Invited to Channel My Own “Galactic Counterpart”

It all began on that consequential day… which was really very much a normal day for me otherwise, circa fall 2017. I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and noticed a post by a young man named David. He claimed he was doing alien channeling. In other words, he was channeling an extraterrestrial from the star system Sirius and there was a link to a YouTube video. Mentally I was very interested but I remember feeling restraint in my gut that this was not a good idea. I ignored that and dove in.

Channeling from a “Galactic Counterpart”

After a couple of videos and posts there was an invitation to attend a “channel night” to make connections with our “Galactic Counterparts.” There were perhaps a dozen or more people attending and the numbers grew slowly but noticeably. The information presented seemed mind-blowing and divine in nature. The young, 24-year -old man went into a half-trance state while this being, who David nicknamed “B”, sent thoughts to him that he spoke.

New Ideas: Galactic Counterparts?

The mental field of the alien channeling of “B” was powerful even though I was attending these channel nights virtually. Yes, mental field. It was palpable. The content was about such concepts as the “Oversoul” and “The Second Paradigm”. The gist was that we could become more who we really are in our souls by connecting to these extraterrestrial beings who were supposedly our “Galactic Counterparts”. These “Counterparts” were claimed to be closer to our true selves in the “soul architecture”. We were invited to pray and meditate seeking to further this connection. I now realize this was a way to manipulate our spiritual values and entrain people into their mental environment which functions like a hive mind.

The “Second Paradigm” idea was meant to get us to relax into being provided for by the “divine orchestration” of which these beings claimed to be a part. We were told that whatever we did, as long as we had soul purpose in the Earth “game” then we’d get what we’d need to survive by, for example, following our “Oversoul” to get a job. This ultimately pacified people if they bought into it. I remember “B” saying “It looks like ease is rising up the value chain now” as though he were surveying the priorities of our internal values. All that did occur was the strengthening of our weaknesses. I recall David saying he was “massively confronted” several times by “B”, rather in a fearful way, as one of my first clues that something was off.

A Hidden Agenda?

As I understand this now, the being misappropriated a genuine spiritual truth (“All things I truly need will be provided for me” – Step 253 of Steps to Knowledge) as part of the long term plan of extraterrestrials intervening in our world. They seek to get us to become dependent upon and acquiescent to them so that they can access Earth’s resources (including biological ones) through a cooperative humanity. This is a long term plan taking place over many decades, though the next decade could be the deciding one.

I am reminded of the crop circle stating “Beware the bearers of false gifts and their broken promises” as I recall “B” dropping the hint that they would provide us new wifi technology in the future. This is technology that would carry the seed of future dependence upon them. What about the idea of the Prime Directive? What about working hard to go green and conserve fossil fuel resources? These weren’t mentioned or rationalized away.

So while these big ideas seemed very promising and we were even fed some experiences that made it seem true, ultimately I became doubtful. I was one of the more gung ho advocates of the channeling group, but in addition to what I mentioned before I noticed a few things that disturbed me: a joke that fell oddly flat, a private session where my physical heart felt manipulated once, and a strange vision during an “activation” that I can say now didn’t truly benefit me.

My Turn

My “Galactic Counterpart” is an Arcturian?

I kept these concerns to myself and eventually David invited me to do alien channeling myself, to channel my own “Galactic Counterpart”. I identified him as a supposedly Arcturian being during my “downloads (meditations) and uploads (prayers)” which involved interaction with their group mind. I was scheduled to channel publicly during one of the channel nights. I had made a connection to someone or something during these meditations. But I channeled my “Counterpart” to two close friends and they were not impressed. I began to second guess everything and publicly questioned “B’s” motives when the time came and I went “on air”. After some polite and rather patient concern for me, my doubts got laughed at as I persisted. David was my friend and I didn’t like having to dump this on him, but enough was enough and I needed to know if I could trust “B”. One remark was quite insufficient to sway my skepticism. I asked if I could trust they were of the Light. “B” said, “You’ll never convince me I’m not of the Light.” I was the one that needed convincing and I could sense his defensiveness in being directly challenged at last.

More happened that is likely too bizarre for most to believe, but I didn’t really trust “B” anymore and eventually decided that David and his partner were, at least initially, well meaning and good people but very sadly misguided by a cunning intelligence. 

For a period of days or even weeks afterward this channel night (my recollection of this period is somewhat hazy), other minds targeted me and made me see and feel things that were very discouraging and disorienting. Images of aliens and feelings of paranoia crossed my mind in waves. Today after having reflected on this, it is what the Allies of Humanity term mental disruption. It is a tactic of the Intervention reserved for those who are sensitive and get close to their ambassadors and ask questions as I did.

The Allies of Humanity Briefings

Later, I discovered the Allies of Humanity Briefings themselves online. It was a great relief though disturbing to have my suspicions confirmed and more. I was now in a position to inform some of those involved in the channel night groups including David. This time I was targeted with mental disruption again. It was like before but now the kid gloves were off. I was seen as a direct threat. It was like being slowly tortured mentally where they attempted to discourage me from advocating and sharing my experience and what I learned from the Allies’ Briefings. I don’t wish the experience of mental disruption on anyone. I was terrified for my life and mind at one point. However, I remembered and clung to what the Allies said. Knowledge, the deeper spiritual intelligence given to us by God, cannot be deceived or persuaded by any force in the universe. 

So I survived the attack and mustered the courage to tell a small group of close friends everything. This included my same friends who I channeled to before that were not impressed. After this I reached out to some in the channel night groups and was heavily discouraged again. But, I did reach a few, although David himself was not convinced.

Conclusion: We Have Allies More Real Than “Galactic Counterparts”

My advocacy continues today though at times I still face interference from the Intervention through the mental environment. You are reading a piece of that advocacy now. I invite you, dear reader, to read the Allies of Humanity Briefings for yourself. I experienced first hand the deception of aliens posing as spiritual mentors and philanthropic benefactors. Though it takes courage, you may in time decide to advocate yourself as well. I sincerely hope you do as it is vital that their message gets out. It is vital that the clandestine activities and agenda of the alien Intervention are exposed for what they are. All of this is vitally important for the future of human freedom and sovereignty in the universe.

What You Can Do to Know Friend from Foe, Ally from “Counterpart”

Read the Briefings:

Are you sensitive? Can you feel the mental influence in our world? Many are being affected by the Intervention. Many sense the pressures of diminishing resources and capacity. If this is the case for you, you will find refreshment and encouragement in this teaching from the New Message from God.

Listen to this alien channeling from the “Arcturians” for these elements:

  • Appeal to the sensitive, the religious or spiritual, the “awake,” as having special calling, destiny and honor
  • Conditioning to accept alien presence among us
  • Co-optation of prevalent notions, including the seduction to “believe” and to gain powers beyond all limitations in the physical as we know it
  • Presenting themselves as benevolent, older, wiser “space brothers” sharing their knowledge freely, with no strings attached
  • View of human existence as “enslavement”
  • Call for action requiring acquiescence
  • “Ascension” equivalent to “breaking free of bonds of 3rd and 4th dimensions”

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4 thoughts on “Invited to Channel My Own “Galactic Counterpart”

  • December 23, 2020 at 10:11 pm

    Great Article! Thank you for sharing this experience.

  • December 24, 2020 at 5:59 am

    Good job Andrew. Thank you for sharing this and thank you for having the strength and clarity of Knowledge to help you to see your way free of this. You did the work to gain that strength. I also had a strange, unexpected alien experience in the fall of 2017. It seems this was a consequential time for many of us. It was largely because of that time period I decided to become much more involved and pro-active in being anti-alien intervention and pro-human. That really is the choice here.

  • January 7, 2021 at 9:57 am

    I ve experienced similar encounters with E.T. beings….

    They call themselves Zallian Ventarans…

  • July 19, 2021 at 3:02 am

    lol…this is total bs. Aliens are just the disembodied souls of the children of the Fallen Angels and the daughters of men, called the Nephilim, that were killed in the flood.


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