Whom to Trust?

Do you think the universe is full of enlightened beings?

How can you be so foolish to think these things?

Do you think other races are fascinated with humanity, as if your idiosyncracies are just a delight to other races?

Do you really believe that advanced technology liberates you from having to survive in a competitive environment and having to gain access to resources?”

New Message on Life in the Universe (September 3, 2007)

Perhaps you trust you’re right where you need to be? Such notions are based in implicit trust in the innate goodness of the universe. Such blind faith, believing all will be well and all things are good, disables discernment regarding the reality of alien influence and the question whom to trust.

Who are the Allies of Humanity and why does this matter?

Life in the universe must be imagined to be as competitive as life on Earth. We have been tuning out the ever increasing volume of warning signs and consequences to pay, spoiled by the apparent domestication of all opposition on Earth .

Allies would not arrive here with a message that all is well, if they truly respected our intelligence and willingness to face reality.

Our allies wish for us to thrive and to progress.

Allies recognize that for them to interfere would be to encourage dependency, a poor trade if we trade away our self-responsibility. For where it goes, freedom goes with it.

“No race will come and establish freedom for you. No race will come and elevate your technology for you. No race will come and manage your world for you. Not for you. This is the truth that must be recognized, or you will not understand what you are facing.

Allies of Humanity Book Four, Briefing 5: The Great Coordination

Allies are forces for the ultimate good.

Allies of Humanity have spiritual alliance with forces for good. They have understandings with the higher powers surrounding our neighborhood in the universe, their connections in the networks of the wise much more vast.

Allies warn their neighbors of danger

An ally is a trustworthy source of information.

Our allies are standing by with clarity and sobriety through a time of urgent distress among humanity, encouraging us to be resilient and resourceful, self-reliant and not prey to inducement.

They are wise enough not to interfere with you directly, and they maintain their surveillance in such a way that their physical presence is not made manifest.

Wisdom from the Greater Community Volume II, Chapter 17: Visitors’ Perceptions of Humanity

Allies do not come visiting in secret, without disclosing their presence.

So we may know whom to trust,

our allies are not physically present at this time.

To assist us our discernment among the many voices in the universe: Among all who are here, only our allies are not here in the physical. Our Allies have vacated our region to make very clear one way to know whom to trust.

Allies do not come for plunder.

They are not here for commerce, conquest, manipulation, goods or services.

“We are not here to use your resources or to take from you what you possess. We do not seek to establish humanity as a client state or as a colony for our own uses. Instead, we wish to foster strength and wisdom within humanity because we support this throughout the Greater Community.”

The Allies of Humanity Book One, First Briefing: The Extraterrestrial Presence in the World Today

Allies do not come visiting allies for their own self-defense.

The Allies of Humanity will sacrifice their own lives on our behalf, the short-term cost to those individuals given for a greater gain for generations.

The Allies of humanity are driven by a greater incentive.

The Allies of Humanity are here

  • to cultivate humanity’s education,
  • to support humanity without direct interference.
  • to see that it is our own resiliency and determination that must be strengthened–like a muscle, through practice, and not by extraordinary means that only lead to dependency

Preparation for our contact with the Greater Community begins with awareness, education, and Knowledge, our spiritual Mind.” 

12-Point Summary of the Allies of Humanity Briefings, Point #11.
1.Who you are, 2. Why you are here, 3. Whom you must meet, 4. What you must do.

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