Techniques as Gifts of Alien Technology

Warning: Technology is a Trojan Horse

The wisest source on extraterrestrial ways and means warns us:

Do not be in love with technology.” [1]

You cannot rely upon technology alone.”[2]

Once the world is exhausted, your technology will have little impact.”[2]

[1] Life in the Universe, 5: Technology and the Different Paths to Stability [2] Technology

Are there any exceptions?

What about gifts of skills, knowledge, insight and best practices? Are techniques a form of technology that might be like smallbox-infested gift blankets?

Training in seeing, exposure to a greater reality, demonstrations of mental acuity and perception that can be learned and strengthened like a muscle and communicated to others, these are gifts that enable human strengths–unity, self-sufficiency and discretion–to grow. The pertinent question to ask:

  • Is strength or weakness being enabled?

How to discern the true from the fool’s gold

How to find and follow what is most true and not a pig in a poke, how to develop accurate discernment to know the difference, with the least amount of trial and error, that is the question.

Massive upgrades in information and mental awareness are being offered most alluringly to meet all human needs with near miraculous results.

How to communicate this truth

Nothing persuades the individual more than their own personal testimony, their own experience the foundational evidence. When individuals congregate in shared experience, the individual might amass into a movement of whatever strength in numbers and focus can be generated.

Gradual, and ideally, continual

Anoher pertinent question to ask, to know if strength or weakness is being enabled:

  • Look for self-actualization and empowerment as opposed to dependency.

This makes all the difference between gifts or promises of alien technology and gifts of self-mastery from the transmission of skills, knowledge, insight and best practices.

The alien gift of a technique or understanding that is reliable will be the gift of a practice, a testable procedure that builds competence, reliably. Like learning to play music or any kind of physical endeavor, strength-building is gradual, based on application and effort of the individual and cultivating application and effort.

Warning: when personal development is narcissistic

dependence on technology

The most reliable sources warn of the intentions of the many races now making contact that play into our hopes, dreams and beliefs, encouraging all self-absorption to distract from their program of infiltration.

Too much information, not relevant: inward or past focused

There is a lot of information about past visitation or past incarnations or future prophecy that is simply an abundance of information, none of it very practical or applicable to our current position. Vast quantities of information are given as if to distract or confuse our attention from the immediate future that calls for our utmost focus and application.

Warning: to assess real limitations as starting point

The current situation is that we humans are making contact with real alien species from other planets, and handicapped in specific areas requiring skills we don’t have and awareness we could only receive from the most trusted source, yet are besieged by downloads of information and exposure to perspectives beyond anything now known in the mundane reality.

We will need skills and insight training to become more adept in the mental environment, to be able to discern forces for freedom and forces that don’t recognize freedom.

There are reliable sources in the universe to provide the necessary understanding and practical skills in the mental environment. It is only necessary that a certain number of the human population can develop along these lines, and the beauty is that the training is self-paced. Human leadership can then develop among individuals and uplift the whole through each individual life redeemed this way.

“Accomplishment in the Greater Community is not simply technology or the ability to travel from one world to another. That is all machinery. Accomplishment is the ability to develop real and meaningful relationships and communities. Although this is something that is even rare in the Greater Community, it has been achieved at very high levels.” What Will Save Humanity (March 30, 2008)

Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume I, Chapter 3: Greater Community
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2 thoughts on “Techniques as Gifts of Alien Technology

  • August 10, 2019 at 6:45 pm

    Wonderful and thought-provoking article. How much ‘technology’ is too much ‘technology’? I suspect it is when accepting this technology is selling humanity ‘down the river’. These rivers are ones that are being polluted by technology that we have accepted without thought about our responsibility to all those who draw from the waters and the children of the children who must rely on those waters in the future. I greatly appreciate the question: “Is strength or weakness being enabled?” We as a race will not survive the difficult times ahead unless we unite and grow much stronger internally. The Great Waves times ahead will be our testing grounds and the Trojan gifts of technology will only weaken humanity. What we need is the ability to look directly at the future we have created and “cow-girl up!” It won’t serve us to take gifts from visitors. We must grow stronger internally in order to work together toward a sustainable future of our own making.

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