The Meek Shall Inherit a Scorched Earth

To serve mankind: Heat up gradually

Abandon and neglect your children if you want to lose them.

To waste an inheritance, spend it faster than you replenish it.

The human race behaves as if dead set on relinquishing responsibility for a sustainable habitation on Earth. As if helpless to check our appetite for consumption, we keep throwing fuel into the engine of war, upsetting ecosystems for short-term gain and wasting resources for the sake of convenience and desire for luxury.

The meek shall inherit a planet overrun by competition for increasingly scarce resources. What did we expect to happen?

Do not go gently into strong headwinds of Great Change

To be meek is not to be like sheep. This cannot be what is being recommended in the Bible when it says,  “The meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.” The kind of meekness I imagine here is self-control, restraint, providence, foresight, sobriety, respect, with a dash of self-abasement.

A bunny can outwit, outhop and outrun a sheep

In Native American lore, rabbits signify prosperity, abundance, wealth, along with the shadow side of wealth, the illusion of security, the seduction of ease and plenty: the fear of loss, the torpor of comfort, the pathologies associated with privilege and a culture encouraging preferential thinking. Rabbits appear as tricksters, such as Brer Rabbit.

A sheep could not contend with the cunning mind of the rabbit, who is just a tad more focused and intentional. A sheep would not last long after inheriting the Earth. It is time to realize the trickster rabbit (like the Frog Prince) presents the opportunity to have your wits tested. Are you prepared for a test?

be afraid

Be afraid as a nervous bunny

Be afraid of negligence and complacency. Take care to examine for self-deception that leads to the shadow side of meek: passive to circumstances, allowing all , tolerating all. The Allies of Humanity speak to this trait found in sensitive souls. They can be avoidant and idealistic, a recipe for procrastination, manifesting denial.

Be realistic and take care of the small things before they escalate. Be afraid and be vigilant. Beware “the little foxes that spoil the vines.” (Song of Solomon 2:15 NKJV)

The truly meek–not the toxic imitators–face their fears

Monitor the perimeter of your domain. Keep a vigilant eye for signs of intruders and interlopers. Notice the general climate of the world and where it is going. Take practical action each day to protect against unexpected events.

Just enough fear and you can mend fences, put out the fires when they are small.

Look to see where you place your faith

Where do you invest your time?
What are your routines that are firm?

What do your habits depend on?

For every human, having a spiritual nature in a human body is a crisis that must be managed, somehow or another. To identify whether it is fear, shame or anger which is the main driver for any individual, their Enneagram gives a clue.

The three Enneagram Triads are the Heart Triad (2,3 & 4), the Head Triad (5, 6, & 7), and the Gut Triad (8, 9, & 1), and each Triad is motivated by either shame, fear, or anger.

Enneagram Triads on

The long game: How the meek shall inherit what is left of the Earth

There is a practice that overcomes all three–shame, fear and anger. That is how the meek shall inherit the Earth. They practice the antidote for the error behind all other sin and error: that is the sin of impatience. The meek are here for the long game and practice patience, and that is how they will inherit the Earth. The meek, if they lean too much into the shadow of self-abnegation, will inherit an Earth dominated by totalitarian regimes.

The Ancestor Song Nynke Laverman

More than one kind of fear

Do not think that the acquisition of possessions, wealth, people, power will really satisfy anything within yourself.

Deaaling with Anger and Frustration

There is the fear of loss, there is fear of rejection, there is fear of failure. There is the fear of not having enough or not being enough. The coping responses involve a lot of bluster–clear evidence of false modesty that covers wounded, elevated expectations for self-accomplishment. The anxiety driving Enneagram numbers 5, 6, 7 is useful to the Intervention as a wedge to divide humans and foster hope in rescue from above.

The fear of failure to accomplish what you set out to do in life is what drives the shame-based (Enneagram 2, 3, 4) in a vicious cycle of the self-abnegation that is the more toxic form of meekness–it is hell, and it is inherited. It can be fatal, in the form of suicide. I often wonder how much the narrative where the hero is crucified contributes to self-defeating behavior, like it’s a good thing to shoot yourself in the foot.

YOUR TRUE WILL. If you are not feeling this, it means that you are entertaining something that is false and without true foundation in your being.

Steps to Knowledge, Step 27

PEOPLE CANNOT EXPERIENCE KNOWLEDGE because they are preoccupied with thoughts and judgments. These thoughts and judgments create a self-enclosed world for an individual, a self enclosed world where they cannot see out. They can only see the content of their thoughts and this colors their experience of life entirely, so much so that they cannot see life at all.

Steps to Knowledge
, Step 27

Enneagram numbers 8, 9, and 1 especially are encouraged to watch the first public airing of the teaching on Dealing with Anger and Frustration that aired live on Monday, August 1, 2022, at 6:00pm Mountain Daylight Time.

live on Monday, August 1, 2022, at 6:00pm Mountain Daylight Time
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