Rachel’s Story

Lifetime abductee “Rachel” tells of the terror

  • of being in a strange place surrounded by grey alien faces (1:00),
  • of encountering grey “Zetas” hovering outside her window (2:00 and 8:40),

It’s still going on now (5:00). She tells

  • why the abductions (11:30, warning: graphic description after 12:30)
  • how they see us (14:00)
  • how they can deceive if we don’t pay attention (17:15).
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She has been taken on craft. Her family have been affected. She has observed herself under military surveillance. She can identify projected memories and point to the location of physical implants. Memories of carrying fetuses, delivery of a baby. Meeting her own children. The greatest loss, the loss of physical autonomy over oneself.

What you can do

Take action yourself to become aware of the reality of the alien agenda in our world.

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