It Is New. It Is Religious. It Is a Movement.

The New Message from God is a new religious movement that takes for granted the reality of intelligent life in the universe. In this, it represents a profound re-orientation to life and the universe and the questions that have been addressed by world religions.

Here is an interview with a follower of the New Message from God, who does endorse those teachings on the extraterrestrial Intervention as one of two fundamental forces shaping the future of our planet (climate change the other). Justin refers to himself as a student of the New Message; he is an advocate as well. Here he relates the reality of the alien presence on Earth as understood through the revelations from the New Message and the associated Allies of Humanity. In this interview, Justin uses familiar examples to convincing effect, as if these things are commonplace and conventional, once so understood. He avoids speculation; he speaks with authority on the matters communicated by the Allies and ventures not far beyond what can be known by following this course of study.

Justin speaks naturally and eloquently, in complete agreement with the content found on this blog, and hopefully to plant seeds of understanding and respect for the magnitude of what he has learned from the communications given to Marshall Summers.

The Greater Community, Book 4 of Volume I in The One Book of the New Message from God, is one place to begin a study of this new phenomenon of unfathomable magnitude. The Steps to Knowledge that Justin mentions is the curriculum of spiritual discipline that is the heart of the new religious movement.

The Greater Community of Intelligent Life in Our Local Sector of the Universe
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