“Scary good”: Artificial Intelligence and Human Interface

Now artificial intelligence is getting “scary good”

“ChatGPT is scary good. We are not far from dangerously strong AI”  Elon Musk, one of the founders of OpenAI.

Now we see the writing on the wall it is good but also scary

It is the great Love of God that is bringing you this warning. Do not think it is exaggerated in any way, for We are not even telling you everything. And We are not telling you everything because you do not yet have the capacity, the courage or the determination to hear it and face it.The Global Emergency

Never again

  • Scary good Artificial intelligenceWill chess be quite so interesting,
  • nor any special human ability, that a machine can do faster, better, smarter.

Now a machine can fabricate reality, no more

  • being convinced by a photograph
  • wasting time on boilerplate text composition
  • taking truth for granted

“Scary good”artificial intelligence and the forfeiture of human sovereignty

It is the speed of change that shocks us the most, we who did not mind artificial intelligence in the form of autofilled search queries. Now, if we weren’t afraid of AI before, it’s starting to get scary smart. The impact on educational access, on competition for resources and the many thousand solutions required for survival in a

The scary:

  • Big Brother: doxxing, “social capital,”
    being commodified, drone-like
  • or canceled
  • Hubris: technology as savior, ingenuity as superior to nature
  • Redundancy

What we have seen is our worst selves magnifiedhuman weakness

And great hope for good

We have seen

  • our fingerprints, our blood type, our image–all shared
  • our attention span now trained by interface with screens, our youth wired to tech
  • “the more highways you build, the more traffic”–greater ease in communication and a greater glut of info


Respect, not fear

“The Angelic Assembly that oversees this world has seen this coming. And it is approaching so quickly now, accelerating itself and being further accelerated by humanity’s continuing to contaminate the air, the waters and the soils—setting in motion forces that you do not even fully understand; setting in motion forces of change and upheaval that will work against humanity, that will threaten humanity now.”The Global Emergengy

  • the widening gap between have and have not
  • conflict over resources
  • rebellion and resistance
  • upheaval and dissension

Why is violence more common where inequality is greater?

Empowerment through upheaval and change

Inequality has been written into the DNA of civilization ever since humans first settled down to farm the land. Throughout history, only massive, violent shocks that upended the established order proved powerful enough to flatten disparities in income and wealth. They appeared in four different guises: mass-mobilization warfare, violent and transformative revolutions, state collapse, and catastrophic epidemics. Hundreds of millions perished in their wake, and by the time these crises had passed, the gap between rich and poor had shrunk.The Only Thing, Historically, That’s Curbed Inequality: Catastrophe


  • Without judgment
  • Without illusion
  • Without fantasy
  • Without pretense
  • Without interference
  • Without acquired behavior
  • Without self-deprecation
  • Without self-doubt
  • Without the limitations of a purely human viewpoint,

you will see that

“There are those in the Greater Community who are more powerful than you, just like you are more powerful than the deer in the field. They can outsmart you, but only if you are not looking.” Intervention deceptions on the New Message wiki

“The Intervention has been functioning here with little human resistance for many decades. Its plans are now in a mature phase, waiting to exploit human weakness, human division, human superstition and human expectation to their own advantage to gain control of the world and the world’s precious resources. Their goal is not to eliminate humanity but to use humanity as a workforce, as a subservient workforce, to maintain the appearance of normalcy as long as possible while the power and authority over the world has shifted to foreign powers.”Intervention deceptions on the New Message wiki

“It is your weakness and your conflicts, your ignorance and your superstition that these particular races from the Universe will prey upon. They could take control of the world without firing a shot, for they are skillful in manipulating the thinking and perception of others. That is their strength. That is what they are using now and will use in the future.” Intervention deceptions on the New Message wiki

Hear a visionary enter an induced state to view the future, transcript with link here on the E.T. wiki.

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