How We’re Vulnerable to Forces of Persuasion

“This is where a small race of intervening forces can have great influence over great masses of people over time. This doesn’t happen like in a year or a month. This is over time. And the more we degrade the world and put ourselves in harm’s way, the more we’re vulnerable to these kinds of forms of persuasion.

If we don’t get this right, we’re going to sell ourselves down the river. That means we will give our freedom away willingly, intentionally, stupidly, unnecessarily. They may fly with impunity in our skies but they do not control the ground. We are in charge of the surface of the Earth. And they need our approval and our agreement to be able to continue to develop their presence in the world. And for this they must remain hidden.

How we will be seduced

Marshall explains how the extraterrestrial forces that are on and around our world today are using subtle but powerful means to assert their influence and persuasion, namely via the “Mental Environment,” an arena that most people are unaware of.

Why overt aggression is not needed

He reveals why our world is of great value to the alien “Intervention“, and why it has not used overt aggression or military force to takeover or destroy humanity.

What’s wrong with promises of technology

Marshall highlights the danger of accepting alien technology and promises of peace, and how global upheaval … political, social, environmental instability, war and conflict … are creating conditions that are favorable to the Intervention’s deceptions and agenda.

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