Spirituality, Not Technology, Is Answer To Alien Problem

“The results of humanity’s degradation and foolish use of the world are now moving on their own. Technology alone will not be an answer. There must be human recognition, courage and unity. Technology will only be a tool to help you, but without this recognition, this courage and this unity, technology will only hasten your demise.” – What Will Save Humanity

“Humanity is [[gambling]] its future by destroying the very resources which support it in the world, while hoping its technology will somehow save it in the final hour. It is risking its inheritance and creating a situation where only calamity can arise. It is amazing that so many people in the world today cannot see this. Yet many people do feel these problems and are anxious about them. And they seek either escape, confrontation or advancement as a result.” – Preparing for the Greater Community

“For in truth, you do not want to become too technologically advanced, or you will lose your self-sufficiency. Whatever technology is adequate to provide stability, security and to maintain freedom in your world would be sufficient if you can create it and sustain it. But if you want things from beyond the world and can be convinced that you need them and that you must have them for your safety, for your security, for your advancement or for your enrichment, then you have stepped over a boundary, a boundary that Knowledge would discourage you from passing over. You will feel the restraint of Knowledge here if you are sensitive to its presence.” – Life in the Universe, Chapter 10: The Power of Knowledge

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