The Big Conspiracy No One Talks About

Reed Summers called it “the big conspiracy no one talks about” in his interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre. His father, Marshall Summers, explains why this one Greater Darkness looming over the world is the one to expose. It is the one conspiracy that no one talks about, the one that will make all the difference to human destiny. All the others, he says, are “the typical drama that has always plagued nations.”

One conspiracy eclipses all others here on Earth

There is no denying the reality of conspiracies, Mr. Summers says. There will always be those who seek their own advantage and endless schemes among them.

Only one conspiracy needs full attention from all of us. Among the forces that oppose our welfare, there is one big conspiracy that is embarrassing to mention, and this one finds it useful to distract and divide us. When we are fascinated with our antagonisms with each other, we aren’t paying any attention to the one big conspiracy that we can’t talk about.

One conspiracy is unprecedented: the real alien Intervention present over the last 7 decades.

“To those of you who are given to conspiracy theories, despite whatever truth they may contain about evident human corruption and manipulation, they ultimately can only serve the Intervention in isolating and dividing us and driving us towards losing faith in our leaders, our institutions and ourselves. This is a classic divide and conquer strategy that has been used for centuries in our own world and according to the Allies Briefings, is widely employed in the Greater Community, especially towards emerging races such as our own.”

Marshall Vian Summers

He warns us not to make everything into a conspiracy–“not to generalize conspiracy. Not to call all news fake. Not to call all governments fake. Not to think everything is run by some small cadre of elite persons.”

Now we live in a time of rapid and accelerating change with systems, environmental and political, in chaos. A time of instant, worldwide tele-communication, supply chains also connected, interdependent.

Our worldwide connections and dependencies make us vulnerable to alien influence. There are forces, Mr. Summers warns, who would like to convince us they could do a better job of serving as our leaders. It serves their interest if we lose faith in human leaders and institutions.

“The more we fall into disarray and dispute among ourselves, the weaker we become in the face of Intervening power such as we are facing today.”

We’re all fixated on each other, and there’s a reason for that. It’s because the Intervention wants us to focus our anger and resentment and distrust towards human leadership, and not towards it. It wants to focus all of our negative response to the human leaders and all of our positive, spiritual response to the visitors. And when you, when you step back and look at the world of ufology and contact, and all of this, it’s really bizarre that almost all negative conspiracies relate to the government or to secret groups and entity, entities—human; and all positive messages channel teachings, belief systems are about the ETs. It’s black and white; there’s very little bleed over. And, and so I think, like I said before, you know, the Intervention will use anything they can: if it’s religious, if it’s political, if it’s the black market of this world, whatever it is; if they can use it they’ll use it.”

Reed Summers

Reed has been bringing a different revelation received by his father Marshall every two weeks. On May 9, 2022, he shared the revelation Freedom from Manipulation. It is true, it is possible to become strong and resilient enough to avoid being pulled apart by war and intrigue. Some excerpts from this teaching follow, showing how this is possible and necessary.

  • You live in a sea of persuasion—everywhere around you, occurring on so many different levels. People are often greatly influenced by one other person in their life, or by their parents, someone whose influence and sway are inordinate and very strong, and they are given to submit to it. Here you may even find yourself feeling constantly overshadowed by someone else because in the dynamic of your relationship with them, you tend to yield and they tend to dominate. Sometimes this is unexpected and unanticipated. It is just the dynamic of the relationship.
  • Who you surround yourself with represents your chief influences. Just as a political leader will surround themselves with a group of advisors who have great bearing on that individual’s decision-making and perception, you as an individual surround yourself with people who will become your chief advisors and influences. Even if you do not wholly respect or agree with their views, they will still have great bearing on your own. This is the power of influence in the mental environment.
  • In innumerable ways, people are trying to influence each other to achieve their goals and to get what they want. Sometimes this self-serving attitude is very overt. It is very obvious. People are manipulating others or trying to manipulate you to get you to buy what they want you to buy, or do what they want you to do, or to surrender to them or to agree with their point of view, or to join their political cause, or to adopt their own set of views.
  • But even in more subtle ways, people want their relationships to support their goals. So it is very important in relationships that you become acquainted with the other person’s goals, not only the goals that they proclaim but their more subtle ambitions as well.
  • This represents a new threshold of learning for humanity. But again, what will free you even from these forms of manipulation and persuasion is the same power of Knowledge that lives within you every moment.
  • For nothing in the universe can overtake Knowledge. Your intellect can be overtaken. Your feelings can be overtaken. Your attitudes can be directed. Your thoughts can be conditioned. Your feelings can be aroused and manipulated. But Knowledge within you is beyond persuasion and manipulation. And this is why it represents the greatest source of strength and freedom for you and for everyone.
  • In the future, there will be great instability in your cultures and economies. What will keep people from preying upon one another, from attacking one another, from social violence and disorder? It will be the power and the presence of Knowledge. And what will give you the freedom to feel secure in an insecure world, and to find your direction while people all around you are in confusion and chaos? It is the power and the presence of Knowledge.
  • That is why God’s New Message has provided the preparation in The Way of Knowledge that people everywhere around the world can use, even today—by taking the Steps to Knowledge, by reconnecting with their deeper foundation, by being able to have their eyes and ears and senses liberated from the dominance of persuasion and manipulation in the mental environment.
  • This is the key to your freedom and your fulfillment in the world and your ability to serve a world in need rather than merely condemning it. This represents the source of your satisfaction and fulfillment and will give you the eyes to see and the senses to report the presence of those relationships that you are destined to meet, that are part of your greater purpose in life.
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