Imagine Worlds Without War: It Isn’t Hard To Do

“Perhaps we need some outside universal threat to make us recognize this common bond. I occasionally think how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.”

Ronald Reagan before the U.N. Assembly, 1987

Ronald Reagan could imagine a world without war. What inspired his idea of the common enemy that would unite us? Apparently he was a fan of science fiction.

John Lennon imagined a world without possessions. He saw a world without possessions would be a world without war.

And people did say they were dreamers.

People do believe it is not possible to live in our world without preparing for war. Nations stockpile arms as if nuclear weapons provide security. The build-up of nuclear arms, however, puts every living thing on Earth at risk.

Is there another way?

In the Greater Community of life in the universe, worlds without war are the norm.

Extraterrestrial races do find us very warlike. Many humans think the alien threat is not real because they believe it would be so easy to take over our planet with the arms that a technologically superior race could deploy. This kind of thinking is, in a word, anthropocentric. Our visitor’s perceptions of us are based on observing our behavior.

“Outright warfare in the Greater Community, particularly on any kind of large scale, is extremely rare, particularly amongst secure and advanced nations.” [1]

Life in the UniverseChapter 7: Competition, Influence and the Mental Environment
Mutually Assure Destruction

In the Greater Community, there are better mechanisms than mutually assured destruction. The races in the universe that have survived to venture beyond their own worlds, obviously, could not rely on that mutual agreement not to destroy their own planet as a deterrent. There must be some other kind of agreement that keeps their worlds free from war. Clearly, we humans are missing something. We have not learned to maintain our world without threatening our neighbors with war. It is self-evident the doctrine of mutually assured destruction is a fallacy that will assure our destruction if we cannot find another way to peace.

“Nations that are fundamentally warlike and destructive do not last very long in the Greater Community. For any nation to exert itself in this way in a highly populated region of space such as your own would meet a united resistance. With only very few exceptions in the universe, can this resistance be overcome. What would one nation do faced with a thousand nations opposing it? And what could one nation do if its access to trade were denied?” [1]

Races engage with other races in the universe for the sake of commerce and trade. They do compete for scarce resources. They do have our resources in their sights, but they do not intend to annihilate us or the most precious commodity on our planet: life. Our destructive habits are what make us vulnerable to overthrow. Wasting our resources will cause us to make desperate bargains.

The competition for resources makes for trading partners among races in the Greater Community. They form partnerships of worlds and suppress aggression. United in agreements that are necessary for their survival, they cooperate to suppress rogue nations seeking to undermine stability. It is this simple:

“If any nation in your world seeks to remain aggressive and hostile, its resources can be denied to it by the rest of the world. This is what happens in the Greater Community should any nation become aggressive and hostile, seeking to dominate or overwhelm other nations, seeking conquest of territory or seeking to eliminate its competitors. Such a nation will have to face a united opposition by all others who are involved in their networks of trade. This has effectively eliminated a great deal of conflict in the universe.”

We humans have a lot to learn. We are in no position to compete for resources with other races in the universe. If we are to evolve to be competent among other races in the universe, where worlds without war are rare, first we must survive.

There is a way to peace. It is true, peace is the way. We will find the way when we find we are more committed to the survival of the species than our individual concerns. We must find the way to value our fellow human beings more than the natural resources we consume.

What it will take

Learn more about the way out of this long-simmering crisis. Find the way to imagine a world without war. Set aside an hour to listen and pray that we step up to meet this opportunity. Our survival does depend on this.

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Hear from Marshall Vian Summers, who notes, “Within the New World Reality that we have now entered, war and conquest will only create further destabilization and loss for everyone. In a resource depleted world, whatever is destroyed may not be rebuilt.”

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