Technology Is Today’s Religion

I just read an article in the Boulder (CO) Weekly titled, “Broad Skepticism.” It was written by Amanda Moutinho and covered a new art exhibit running at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art through May 28, 2018. The exhibit titled, “A History of the Future,” questions whether technology is today’s religion. Artist, Nathan Abel, tells about a Ted Talk that inspired this exhibit.

“This guy had an LED drone in his hand. He brings it out on stage and the lights dim to create really dramatic lighting. I thought it looked like a sermon. Like a religious leader holding a candle in his hand, this little LED light lit up his face in the same way.”

Then the drone left the speaker’s hands and Abel noticed ecstatic faces in the crowd.

“They looked completely blown away as this little light flew around the room. It looked like the imagery I’d seen in cathedrals or churches where people would be very wide eyed looking at this very mystical thing happening in front of them.”

Abels says he’s been interested in the themes of “A History of the Future” for quite awhile. He consistently questions the role technology plays in his life, and he’s noticed more people doing the same. – Broad Skepticism by Amanda Moutinho – Boulder Weekly May 3, 2018

I also question the role technology in our lives—our attachment to computers, phones, iPads, video games and… As I go about my life, I see more and more people interacting with their techno-gadgets far more than with other people. I would say that relationship definitely includes our gadgets at this point—some to the exclusion of human relationships.  technology is today's religion

“Even today in the world you can see the emphasis on technology, the belief in technology, the belief that technology will solve all problems and the reality that technology is becoming ever more the focus of people’s emphasis, as if it were a religion of its own.” – Life in the Universe – Technology and the Different Paths to Stability

In today’s “fake news” epidemic, there are many stories arising that point to the ease with which digital footage can be edited to add new and contradicting footage. Sometimes this can have minimal consequences but we can imagine scenarios where the outcome could be devastating. Consider a video clip showing troops–considered our enemy–entering our country across a neighboring border. Then consider a call for war against this transgressor. Is it real footage or ‘fake news’?

Fear the power of technology!

How do we, the average people, discern the truth of what is being presented? Do we depend on bigger and better technology to prove to us the truth? Do we give more and more of our personal power over to technology?

What happened to the ability to trust in a Higher Power—a deeper knowing within? With Artificial Intelligence advancing at a rapid pace—a technology that renown physicist, Steven Hawking, deeply distrusted—perhaps humanity is being left behind or simply duped by greater technological forces.

Is technology today's religion?

“Generally speaking, if nations become technologically advanced, they become entirely secular in nature and will rarely have active, vital religious traditions. This is because the emphasis on technology and resources becomes so predominating and such a source of wealth and control that it overwhelms whatever other notions of power and authority that the native peoples might have had. As a result, over time, the reality and the existence of religion as you know it becomes very rare and is only practiced by small groups, often under clandestine conditions. Therefore, you should never assume that technological advancement promotes ethical or spiritual advancement, for in most cases it is the opposite that actually transpires.” – Life in the Universe – Technology and the Different Paths to Stability

But who do these greater technological forces serve? With all of our faces glued to our phones and computer screens, do we really have any idea whether there are Alien Visitors coming and going from our world and bestowing even more gifts of technology. How can we know if more and greater technology is beneficial to us—or to the Alien Visitors that have a different agenda for humanity and our planet.

“Therefore, do not be in love with technology, for if you are, you will fall prey to those who are more technologically advanced than you are. Do not think technology will assure human freedom and well-being, for technology is a power that can be used for good or ill. “ – Life in the Universe – Technology and the Different Paths to Stability

It will not be through technology that we discern the real intent of these Alien Visitors but through the deeper inner-knowing of Knowledge—the mind of God within us. This is the great endowment from the Creator of all life. We carry it within us like a secret cargo—secret because we have lost our awareness of its existence. We need it now.

Amazingly, the Creator has bestowed upon humanity another gift. There is a New Revelation from God in the world, given through its Messenger, Marshall Vian Summers. It is a larger Revelation than has ever been given to humanity before because the challenges that we face surpass anything we have ever dealt with.

A pure religion that is not technology based

“That is why God has spoken again, not to replace the world’s religions, but to elevate them and to prepare them for the great change that is coming to the world, and for humanity’s encounter with a universe of intelligent life. For none of God’s previous Revelations can do this, you see. It is part of a Greater Plan that will always be far beyond human understanding and comprehension.” The Pure Religion – Marshall Vian Summers

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