We Will Choose Whom To Serve

How are we not going to be tricked into becoming the servants of alien overlords?

Whom you align with, you serve.

If, let us say, developed nations in the world found some little tribe in the recesses of the jungles who were sitting on tons of gold or other kinds of minerals, or had vast forests full of valuable woods, do you think that the advanced nations would not intervene, particularly if they felt these resources were going to waste? Or how about if the natives were cutting down all the trees because they liked the sunlight or they wanted to grow their own food? Well, the nations of the world would be in there doing everything they could to get the resources, either legally or illegally. That is what human nations would do. Do you think they would sit by and let the natives just despoil or neglect what they have? Of course not. Well, if the land is of no value to the powerful nations, sure, give them their reservation. But if they are sitting on $100 million in gold, that would not be a reservation.

Your world is viewed like that by your visitors and by others in the universe who see this precious little world and this race of relatively destructive beings destroying its natural resources and violating its natural laws. Do you think this would not produce an Intervention? Some people think, “Well, of course, they would come and ask permission to be here and our nations, our governments would work out a deal.” Oh, my God! Are you kidding? What would happen instead is that those intervening races would establish a plan of intervention and integration because they want to preserve the human workforce. They cannot live in your world. They will have you do all the work. Get the natives to mine the gold. Just like what has happened in your world. Do you think the natives’ permission is needed? Well, maybe they’ll find a way to induce you to give your permission, but they are going to get what they want. In your situation in the world today, your visitors are going to get what they want unless you stop them. And the way you are going to stop them is not merely by using technology. It is by intelligence and by cunning. And by cooperation in the human family.

The first step in counteracting the Intervention is awareness, but the awareness really is a big threshold because of people’s fear, anxiety and failed idealism. Can you face your own fear? Can you face your own vulnerability? Can you face the fact that perhaps you have been really wrong in your assessment of the situation, if you have given it any thought at all? People may say, “Well, ok, we get the awareness. Now what’s the next thing?” Ha! They don’t see that the awareness is really big!

The Allies of Humanity Book Two, First Commentary: The Problem of Human Denial

There is an answer to our dilemma, we the native people of Earth, in our encounter with the reality of alien intelligences, when they and not we are informed in the ways of commerce in the universe. We can avoid indenturing ourselves to their interests.

There is a way to maintain our personal sovereignty. This news is the remarkable and transformative message conveyed by the New Message from God:

We are at risk.

Yet now we are supported and guided to find our own strength and determination.

There is a part of us that is sound and reliable.

Learn to follow the deeper Intelligence that the Creator of all life has given to you, which is called Knowledge—a deeper Mind, a deeper awareness, a deeper current within yourself, a true direction, a true orientation. 


Many voices will appeal to our deepest self

Many voices from the universe will speak to our longest-held beliefs and will bring what seem to be universal truths. How will we know they serve our true needs at this time in human evolution, on the precipice of contact with extraterrestrial life among us? How to test the voices?

The most universal truth, it turns out, will not be a synthesis of everything we already agree upon. It is not based on laws that we have already discovered, like the Golden Rule or karma.

Be aware whom you serve

The truth for our time, it turns out, is revolutionary. It will turn everything upside down and still be perfectly in line with the most ancient human wisdom.

You do not need to be enlightened, but you do need to be prepared. You do not need to be perfect, but you do need to be able to function at a higher level. You will not resolve all issues from the past, but you will gradually gain immunity from them. You will not be able to have everything you want, but you will have what you truly need. And that will be more than enough.

What Really Matters

Whom you unite with, you serve

If we “learn to follow the deeper Intelligence … a deeper Mind, a deeper awareness, a deeper current within yourself, a true direction, a true orientation,” we find our true North. We find what we can commit our lives to nurture like a seed sown. Our destiny, the thing in the world calling for our attention, demands our commitment. What will save our race from predatory inducements is to be aware whom you serve and unite with.

“If you can follow this deeper current, this deeper voice, this deeper Presence within you, it will take you to marriage. Whether you are married to one person in the traditional sense, whether you be married to a religious community, whether you be married to a group of people who are doing something important in the world, you must become part of something greater to be greater yourself. Ultimately, who you are is what you are united with.” 

“Marriage here is more inclusive than you might think, for not everyone in this life will be married to another person in the traditional sense, and that is appropriate. But everyone has the opportunity to marry something, to marry a greater relationship, to unite with others to serve a greater purpose, to become greater by being part of something greater, for there are no great individual.”


To see the alternative, read the chapter on Families and Genetic Manipulation from Life in the Universe by Marshall Vian Summers to imagine losing all choice in whom you serve and unite with.

For more quotes like the ones below from the revelation titled, “Marriage,” attend on Monday, April 25, 2022, the release of this revelation. Learn how our deepest security and defense against predatory inducements is fundamental to our deepest nature and endowment.

“First, you must become married to Knowledge. It is your first and primary responsibility.”

“Take the Steps to Knowledge. This is the beginning. This is really building the capital of your life, the real assets of your life”

“You must continue to go where Knowledge takes you. “

“Knowledge within you is not swayed …, for it is only swayed by God, and it will take you where you need to go if you can follow it.” 

“Your greater purpose here is to unite with others, to serve in a unique way, to meet certain needs in life and certain needs of others and certain needs of the world. Your union with another, if it is authentic, will have this orientation.”  

“You will meet others along the way who will demonstrate to you that there really is a greater purpose within relationships. As you gain a higher vantage point on the mountain, you will be able to see what you never could have seen below, circumscribed by the forests and the hills.” 

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