A Window into the Greater Universe

All quotes are from The Allies of Humanity Book Two, First Briefing:The Universe into Which You Are Emerging 

We wish to demonstrate the reality and the meaning of this Knowledge and why it is so very fundamental to your success in healing the wounds of your world and in meeting the one great challenge that can unite and uplift humanity.

We have been sent to provide a series of briefings to help prepare humanity for this great threshold. Included in this are

  • our observations of the extraterrestrial Intervention that is occurring in the world today,
  • why this Intervention is occurring,
  • how it is being carried out and
  • how it can be offset and prevented for your own well-being.

We hope in this second volume, then,

  • to provide more insight for you,
  • to address some of these questions, if they can be answered, and
  • to provide for you a window into the greater universe in which you live so that you may see beyond the confines of your own world into the reality of life in the Greater Community.
We have not come
  • to establish ourselves here,
  • to build relations with the human family or
  • to establish an economic or political liaison with your governments.
We have come instead with a very simple mission. Our mission is
  • to observe the extraterrestrial Intervention that is occurring in your world today and,
  • given the opportunity to do so, provide the commentary that you will need
    • to understand and
    • to offset this Intervention and
    • to prepare for the realities of life in the universe.
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