How to Herd Humans, Part 5: Guilt Trips

The series “How to Herd Humans” identifies the areas of vulnerability we must recognize in our encounter with the reality of intelligent alien life in the universe.

This is #5 in the series, with an emphasis on the leverage we cede when we tolerate the things that trouble our conscience and make us feel guilty. If anyone wants to lay a trap for us they can lay a guilt trip on us. 

The guilt trips that trap us

Foster isolation and separation

Plug the leaks in your vessel.

Ask yourself:

How vulnerable am I to guilt-shaming? Who does this to me? What does it achieve?

Examine yourself, in every conflict, for

  • defensiveness
  • justification, explanation
  • rewriting scripts for encounters
  • assumptions
  • judgments and opinions
  • landmines, sensitive spots, warning flags thrown down? Surprises?
  • preserving the status quo
  • avoidant, reluctant, spiritual bypass, spiritual dependency (welfare mindset), passive aggressive

Monitor those hot spots, the cords of attachment to expectation or preference as to outcome.

Though people may attempt to have a more objective viewpoint of each other, they are still far too subjective in their evaluations, and they do not have a reference point that is significantly unique or different in order to develop a truly new perspective. You see each other according to a standard set of values. (Marshall Vian Summers. Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume II, Chapter 17: Visitors Perceptions of Humanity)

Guilt-tripping, judging and shaming

Consider any

  • moral deficiency,
  • hypocrisy,
  • feet of clay,
  • foible,
  • error

and the vulnerability they expose, the raw nerve triggered in these areas best considered “compost,” the dirt accumulated from the messy business of living as individuals in a dynamic world.

For instance,

The state of animal welfare on Earth

Just to skim the surface:  The loss of habitats. The disavowal of their sentient existence–the mistreatment of domesticated creatures, the use in product testing.  Why would we expect to be treated differently by other races, if it were in their own interest and they viewed us as beneath them?

The condition of the planet

Can you prove Earthlings have any right to this treasure and its precious living cargo?

Our actual guilt makes us vulnerable to entrapment. If the Earth is not maintained, its pristine beauty is forfeited, as we now can see unfold in the lifetimes of those of us who can remember pristine water and pure enjoyment in nature. If our conscience is compromised, there is weakness, there is a vulnerability.

See #4 in this “How to Herd Humans” series for consideration of how our actual weakness is liable to attract predators in the way that necrosis attracts vermin that feed on decay.

Boiling frog syndrome

The innocence that all self-justification wants to establish through explanation and excuse is a pretense to mask the horror at realizing the advanced state of decay we have been tolerating; so advanced and so total our immersion, it is the atmosphere we move and breathe in, this slow burn of entropy in the form of

The evidence for these patterns is found in our attachments to the old expectations and blinders to the future that is soon upon us.

The first post in this series addresses the issue of timing, where the illusion of normalcy has been preserved even in the face of extreme degradation in conditions.

Playing “chicken” (brinksmanship)

Taunting and assaulting with cries for attention demonstrate the passive aggression behind guilt trips, the siblings-in-the-backseat level of maturity.

  • How close to disaster and chaos do we plan to approach? How much warning will we disregard?
  • How attached to our own provincialism, fundamentalism, us vs. them, black/white idealism?

Guilt trip denies responsibility

Dependency, immobility, sense of entitlement based on

  • History, ancestry, aptitude, inclination, preference
  • Obligation or debt

Again, watch for self-justification, excessive need for explanation, storifying, equivalencies, equivocation, relativism and inflexibility, resistance, denial, lack of awareness, weak preparation, neglect of responsibility:

  • low life force? self-neglect? martyrdom
  • what need is being expressed?
  • what does that need draw from you?

Black and white thinking embedded in guilt trips

A guilt trip blames or idealizes the other.

Examples include most conspiracy fetishes, if they are treated like fetishes:

  • Human government is corrupt. “Government” agents mutilate cattle, abduct people, target individuals, secretively–and in plain sight–conspire to enslave/murder/consume/coerce/eradicate/subject populations.
  • The idealized alternative, a galactic governance if only we weren’t so brutish and gross we could participate in it

When it is not a guilt trip: true devotion

The attachment to preferred outcome rather than real necessity is insupportable, though to an outside observer, it might be hard to see the difference compared to true devotion.

Devotion is given in service to the greater good; it can result and ought to result in a stronger foundation; the more permanent and sure the good that is served, the greater the good that is being served. Devotion to the good is characterized by

  • a strong “must,” often divergent to mainstream thinking, often “impossible”
  • a deeper and longer lasting need or ambition that doesn’t go away,
  • but hones itself against exposure to the world’s need.

Further action

Clearly, this series, “How to Herd Humans,” and this final post in the series only touch the tip of the iceberg of a vast reality that we all would prefer to continue not to see and know, yet it is emerging into the reality of existence that we used to think we knew and understood.

Let us say that the Greater Community is emerging into humanity.

The effect of this will be tremendous and will take generations in order to have its full impact.

The implications for human thought, human institutions and human ideologies are so vast and so total that it is difficult for people now to even imagine what this might mean.

Human beings live in a very subjective universe according to their own understanding, which means that the universe is governed primarily by human impulses, human sentiments and human motivations.

The fact that this is not true and will demonstrate itself to be untrue will have a great impact on the way people think and the kinds of assumptions they will make about themselves and the world around them. Surely, this must change what people consider to be true. Interaction with other intelligent life that does not share human motivations, human morals or human sentiments will have a very great impact. (Marshall Vian Summers. Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume II, Chapter 10: Greater Community Visitations)

Live and let live. First forgive yourself.

Realize the exposure created by liabilities. Realize the motivations that result in error can be extensive and persistent. See how perfection is not attainable nor required so much as managing for tendencies and building on accomplishment and right relationship.

See from a greater perspective.

First recognize and see objectively from a greater perspective. This first and frequent awareness and objective assessment is ongoing and foundational. Only from a greater perspective removed of expectations based on ancient understanding can reality be experienced and faced effectively.

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The world is being visited. The world is being scrutinized. Meanwhile, human beings as a whole go about their lives as if nothing else were happening. And, indeed, in many parts of the world, the difficulty of life and the conflicts occurring within cultures and between cultures are quite sufficient to dominate people’s attention. Yet, in the midst of all of the normal occurrences in human life, the Greater Community is emerging. (Marshall Vian Summers. Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume II, Chapter 10: Greater Community Visitations)

Be aware of the good that surrounds and protects

You have allies, you have observers and you have enemies.  (Marshall Vian Summers. Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume II, Chapter 10: Greater Community Visitations)

“The good guys.”

They wish for humanity to thrive and to progress.

They are driven by a greater incentive.

They have spiritual alliances that are serving them.

They are not here for commerce;

They are not here for conquest or manipulation;

They are not here to learn about you for their own self-defense.

They are here to cultivate humanity’s education, to support humanity without direct interference.

They, too, are studying individuals, …

They must learn not only your psychology, but your physiology as well. They are providing education.

They are stimulating certain individuals who have the real potential to receive a Greater Community understanding.

They are supporting the introduction of The Greater Community Way of Knowledge.

They are wise enough not to interfere with you directly, and they maintain their surveillance in such a way that their physical presence is not made manifest. (Marshall Vian Summers. Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume II, Chapter 17: Visitors Perceptions of Humanity)

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