell is a thoughtful and dedicated investigator seeking the truth, fearlessly committed to her clients and to the specific, under-reported trauma of abduction. She validates the experiences of contact with aliens and finds them ultimately redeemed by the information transfer available.

A simpler solution for lphabet kids
The simplest solution is correct.

An opposing viewpoint must be presented not just for balance but to clarify areas of agreement and disagreement. We apply the template from the Allies of Humanity in their Briefings to stay grounded in what we can actually know about reality and not what we suppose. A reality-based argument can clarify the basic confusion in speculative thinking about the unknown, especially when a spiritual explanation creates a false cover for agenda more simply explained in basic and elemental terms.

The reality of life in the universe as presented by the New Message from God through Marshall Vian Summers simplifies all confusion down to a confusion of levels. The example most essential in regard to the question about life in the universe is the confusion between spiritual evolution and physical evolution. It goes very deep into the psychology of “being a spiritual being having a human experience” and results in pervasive and tragic error touching every one of us. The perspective that can offer an antidote to this confusion is good medicine and offers real relief.

Notice when we “shift” from one level of reality to another

There are a number of flags that denote slippage down the slopes of levels by applying a spiritual interpretation and glossing over a physical reality. References to dimensional “shifts” are one flag that the language is no longer grounded in three-dimensional reality.

There is a risk in using language that refers to “other dimensions” when the aim or result is a bypass of the first three dimensions. What we see in UAP phenomena does override what we currently understand about physics, but we should be careful not to call everything magic (or spiritual) that we don’t understand, and to watch our appetite for access to sophisticated knowledge beyond our comprehension..

In interviews Mary Rodwell is less cautious about conveying her endorsement of the idea that the neurodivergent exhibit characteristics that betray their extraterrestrial origins. In an interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, he very lawyerly introduces “soul agreement” (at 7:09) as the “informed consent” (for abductions) given in the “inter-life.” Rodwell concurs that consent was understood as given among many of her subjects. Webre and Rodwell are long-time investigators into dimensions and worlds. They are touching on critical emphases found in the New Message from God:

  • the inherent importance and value of the individual
  • its pre-destined mission to fulfill by accord
  • this critical turning point in human history
  • Greater Community people

Yet the scant attention to dimensions in the New Message from God speaks volumes in its near silence and is congruent with its avoidance of spiritual bypass and its focus on the physical, urgent, practical needs during a critical transition for the human race.

When the whole idea IS the shift to another level: what are we even talking about

When Mary Rodwell says alphabet kids and the extraterrestrials “are here to assist our evolution to a whole other level now,” she has first explained that an upgrade is happening and there are “starseeds,” souls who have origins in other worlds and/or are having a hard time adjusting to the “heavy,” three dimensions, who have come to assist in this process. Where trace memories from the soul’s prior existences overlay current existence is one place to watch for blurring of lines between spiritual and physical evolution and planted thoughts as well, like souls agreeing before birth to be abducted, bred and experimented on. When a program of interbreeding spawns Trojan Horses in the form of the extraterrestrial-human hybrid who looks like us but is not one of us, there is a call for well-informed perspicacity. The persuasive power of these ideas is profound and profoundly disturbing.

The word “ascension” has come to mean an escape from a corrupt, dross existence to some kind of glorified, fifth-dimensional existence. If we ask what happened to the first three dimensions, the answer seems to be some kind of galactic containment zone. We are in the territory of predictions of the rapture, when the select chosen are airlifted out of mortal existence.

AND we are all in this together, the hybrids and the natives, and we natives must now get up to speed in matters the hybrids are adept, always realizing the hybrids’ allegiance is not strictly with us.

The best and the brightest among us can still make beginner’s mistakes

There are two kinds of research. One aggregates information. It collects data. Collecting specimens is the work of naturalists. This kind of research can be provocative and lead to hypotheses that can be developed into the other kind of research that asks the question in a way that can be tested, within the boundaries of current, commonplace or expert understanding, or takes it beyond conventions of the day, as Charles Darwin did after observing patterns in nature. Mary Rodwell has elicited ample testimony through hypnosis to justify her collection of beliefs, always qualifying yet still persuaded by that information.

We can appreciate the gifts of the iconoclasts, the outliers, the fringe on the frontiers of human understanding and we can see the inherent risk in following every one of their notions to its conclusions–the risk of self-deception is subtle, and pathfinders most at risk, New Age standard bearers at risk particularly along the lines of spirituality.

Experiencer reports are necessarily subjective and conditioned, influenced by inclination and environmental forces–physical and non-physical, including emotional (vibrational), mental (the zeitgeist surrounding), and the personal evolution of the individual’s life.

Manage weaknesses, build strengths

The alphabet soup of labels (ADHD, ASD, etc.) provides alliance and collective wisdom for those who identify with those syndromes. As with many special interest groups, this advocacy can find expression as tribalism, when they seek special privileges in the name of exceptionality.

It is far simpler to abandon the alphabet soup of labels and see in the spectrum of disorders a type of response to the crisis of existing in the physical (the Separation, in the New Message), and to see that all conscious beings in existence face this crisis, more or less consciously or effectively. The alphabet-kid’s response is characterized by

alphabet kid
  • poor impulse control, a deficit in executive function
  • bafflement on the question what is normal
  • mental obsession
  • busy mind
  • sensitivity to what is not right
  • low threshold for stimulus overload especially in social situation
  • specific tactile sensitivities or blind/deaf/dumb spots

One way to better characterize these disorders and to avoid labels and letters is to describe these syndromes as a “spiky profile of weaknesses and strengths.” In other words, where there is exceptional ability there may also be found equally off-the-charts weakness. Identifying strengths and weaknesses to find the best remediation is feasible and necessary only as the individual is motivated.

The canary in the coal mine

Honestly, I myself sometimes have wanted to put it this way: “The foods of your planet do not agree with me.”
Fortunately I embarked on a path to find the connection between the alphabet-kid type of syndrome and physical, mechanical and effective means to address the weak areas, not to completely lose a diagnosis but to manage its drawbacks, obtaining good results from various protocols.

So if there is a direct and physical action that relieves the burden of deficits found in alphabet kids, it could well point to a relationship with the physical environment, with very simple, low-cost remedies that are real solutions and not just imagined possibilities.

While many factors in both physical and mental environments may contribute to over- or under-determined neural connections, the simplest approach might be to view the alphabet kid as environmentally sensitive and to assist them with negotiating in an unforgiving environment. Mary Rodwell’s innocent hope to normalize the divergent is meant to be helpful. In the context of the warning from the Allies of Humanity, it is disturbingly naive.

It is as if the entire human family is sort of in early middle school in the evolution of life. You are all sort of in the fifth grade. You are struggling to learn, and you are making lots of mistakes, and tragedy is occurring everywhere, and deprivation is occurring everywhere.

But as a whole, you have not advanced very far, given what God has really created in you and the potential for humanity in the future, particularly as you gain an awareness of your place in the universe and are able to develop the skill and discernment necessary to engage with other nations and races of beings in the universe, which you are destined to do and which represents one of the great thresholds that humanity is facing, even at this time.

Marshall Vian Summers,  The Reality of Your Spiritual Family

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