Do You Believe in Magic?

“Magic: it’s whatever you make it out to be.”

Jeffrey Burton Russell ~autumn, 1999

Or is it more like magical thinking?

For instance, the placebo effect does work. Do we gain benefit from magical thinking?

The power of positive thinking. It only works when sincere, without ambivalence? How can it be communicated to the oppressed and impoverished? If it cannot be reliably transmitted to those whose desire is great, is this another placebo, with charming slogans instead of a white coat for authority?

Surely everyone has had a moment that felt oddly like a “synchronicity” of some kind happened. Perhaps you’ve thought of someone and then they called. These moments are whatever you want to make them out to be.

If there is “good” magic, there is also “black magic”

The power of spin. The power of ridicule. These are clear and evident forces in the collective mind of any size group of humans. These forces are for you whatever someone might want to make of them.

it is accurate to say that there is evil in the world.

The Problem of Evil and the Forces of Dissonance

The power of evil. “The evil eye.” If the power of positive thinking is persuasive, the power of negative intention can also be persuasive.

A simple rubric

To identify evil forces in the world and beyond:

They seek to separate what must be joined, and they seek to join what must be separated.

The Problem of Evil and the Forces of Dissonance
CE5: Magical thinking that proves what you don't know can hurt you
  • If we could suspend our ideas about good and right as ideals acquired from the the environment that has shaped us,
  • and if we can stop demonizing evil,

these two actions will ground us in reality with less drift into the unseen and unknown.

There are forces and movements and influences affecting our minds.

  • Some are seen and recognized.
  • Some are only somewhat recognized.
  • Some are unseen and identified.
  • Some are unseen and unrecognized.

The influences within each of us that others can see but we aren’t aware of, our unexamined beliefs. The “enemy within” marked by self-justification, resentment, volatility, fear. The media that turn us into a human wave of interest and attention. And the real influence of the alien presence in the world with its agenda to weaken us to the point of desperation.

There is black and white thinking as well

There is a trace of magical thinking in our understanding of all these things. It does run a spectrum along lines from superstition to more reality-based mindfulness. We are mere beginners in establishing sovereignty over our own thoughts and behaviors and very unprotected in the mental and the physical environment.

“Reality: everything beyond your thoughts and ideas.”

Maryshall Summers

The further you are away from the reality end of the spectrum from reality to magical thinking, well, the more likely you are to be reading this blog called Real Aliens. At this time, when our view of reality has to expand to include interplanetary commerce and predation, we do need people who are capable of thinking beyond consensus mindset. We have to expand our awareness to include a wider horizon than only our own planet.

Because magic can be worked upon those who do believe

Trying to rationalize the inexplicable is the problem, creating a lot more heat than light, as found on #ufotwitter.

The problem is that we are trying to define the unknown by what we think we know. Often it is lazy thinking.

“The superstitions and the fears of the world may make our message beyond the reach for many,” acknowledge the Allies of Humanity. For those whose minds are open to the unknown, they might be more able to receive the warning from our Allies in the Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe. They might be open also to a correction to so much speculation about the unknown and be able to begin taking the steps required, a correction towards the reality end of the spectrum.

The more you are dealing effectively with your relationships—attending to them, observing them, learning what they are telling you, responding appropriately, making adjustments in your thinking and in your behavior—the more you do this, the less you will have time to dwell on your personal problems, or your sense of inadequacy, or your regrets from the past, your unforgiveness with other people, a low self-esteem.

Bringing Your Life Into Balance


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