Faster Than Light Travel And Our Scientific Hubris

“Even before there were any human civilizations in the world, space travel was underway to a very large and sophisticated extent. You can travel faster than the speed of light and counteract its effect on time and aging, and this has been practiced far longer than any human civilization.” — The Allies of Humanity Briefings

It’s often said that scientific revolutions only happen when old scientists die off. The power of belief can sometimes blind us to new avenues. In other words, it’s difficult for an old dog to learn new tricks, even when well-versed in the scientific method.

Is Faster Than Light Travel Possible?

It’s a popular opinion to say that “no”, faster than light travel is a scientific impossibility. The laws of nature will faster than lightnever allow it, the thinking goes. Well then, that’s that. Or is it?

Many things that were once thought completely impossible are now laughably routine. Could Newton have ever accepted the weirdness of quantum mechanics? Of course not. This begs the question: what other revolutions in our scientific understanding await to be discovered by humanity’s brightest young minds?

Let’s Look At The Facts

According to eye-witness testimony by civilians, radar operators, trained military and commercial pilots and astronauts, alien crafts have the capacity to move at unexplainable speeds. They can also do right-turns that would tear our best aircrafts apart. Clearly, they’re slightly more advanced than we are.

Where did they come from? A scientific civilization able to muster the resources to build these crafts must have a home planet or series of planets with substantial resources to draw upon. As no other such planet in our solar system exists, we must conclude that aliens come from distant solar systems. The alien crafts we have seen are not large inter-generational ships. Therefore, it is sensible to presume that they can achieve faster than light travel.

“Travel is not as fast as you might think or imagine. It still takes time to travel between solar systems—sometimes, in your estimation and time frame, days and weeks or even months, depending on the distance one has to traverse. This, of course, would be astoundingly fast according to your notion, but you are still crawling along at a slow pace while other nations have been engaged in commerce, trade and travel for hundreds of thousands of your years, even in your region of space.” — The New Message on alien contact

The Promise Of Humanity

faster than light travelThe evidence seems to indicate that faster than light travel is indeed possible. While we don’t fully understand the scientific principles behind it, humanity could eventually discover these secrets.

The pace of our scientific and technological advancement, combined with the historical proof that scientific revolutions are possible and even likely, are good indicators that this advancement is within our grasp.

Is everything possible? No. There are very real limits in the universe. Is it reasonable to believe that humanity has reached these yet? At our present stage of technological evolution? Of course not! It is hubris to think otherwise.

Faster than light travel is possible. Alien civilizations have demonstrated this fact. Our brightest scientists can now work towards this goal, though the old scientific establishment will have to move away to make this happen. Just as it’s always been.

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