To Observe and Report

“We do not attempt to persuade governments or to lay claim to certain parts of the world or to certain resources that exist there. Instead, we observe, and we wish to report what we observe, for this is our mission in being here.”The Allies of Humanity, Book One, Second Briefing: The Challenge to Human Freedom

“We give greetings from far away now. In our first two sets of communications to you, we were able to be in the proximity of your world in a hidden location in your solar system. But now we have been forced to flee, since our revelations have become public. The Intervention that is occurring in your world by those extraterrestrial races who would seek to take advantage of a weak and divided humanity have searched for us, seeking to find us and to destroy us so that we may not report on their activities in the world and thus reveal their hidden plans and motivations.”The Allies of Humanity, Book Three, First Briefing: The Reality of Contact

“We will speak in these Briefings about this greater arena of life. We will give you the information that is needed even if it does not answer your desires for specific names, dates and places, which would be meaningless to you and which would not serve a useful purpose, for you cannot verify these things for yourself.”The Allies of Humanity, Book Three, First Briefing: The Reality of Contact
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