Pandemic vs. Pandemonium: Manage Accordingly

There is a new revelation from God in the world today. Now for some time we have been living in an era of a New Revelation (capitalized)==the New Message from God, that astonishing work unparalleled in depth, expanse and functionality, and now after two years, an individual teaching, or a new revelation, one more in the New Revelation.

All quotes from this post can be found at , Facing the Pandemic and the Great Waves of Change.

A new revelation now?

Now there is this teaching on the pandemic by the Unseen Ones who watch over the Earth. Now this newest revelation when we, the humans populating this Earth, have tested our capacity for cooperation and found it wanting. Many are crying out for divine assistance. Certainly this is not for the first time, nor likely the last time humans have needed divine revelation.

We have had good guidance all along. Our problem is following the guidance given. Surely, as a race we have had plenty of time to de-escalate hostilities, disarm nuclear weapons, manage limited resources and address global warming and social inequity, but our success so far hardly meets the necessity of this late hour.

Where have the Unseen Ones been all this time?

From the beginning of this pandemic, the Messenger of the New Revelation, Marshall Vian Summers, provided guidance, first alerting the students of the Free School of the New Message from God to pay attention to the outbreak on February 22, 2020, when he recommended we read Nature and Natural disasters and indicated we were “facing what may become a global pandemic.” A week later, attentive to news of global import, he made the alert more emphatic: “The Pandemic that is building in the world today is a ‘Great Wave‘ and is part of the 10-year window that The Great Turning Point revelation points to.” It’s not too late to follow up on those suggestions, but it is getting later every day, every hour, every minute.

Two weeks later Reed Summers mentioned “this pandemic disease that is now spreading worldwide, with the immense political upheaval…. The mental landscape, the physical landscape is changing. And you feel that. This is all the more reason we need to be stronger internally and stronger emotionally, mentally in our affairs.” The pandemic had not yet come to the forefront of the world’s attention, and among the students of the New Revelation, was seen then as it is now, a part of a bigger picture that includes catastrophe greater than what we are seeing now, and the New Revelation explains that this is exactly why it is being given. We do not need our imaginations to see where we would be without this guidance. What we need is the inner fortitude that Reed describes to do the outer work that is so necessary and still so neglected.

Regard reality as your friend to create calm

On March 14, 2020, the Summers convened a Zoom broadcast once the news of the spread and consequence of the pandemic was becoming “the new normal.” From the beginning and continuously has Marshall emphasized the need to look at what is really happening and not to fall into the traps of

  • interpreting
  • drawing hasty conclusions
  • claiming to know what can’t be known
  • denying what is happening
  • losing faith in ourselves
  • losing faith in our institutions
  • allowing beliefs to separate us
  • becoming isolated

“It’s very important that we recognize this for what it really is and not confuse it with conspiracy theories or wild notions about where this thing came from and who’s generating it and so forth. Clearly …God is not creating this because the New Message tells us that all forces, geological and biological forces, were set in motion at the beginning of time and they’re all running themselves now. So what we’re experiencing is not an act of God. It is also not a conspiracy by powerful groups to do whatever they’re trying to do. It is not a form of extermination by the powers that be or by the Intervention itself. It is a natural phenomenon that is a consequence of humanity’s engagement with aspects of nature which we should never have encountered in the first place, deep in the jungles and the swamps of this world where there exist viruses we have never encountered, collectively, and should never be unleashed into the world. So this is a phenomenal event, but it is part of the Great Waves of change.”

He added, “Any kind of major event like this carries with it risk and high degrees of uncertainty, and it will generate much panic and confusion and theories and opinions. But it really is an act of nature. It’s an engagement with the natural world.”

Regard the pandemic as a warning to avoid pandemonium

“We’re being shown what is coming. This is what is coming. It is going to come—sometimes very gradually, like something like sea level rise or desertification. Big events can happen, but generally this is almost imperceptible to most people. And then you have something very emergent and sudden such as we’re facing now. 

“So you know, don’t be afraid to know things about reality because reality is your friend, if you can embrace it, if you can see it compassionately and gain from it the wisdom that it offers.” (Marshall Summers, Living with the Burden of Wisdom, March 14, 2020)

This is a test, as the new revelation notes, of our preparedness for living in a new world unlike the world we have known. The potential for pandemonium is not to be overlooked. A test will shock your sensibilities and prompt you to consider what was lacking in your preparation.

Marshall Summers recommends the most important things to be thinking about: food, water, medicine and energy. Next, work, money and housing. And finally, “make sure you surround yourself with people who can respond appropriately and face what is coming and prepare for it adequately. Because many people around you will be frozen in fear or be in denial or just unable to function. So you have to be with people who are strong.” (Taking Action During the Pandemic: 4 Considerations, April 7,, 2020)

Regard the pandemic as a gift to avoid pandemonium

“This is a great opportunity to get with yourself, to do some self-knowledge work, do some mapping about your past, to gain what kind of mental resources and also think about your physical resources. I mean, you may have to be in isolation for quite some time. So what does that mean? How are you going to prepare for that? ” (Marshall Summers, Getting with Yourself and The Opportunity of Isolation, April 7, 2020)

Pay attention. Know where your mind is going and what it is following

Watch for signs of imminent pandemonium

“You must have a very limited exposure to the media, particularly if you have been overexposed to the media. Now you must limit this exposure or your mind will constantly be aggravated, stimulated and directed by the world around you.” –from Harmful Influences

Practice gratitude

  • Do what is most practical
  • Take pleasure in simple things
  • Be grateful you have food and shelter
  • Be grateful there is a Revelation in the world
  • Being grateful for everyting in your life, the blessings and those who have erred against you and demonstrated to you the importance of making wise decisions and becoming strong with Knowledge. (adapted from Reed Summers, Taking Action During the Pandemic: 4 Considerations, April 7, 2020)

Pandemic broadcast videos by the Summers:

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