Play “Spot the Fallacies”

Here is one example of how to play spot the fallacies. What did you find? (State in the comments, please)

Your Turn: How Easy Was That?

Here is one where the “memes” of e.t. disinfo stick out like a sore thumb, wouldn’t you say? Go ahead, count how many of the persuasions collected in this document are there; please place them in the comments below. This list will gradually be developed into a series of blog posts beginning next month and will be transferred off that page to this blog.

Getting Pretty Tired of This One

Please, would someone save us all a lot of time and identify what’s wrong with this picture in the comments, for Heaven’s sake.

How Do You Discern?

Now take any point of view on any subject regarding extraterrestrials, and apply the criteria set by the working document on that discussion page holding the question, whose voice do you trust regarding the e.t. phenomenon? Are you able to discern motive and intent once you realize how simple is the agenda of the Intervention?

Termites at WorkSpot the Fallacies

I invite you to critique or contribute to this list of everything you have ever heard about or from E.T. races communicating with or present on Earth.

This list represents the work of giant termites, metaphorically speaking of course. These are humans, termites only in working quietly in the background infiltrating the substrate of a collective reality. Quietly, like termites, they contribute and contribute and contribute, switching out the fabric of the old for an empty space awaiting the flood of new reality to come.

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One thought on “Play “Spot the Fallacies”

  • September 5, 2018 at 7:40 pm

    Game is time-limited. The discussion page on the e.t. wiki is a working discussion and the content on that page will be moved to this blog over time.


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