Our Isolation in the Universe Is No More

“Our world’s isolation in the universe is clearly over,” noted Marshall Vian Summers last Saturday in response to a prompt from his son Reed Summers to explain his life’s work bringing a message about “the two greatest events in human history,” 1) the human-created alteration of the planet’s climate and atmosphere and 2) contact with intelligent life in the universe.

our isolation is overThis succinct summary of his work has seemed provocative, even disturbing to the small percentage of the human population that has heard his message, called the New Message from God. Many who would respond give it short shrift, a mere glance at a page on the web or a link on social media before moving on, their attention numbed by the competition for attention. Some decide he is another huckster out to sell a book before looking far enough to see his entire published work is available online for free (Those who devour his work and complain that not all of it is yet published are another kind of consumer).

It is voluminous, this New Message that Marshall Summers has created through a special relationship with angelic beings with whom he is united in intent and expression. Those who find it and follow it carefully describe the experience as being “like a firehose”–a message of profound, strong intention challenging our ability to grasp it.

Once You See It

It’s a matter of time before this bare essence of his message becomes obvious to all. That time is coming soon. Yet it is a message that will endure for centuries as a guide to practical living in a world unlike the one we have taken for granted.

A sampling of relevant passages about this primary aspect of the New Message, the end of our isolation in the universe.

“There is no returning to your former isolated state.”The Allies of Humanity Book Two, First Briefing:The Universe into Which You Are Emerging

Humanity has lived in isolation throughout its entire evolution with only very brief encounters with races from beyond the world.” Life in the Universe, Chapter 2: A Brief History of the Visitation to the Eart]

Living in isolation for so very long, your whole notion of yourself, your notion of Creation and the Divine, are very much associated with this one world alone. It is like you are an isolated tribe who has never been discovered by the outer world, not knowing the greater powers that exist around you and completely unprepared for the day when your existence would be discovered from the outside.The Greater Community, Chapter 4: Entering the Greater Community

Go Deeper

Read Preparing for the Greater Community, free online.

Hear Reed’s interview with Marshall

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