The Allies Are Not Here to Represent Anything

Our purpose is not religion, for religion has many faces in the universe. There are many religions that we have heard of and a few we have encountered indirectly beyond our own shores.It is not our purpose, you see, for we are guided by the Higher Powers, which you would consider to be the Angelic Assembly. Because our worlds are relatively free in the universe, our religions reflect the things that we study for the benefit of our races and for the well-being of our worlds. But what we ourselves study is of a greater nature. It is of the Coordination of the Wise, connected with Higher Powers beyond the physical realm.

Therefore, we are not here to represent the religions of our world, for we are functioning very independently of them. We are not here to represent the races of our world, as if we were ambassadors of some kind, for we are here on a very different kind of errand and mission. We are not here to establish formal relations between our nations and your nation because it is way too soon for anything like that to be established. And that is really not our ultimate goal. For we have been directed for a greater purpose than this.

Religion in the universe is so often an emblem of the governing powers, if it exists at all. We feel it is quite rare that greater spiritual truth exists in any race. We find it almost unimaginable that there could be an enlightened race, for that is too much to expect of those living in the physical reality.

–fromThe Allies of Humanity, Book Four, Sixth Briefing: The Networks of the Wise

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