What Happens During An Alien Abduction?

“Some have been taken against their will aboard craft–alien craft. It is a phenomenon that has only recently been discovered and researched, but it is a worldwide phenomenon. It is being done to breed a new leadership for humanity for the future. Should the Intervention prove to be successful, individuals will be in place, appearing to be humankind but dedicated and connected to the Intervention itself. Others are taken to be reconditioned, to be turned to support the Intervention and its plans and goals for humanity. It is one of the great dangers facing the human family at this time, a great danger that very few people in the world are even aware of.” — The New Message from God

Have You Or Someone You Know Been Abducted?

What if we told you that forces from a hostile country abducted your neighbors last night, performed invasive medical procedures, and your government was doing nothing about it.

You would be outraged! You would demand action! And yet, very few of us are even aware that alien abductions are taking place. Why is this?

Alien abductions have been going on for decades. The pattern is almost always the same:

  • People are taken in the night, often on dark nights when the moon is not in the sky.
  • They feel compelled to follow or do certain things, almost as if they have no control over their own minds.
  • To their shock and horror, medical procedures are performed on them, mostly on their reproductive system.
  • Memories and feelings of aliens doing this for their own good are implanted in the abduction victims. Aliens often reference environmental collapse as a reason.
  • People are brainwashed into believing that this is a very positive and spiritual experience. They are made to feel special.
  • Sometimes, entire families are taken — even children.

An abductee narrates his experience, expert witness David Jacobs notes patterns.

Are You Beginning To See The Problem Here?

The very victims of these abductions — people who have been violated against their will — are made to feel as though it was a good thing. The trauma of the experience is real and exists within the deepest reaches of their mind. On the surface, however, they fiercely believe that they benefited from it.
It’s a neat little arrangement, but not one in our favor. The ability to manipulate thought and feelings on the mental level is the greatest tool and advantage the aliens have over us.
alien races interfering

Abduction victims become the strongest advocates for alien intervention in humanity’s affairs. The notion that we need a foreign alien power to guide us into a better future is strongly implanted in their minds.

Unwittingly, they become supporters of the very forces that threaten our freedom and sovereignty.

According to the Allies of Humanity Briefings and the New Message about alien contact, abductions are a very common scenario in worlds that are emerging into the Greater Community of life. They are naive, vulnerable, and simply do not have the capacity to understand what is happening. A perfect opportunity that unethical groups of aliens exploit to their own advantage.

“For the vast majority of people in your world, the Intervention will be unknown and completely hidden. Yet for those who become aware of it, either because they have been taken, or because they have witnessed evidence of the Intervention in your world, these individuals will either be encouraged to believe and to support the Intervention or they will be cast aside and tormented by it” — The Allies of Humanity

Why Abductions Are Happening

According to the best analysis we have, alien abductions are occurring for four primary reasons:

  • An alien-hybrid race is being created. That’s why there’s so much focus on people’s reproductive systems and children. These hybrids look and sound just like us, but they have an allegiance to their alien creators.  Because of their alien genetics, they have tremendous ability in the mental environment (telepathy) — just like aliens do. Why go through all the trouble? Aliens cannot easily live in our atmosphere. Earth viruses and bacteria are huge problems for them. Hybrids have no such difficulties. They will be placed in positions of power in governments, large businesses, and religious institutions — the power behind the throne.
  • They are studying us to better understand how we can be manipulated. This was especially true in the earlier days of alien abductions. People’s psychological, emotional, ethical and religious impulses were probed to determine which levers would be effective in controlling us. They have succeeded.
  • They need a propaganda machine within the human family. Victims of abductions, once properly “programmed”, are the perfect advocates for aliens on Earth. These so-called “experiencers” are made to believe that aliens are here to save us from ourselves. This is a trojan horse. By weakening our belief in the human spirit and our ability as a race to be self-ruling and self-determining, aliens are undermining our freedom and sovereignty in a subtle and insidious way. 
  • Our biological parts are valuable commodities on the black market. This is the fact that no one wants to talk about. And yet, it is sadly true. In a universe of mostly barren worlds, biochemical parts and fluids are extremely valuable. They can be used in cloning and medical procedures. Outrageous? Yes, but consider how we treat our animals. A cow is just a combination of walking, breathing, living body parts that are useful to us. This is why some alien abductees never return. According to the Allies of Humanity, this is considered a crime in this region of space but there’s a demand for biological parts and fluids on the local black market.

What You Can Do About It

“You have to speak out against the abduction of people against their will.” — The Allies of Humanity

The alien agenda cannot succeed if enough people are aware of what aliens are doing here. Their plan depends upon stealth and secrecy. You have the power to change this. You have the power to oppose them, in spite of what aliens would like to have us believe. They would like nothing better than for us to feel powerless in their midst.

Aliens have seriously underestimated the power and strength of the human family.

It all begins with you.

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One thought on “What Happens During An Alien Abduction?

  • September 29, 2019 at 1:36 pm

    I am a UFO-alien researcher and spiritual medium of many years, a unique combination, who has almost been abducted more than once. Around the turn of the century, when posting and receiving awards in a now defunct UFO forum (FTTOUFO) that was led by an abductee named Ed (and debating unofficial disinformation agents), I had the experience of a typical Reticulan/Zetan paralysis beam that is a precursor to an abduction. The aliens were obviously monitoring the site and what I posted. No surprise there. What had happened is that one morning the paralysis beam came into my bedroom through the crack in my window shade, bounced off the large mirror in front of me and into my face. Being a light sleeper and with my eyes closed, I saw the brightest white light (not The Light on the Other Side or a channeled light) in my life. To my astonishment, I opened my eyes and didn’t experience any paralysis, but was only slightly dazed. I hypothesized that the mirror weakened the impact of the beam. Perhaps I also have unusual immunity due to my many years of spiritual training (HCR/God Yoga regularly since 1981). Since then I devised a practical approach in avoiding a Zetan-alien abduction that I would like to share:


    The Reticulan Empire, based out of the Zeta 2 Reticuli System, uses Terra as one of their farms. They have others. Various abductees have asked their captors the reason behind their interest. The response, typically from Zetan-Greys, has been that “where we live is rich in raw genetic material.” Yeah…a farm.

    The Reticulan Empire cannot be defeated with advanced physically based technology. They outgun us and out-produce us in a galactic empire. We tried this before, around twelve thousand years ago, in the war between the atomic nation of Atala (more commonly called Atlantis) and the Anunnaki (Zetan-Reptilians). Atala tried to end the harvesting and subjugation. The Anunnaki unleashed their far more powerful antimatter weapons.

    Gravity-wave propulsion and antimatter weapons are explained by a former governmental insider, physicist, and engineer, in his low-budget yet insightful documentary from 1991:

    The nuclear war not only ended Atala (what we now think of as Antarctica, which used to be tropical)…

    …but also caused widespread earthquakes and The Great Flood which is documented in various ancient cultures.

    The nuclear holocaust also did something else: it hurled Terra out of the Sol System and into deep space, where we have remained for thousands of years. To save the alien farm that the Reticulans did not create (and they fear The Intelligent Designer who did manifest it eventually showing up), the Zetans used their advanced antimatter reactor technology and constructed an artificial star.


    They also constructed an artificial moon to serve as a battle and monitoring station. A discreet governmental insider commented that the far side of the moon “looks like Manhattan.” They also have many underground cities.

    That’s the gist of what is happening.


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