No More Waiting for Disclosure

If you’re still waiting for disclosure

Well, for those who are waiting for disclosure, as Dr. Garry Nolan of Stanford U. Medicine suggests below, consider it an I.Q. test.

tldr; see u/danisanub’s concise summary of key points from this interview on Reddit.

Dr. Garry Nolan packs so much information in this brief interview, it is a “must listen,” not merely for his academic credentials but for how clearly he demonstrates how he earned those credentials and what he earns in return, not only in monetary gain but in exemplary practice of the use of the human mind.

Does he have to draw you a picture?

(Or take one on an iPhone?) He echoes Marshall Vian Summers asking, “Can’t you just see this for what it is?”

Can you see what’s in front of you for what it is? Who amongst you is intelligent enough to know what you are looking at?

Excerpts from Dr. Garry Nolan’s talk at the NYC iConnections SALT Event:

Q: Do you believe aliens have visited Earth?

A: “Haven’t just visited, still here. People talk about the Wow! signal, look for extraterrestrial intellignence. The Wow! signal is that people see it on an almost regular basis. That’s the communication that’s already here.”

Personally, he’s “100%” convinced of this.

Q: Based on what evidence?

A: What the government is doing [as the call from U.S. citizens waiting for official disclosure grows more fretful and alienated]:

  • The National Defense Authorization Act enacted December 2022 established a UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomena) office to investigate the extent of harm to individuals and the extent of the government “disinformation and misinformation” campaign from 1945.
  • 12 Senators endorse the AARO (All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, under the Department of Defense) with provision for “whistleblowers” to break confidentiality to testify about their observations in a classified briefing before the U.S. Congress.
  • His own association with people who have convinced him they are working on reverse technology of downed craft.

Q:  If the technology is so sophisticated, why is it crashing?

A: Dr. Nolan reframes the question–what is crashing are automatons–the entities accompanying the craft are “disposible.” By way of analogy he asks, would you go into the Amazon to visit the cannibals? Or would you send a drone?

And further, he says, we are not very advanced as a species but we do have artificial intelligence. A species that is more sophisticated technologically need only send beings made for that purpose.

Q: What has Dr. Nolan learned about the materials recovered from downed craft?

A: He is 100% confident that material does exist.

What skilled observers have seen on their instruments defies the known laws of physics–objects traveling from 50 feet in altitude to 14 miles and back in less than a second. These confirmed sightings require us to “rethink physics”

Dr. Nolan, who is “always looking for the opportunity,” considers how humans observed birds in flight for thousands of years before attaining flight ourselves.

Q.: What is it visiting our skies? Does he have a working hypothesis?

A: A practical scientist exploiting commercial prospects for advanced technology, Nolan’s mantra is “have no conclusions.” Data is convincing to a scientist; conclusions are not, he says, and further:

If we agree the data is real, the onus is no longer on me, it’s also on you.

Believe the data, not the conclusion.

The cutting edge of disclosure: discernment and discretion

The mind trained to do science and motivated to do applied science has made a commitment to treat all ideas as hypotheses and to grant them as much validity as is useful. Dr. Nolan takes an academic approach to religion, along with his associate Dr. Diana Pasulka.

This objectivity regards personal revelation or divine revelation with a grain of salt. But it is not the same as the anti-intellectualism characteristic of the Pacification Program. Consider the perspective of the Allies of Humanity on the difference between knowing what you don’t know and not wanting to know what you do know:

There are already many people who have fallen prey to this, either by their own inclinations or by outside influence. Here people are led to believe that they can not really judge anything. “Well, I don’t want to be negative. I’ll be open to it.” Who told them to be open to it? “I’ll be open to whatever happens.” Who told them to be open to whatever happens? People’s critical discernment is being destroyed. So something happens and they say, “Well, you know, I don’t want to judge the situation.” What are you talking about! You need to evaluate what is happening. These people think they cannot be critical. “Well, I can’t really be critical. I don’t want to be negative.” Well, it may be necessary to speak out and say that something is really not appropriate. But these people can’t even do that. People who have been affected by this Pacification Program cannot even make a decision. They cannot look at anything and say, “Well, this is a good thing,” or “This is really not a good thing for me.” So they welcome everything, thinking that is how you must be with life. (The Allies of Humanity Book Two, Second Commentary: Effects of the Pacification Program)







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