What Will Our Children Say?

After we have passed the world as it is on to the next generation, what will their children wish to say to us? What will they wish to ask us?

After the deluge

What will my child’s children have to say?

When the children of the Twenty-First Century look back to our pre-deluvian times, what will they say about our planning and execution at this critical time in our history?

To imagine the children born in this century, looking back at us, is finally and forevermore to seek their forgiveness.

I examine myself to prepare myself for questions like:

When did you see the catastrophe to come?

I want to face that child not only to answer, when did we see the Great Changes to come, but the greater question,

How did you respond?

For many people perhaps we had to find other people who recognized the terrible strength and power of the Great Waves of change already building in the world. Perhaps it was a dedicated teacher of some kind–I remember my homeroom teacher in 1969 as this kind of influence who made it very clear that human actions were putting the planet at risk.

Perhaps some of us formed committees and joined movements or rallies; some majored in Earth Sciences or Astrophysics. We wanted to know, and the desire to know brought us together.

For the record

When did we see and know that the forces of the Great Waves of change were now upon us and how did we respond? The exposition of the forces converging to make this a perilous threshold for humankind is most comprehensively handled–in terms of social and physical environments–in the book, The Great Waves of Change, published in 2009.

in the earliest months of the COVID-19 pandemic, we looked to that material to get a grip as the pandemic interrupted the normal. Yet many months later, even now, people look for a “return to normal.” It has been gradual among all of us, the seeing and knowing.

When best case scenario is awful

When that future generation asks me, what can I say about seeing the risk of a major extinction event for our species? I will remember my own reluctance to accept the likelihood of immense tragedy. I won’t forget how long I kept a positive outlook.

What took me beyond mere hopefulness was seeing further, seeing that a survival in a terribly constrained world was a good possibility, and seeing the real possibility of alien takeover, once I gave up preferential thinking.

Did you get “astro-depression”?

Source: Introduction to LIfe in the Universe

What will we say, when our children ask what happened when we saw that humans were an endangered species, ripe for gambling away sovereignty over our planet.

When our children ask, what were we doing when we saw the risk their world would not be habitable?

How do we live so that our children say “thank you” for seeing what was happening and taking every action that we took to mitigate disaster? First to be aware of the contribution we each are making to a future that we have collectively created, and then to live as conscientiously as the awareness of the weight of every individual contribution would require.

what must our children say

Think of the children of the world and what they are going through? What do they really need? Who’s there to provide this them? Think of their future. Someone needs to help them prepare.


Hear this Voice of Revelation say what’s needed to help children prepare for their future, streaming now at the time of publication of this post.

 “ If things were hopeless, the New Message from God would not have been given.”

Marshall Vian Summers, 2/19/2022
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