Not at All Right Where We Need To Be

Are you are right where you need to be? Are you completely at ease and not feeling at all insecure or worried? The answer is simple: if any of us is not right where they need to be, none of us is right where we need to be. As a whole, we are far from where we need to be.

Find the greater context, and you will find your greater self and your greater purpose and your greater meaning. The context exists. It is here. It is real. It is now. It is all around you. You do not see it day to day because what you see is a result of people’s personal preoccupations. But if you can step outside of the cacophony of personal strife and ambition, you will be able to feel the movement of the world. You will feel it within your heart. You will feel it in the ground beneath your feet. You will feel it as you look up into the sky at night..

The Greater Community Presence in the World

Of course you are not right where you need to be. We are all far behind where we need to be. A simple test to know this is the question of “disclosure”–in all the cacophony of noise about disclosure of the reality of alien presence on Earth, what percentage is speculation? Are we even aware of what is happening in the world today, this great encounter that defines all of humanity in common against intruders?

Humanity is way behind schedule in its preparation for the Greater Community. It was hoped by the greater Spiritual Forces that are overseeing the well-being of humanity that more progress would have been made. But humanity is lagging. Its self-preoccupation is so complete that it cannot see beyond itself.

The Great Challenge Awaiting Humanity

“Binky beliefs” debunked

In the video below, “binky beliefs” are beliefs based on what is wished for. These beliefs pacify us. They waylay us on the journey to where we need to be.

It is true, humans are themselves capable of making sand castles of belief without Intervention from extraterrestrials. Our habit of pandering to self-serving belief is merely helpful to the alien agenda.

7 beliefs that signify Pacification
  • “Everything happens for a purpose” Beginning at 0:40, Mr. Summers explains how believing this will make you amoral in the face of human catastrophe, unconscious and uncaring for the suffering in the world. Everything happens, not necessarily for a purpose that serves your destiny. Though your experience can always teach you, and there are special occasions of personal revelation, finding a parking spot is not on that order.
  • “Everyone is right where they need to be” (warning: graphic content at 2:55) as if even the most horrific circumstance can be justified as a learning experience. The abuses that are rampant and extreme on our world testify that we are not right where we need to be as a race.
  • “There is a greater plan guiding my life” (3:57) Yes, and it will require a great demolition of the life you have built up for yourself.
  • I only live for the moment That cannot be so, if you are here on a mission. Your life is taking you somewhere; a plan is required.
  • “All I have to do is be open to Guidance” (6:00) Your ship needs to be moving in order to navigate. Otherwise, it’s just sitting in the harbor.
  • “God is in the driver’s seat of my life” You are in the driver’s seat of your life. Every relationship is based on what you can do together.
  • “The universe supports me.” Knowledge support you. Those who sent you support you. The universe does not care about you.
To steer our ship in seas of change

All we humans–perhaps more so in developed countries–are susceptible to these flavors in the soup composed of all the thinking going on in the world. A great correction is needed, from the very foundation on which we base our ideas about ourselves to where we invest our time and energy, for us to begin to orient ourselves in the direction of right where we need to be.

Humanity is overspending its natural inheritance. And now it must face a more constrained future. Certain individuals are feeling this tremendously. 

Facing Great Change in the World

How to set our focus on where we need to be

“Binky beliefs” are hopeful expectation that everything will turn out all right. The influence of these beliefs is as pervasive as the presence of plastics found everywhere. It is necessary to acknowledge them in the compromises we make with life as we overspend our heritage of a rich natural environment now under threat of collapse. It is no longer all right to expect the forces of nature to self correct with the same rhythms of life as always.

Increasingly the world feels the stress of upheaval and the shock of finding how our beliefs conspire to keep us pacified and ineffective at a time when critical action is called for.

There is a preparation available for times of duress, a way to have certainty in uncertain times. There is a guidance system within us and we can find it reliable to center us in the still center in times of great upheaval. After hearing Marshall Summers deconstruct the fundamental error in thinking we are “right where we need to be” and then realizing how you yourself have bought into that thinking, attend the next release of a revelation in a series offered every two weeks, hosted by Marshall’s son Reed. Excerpts are given below this preview with a link to the event on Monday, August 29 at 6:00 pm MDT.

Watch the live broadcast release of the revelation Facing Great Change in the World | August 29, 2022 | 6:00 PM Mountain Time

Everything is helping us to be real

Humanity has chosen to learn under duress. It has chosen to learn under hardship and deprivation. Unable to unite in times of greater prosperity, it will now have to unite in times of great difficulty.

It is a great difficulty to be the person who sees, surrounded by those who do not. But this seeing is such a great advantage because it gives you time to prepare. It gives you time to reconsider your situation, your strengths, your weaknesses, your advantages, your disadvantages. It gives you time to change your circumstances in whatever way is necessary. It gives you time to re-gather your strength and overcome your own ambivalence and resistance. Seeing the truth alienates you from others to a certain degree, but its advantages so far outweigh these difficulties.

The world is assisting you now in this discovery by taking away or threatening or altering the things that you depend upon and take for granted. This will make you more realistic and encourage you to establish more genuine and effective relationships with other people and a more sober and efficacious relationship with life. 

Feel the movement of the world. Feel the movement of life within yourself. You know that great change is coming. You know you must prepare. You do not know how to prepare, but you know you must prepare. You know there are certain things you must do now to start. Once you begin, other things will come to mind that you must understand, that you must alter or set aside.

Facing Great Change in the World
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