To Know the Truth About Ascension and the Spirituality of Technology and Telepathy

Do you really want to know

If you are going to look at any claim to spiritual truth, about ascension or anything extraterrestrial-wise, there are ways to know what you are looking at and how to proceed. When it comes to spirituality, spiritual truths can be discerned through personal insight, after sufficient inner reflection and meditation guided by a genuine need for the truth.

First, two clear cut distinctions which must be made.

spiritual truths: technology
Strictly Mechanical

1. Spirituality has no – zero – relationship to technological sophistication.

In fact, greater technological sophistication can introduce very significant barriers to a deeper spiritual understanding of the truth about ascension or anything in life. Technology is not therefore bad, but placing any faith at finding spiritual truth in it is deeply misguided for someone with a genuine spiritual need.

2. Powers of mental persuasion, influence and skill also have no – zero – relationship to spirituality.

Telepathy, clairvoyance, and a host of related abilities including great intellectual abilities, ALL have NO relationship to spirituality.

Please do not be simple minded here. You CAN be technologically adept and inclined toward spiritual truth and know all about ascension. You CAN also be spiritual and have skills and abilities mentally and intellectually. However in both cases one bears NO relationship to the other. How you use your gifts and abilities strikes at the heart of spirituality. What are your motives, delusions, misconceptions, fears etc …

Why do I make these points?

 piritual truths: telepathy
If you can’t spot the mark in a poker game, you’re it.

Far from ascending into a blissful state of repose, humanity is emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe. This is the truth about ascension.

As a result, it faces grave dangers from species from beyond this world who covet our world, its natural resources and us. They covet these things in the same way we covet the things we need and desire to survive and prosper. This is because life in the entire known universe is physical, organic, material. Thus ET’s have real material needs for their survival and prosperity.

Such beings covet our world, this immensely beautiful and rich planet of Earth we call home.

They will use their superior abilities technologically and in the mental environment to dazzle, confuse, manipulate, persuade and otherwise influence you in order to achieve their ends.

One of the obsessions of the Intervention’s collectives (that is the aliens currently visiting our world) is with the idea of “Ascension” as a spiritual truth. This notion is entirely false. But powerfully attractive to many humans, hence a potent tool in the pursuit of our seduction.

One further thing

There are many, many voices claiming to have knowledge of aliens. You must consider these things in the same sober way you would consider a decision in which you were entrusting the lives of those you loved to a stranger. You must give it this degree of effort and determination. You must be determined to see the truth, regardless of your personal fears, aspirations and other conditioned responses. This CAN be done. Not magically or quickly, but it can be done, with persistent effort and application.spiritual truths: what not to trust

There is no “Ascension”. Forget this notion. Your spiritual aspirations are better directed in an entirely different way. On this I recommend to you, what I endeavour to pursue myself. You can find this at

Failing that many old, earth based religious traditions offer more sincere guidance and spiritual truth than these awful ideas which appeal to our ambitions and play upon our fears. Ask yourself deeply and sincerely, ‘Why do I want to believe in Ascension?’ Also ask yourself deeply and sincerely, why is this notion so frequently employed by those who claim to speak for, on behalf of or about aliens?’

Furthermore if you can persevere with this questioning, feel within yourself the native instinct you have against this notion of “Ascension”. The very idea that one will rise above one’s material self and that of others and be unconcerned (pacified) with the problems and dilemmas of everyday material hardship and life.

I gain no popularity from telling you these things. Even some who share my understanding think it less than wise for me to personally speak in such a direct manner to you.

I feel it is necessary those who can do this, MUST do this. I thoroughly recommend to you the Allies Of Humanity briefings. The information found here is disconcerting and difficult but like the problems you faced growing into adulthood, you must face them for yourself, for your children, for this planet. Thank you. JD.

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One thought on “To Know the Truth About Ascension and the Spirituality of Technology and Telepathy

  • November 21, 2018 at 4:11 pm

    The intervention is manipulating humanity to think that higher technology must equal higher spirituality. As if the gift of high technology must have been accompanied by spiritual wisdom. And this manipulation is facilitated by some grounding in the truth: that our spiritual “gifts” which often lead to artistic and scientific breakthroughs do emanate from a Higher Power/Knowledge/God. This is what makes discerning the alien Intervention, its representatives and its arguments so tricky and difficult to deflect. While they speak some truth, they use that truth to manipulate, deceive and ultimately to lie to us about their real intensions.

    This is where humanity’s natural, in-born warning and detection systems can really shine. We can know, deep down, if we look without fear or preference, what is really going on in regards to alien ET contact. The self-paced meditation course “Steps to Knowledge” on how to Know things really has opened up and enhanced my natural abilities. Free online for anyone to study:


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