Nattering Nabobs: No

All confusion is the confusion of different levels.”

 Steps to Knowledge, Step 165: My duties are small. My mission is great.

Everyone has an opinion! Everyone on social media is there to air their opinions. Opinions without action or traction contribute only to gratify oneself, luxuriating in the silo of shared belief.

To carp about a domain that is not your own domain is to be a critic, to judge, to be arrogant while ignorant of the very size or relative merit of any particular aspect that pertain to the other whose domain you nominate yourself to be judge, jury and executioner.

We demand disclosure! We despise the secrecy around the reality of real space invaders, a huge blind spot in the communication and vision of authorities commissioned to watch this very thing; and they are completely clueless and subjugated to all kinds of pressure not to be aware, not to acknowledge. Indeed, one big collusion of self-deception it is.

But for us to decry, denounce, demand and otherwise bait a stupid, vicious and hungry bear of deceit is to engage with it, to be drawn into petty points of detail as if they were our very own domain. They are not.

“The man or woman of Knowledge is not insisting on solutions, but instead watching and encouraging positive behavior, positive awareness, positive actions, but not reliant on hope alone, for hope is too weak, too easily shattered, too easily diminished and deflated.”

MVS. The New World. The Race to Save Human Civilization

Whatever is divisive helps the Intervention agenda

“A fragmented, divisive, warring set of nations, cultures and tribes in the world will have no power or efficacy in the Greater Community and will be subject to all forms of manipulation and subterfuge.

MVS, Greater Community Spirituality, Chapter 11, What is your Preparation For?
Everyone’s a critic

To complain about the world is to renounce personal responsibility to get in the world and begin with what does have your name on it.

Something does have your name on it, that is your domain and yours to decide. Whatever drives you to your own personal destiny is the overriding drive of your life, so go for it, wherever it takes you as long as it reduces harm in the world and adds to the good. To measure that balance, check yourself in the mirror of those with whom you engage.

  • Plan.

“There are many solutions that are being proposed that will be very helpful over all if brought together and if utilized fully, but really the answer to these questions has to go deeper than the intellect, deeper into you. It is not a problem for other people to solve for you. It is a problem for everyone. It is not merely a problem for governments, or for science, or for politicians. It is a problem for everyone.”

Marshall Vian Summers. Nature and Natural Disasters (September 1, 2008)

Do more than speak

Know the requirements for freedom in the universe.

“SOAP” method of analysis given by Patricia Summers to the students of the Free School of the New Message from God. Join this Worldwide Community learning to hone their abilities to see objectively, know with certainty and move deliberately, decisively and with a great reduction in personal errors and confusion.

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