Your Secret Mission

A secret you don’t even know

It’s that nagging feeling there is something you are supposed to do in life.

You are like a ship carrying a secret cargo not to be disclosed until more certain of reaching its destination. Your mission in life a secret not to be revealed ahead of delivery,

The Calling that will call out of you that which you cannot call out of yourself. The Resonance that must come from the Source of life, a resonance that you are naturally attached to and in relationship with. The Confirmation that will bring your life into perspective, finally, giving it the right context, the right meaning and its true application in a changing and difficult world.

The Confirmation

Perhaps you think no one noticed this sense of a secret you keep about you–perhaps you’ve gotten used to ignoring it–the place inside you where you sense your “True North.” Perhaps you have had an experience that was life-changing, or you have looked back over your life and found the thread that makes sense of it all. Whatever made you feel isolated and distinctive, this secret sense of mission makes you feel special, maybe especially protected.

With this deep sense of mission, you feel special

For most of us, in this place that doesn’t think, is a strong determination and commitment to life. It might bring with it a sense of entitlement, high regard for self, as well as a sense of being well guarded against calamity. All these attitudes are kept secret from our day to day consciousness. They might be viewed as ignorant and arrogant or narcissistic..

Divinely sent

“True North”

A sense of Presence, like a sense of being recognized from within.
This sense that there is a Presence that abides with us like a fundamental source of security, if you think about it, goes to the heart of your most essential relationship, your relationship with God.

Implicitly, we take that feeling and create a cosmology out of it. Yet it is a “cosmology” that hardly extends beyond our own concerns. It is all about being on a mission, or maybe it’s all about the perks that come with being among the elect, the chosen, the sent.

This kind of thinking might be most often found in the “People of the Book,” the peoples of Earth who live in cultures where one of the Abrahamic religions have flourished. It does look like a recipe for true narcissism, entitled self-importance and, I would say, a distortion of the concept of freedom making it license to do what one wills.

It’s called “antropocentrism” when it’s all of humankind

How anthropocentric is humanity as a race?

  • We do not realize we have been studied.
  • We are in denial about the reality of the alien presence.
  • We expect to be rescued from the consequences of ignoring limits–limits to growth, limited resources.
  • Deep down, we feel too precious to waste and also entitled to protection from above, as if chosen or greatest among all species.

Throughout history, humanity has made covenants with God, often thinking that it is God’s Covenant that they are creating.

God’s Ancient Covenant with Humanity

We can look within ourselves to find this same degree of ego-centrism.

It is important to become aware of our limits, and we needed a perspective beyond our own to see how the belief in ourselves as divinely appointed has been observed and found useful for manipulation by the Intervention. We needed to be warned that aliens are physically present in our world, are physically real and bringing their own agenda in coming to our planet, so rich in resources and in distress.

Redemption is fulfillment

If this sense of mission is true, it will find fulfillment–it must find fulfillment. Otherwise it is only the posturing of a false, inflated sense of self.

It doesn’t seem that way, however. This “True North” that drives you from within, towards something that you can sometimes almost taste and feel. It seems truer than true, more real than real.

People want to have a concrete understanding, but God is mysterious. And what God has put within you to follow is mysterious. And while you are in the world, your greater life beyond the world is mysterious.

Therefore, the Mystery is a fundamental and essential part of your life, greater than you currently realize. It stands as the greater aspect of your reality. It represents your origin and your destiny beyond this world, the mystery of your relationships, the deeper inclinations, the mystery of the power of Knowledge, the greater Intelligence that the Creator has given to you, which is waiting to be discovered.

God’s Ancient Covenant with Humanity

Many have been called for this time

Now through the Briefings of the Allies of Humanity and other works delivered by Marshall Summers, we have a good picture of the magnitude of what we are dealing with. At least, we begin to learn to adjust the aperture of the lens through which we perceive our world and the universe beyond.

Now we find that sense of self-importance that needed to be kept secret within oneself is a match for these times requiring a great sense of a foundation in life and of responsibility to life. We take a longer view now and see that we live not for our own gratification but as links in a chain of existence. See how this passage opens the aperture as wide as the universe and as close as your innermost being.

While human ethics and covenants have varied and human understanding has evolved, God has created a sacred Covenant with humanity. This Covenant has not really changed, so it is not correct to say that it is new though it may be new to your understanding. For the Covenant was established long before this world existed, long before there was a human race, long before there was a human history. The Covenant was established at the beginning of time, at the emergence of the Separation at the beginning of the physical universe. It is applicable not only to human beings, but to the billions and billions and billions of other races in the universe that are also part of Creation.

The Covenant is so essential and so fundamental to your nature, your Being and your purpose in the world that it can be overlooked or missed. For people’s creation of a covenant with God has to do with their circumstances, their temperament, their history and how they perceive their future and their situation in life. But God’s Covenant is far beyond this, for it has to be true in countless situations, in countless different races, in countless different worlds because the God of your world is also the God of the Greater Community of life in the universe.

The sacred Covenant is fundamental to all life. It was not specifically created for humanity, for there are countless races in the universe. It was not aligned to one specific religion or religious understanding, for there are countless religions in the universe.

That is why God’s New Revelation is so very new because it takes you beyond the boundaries of this one world, opening you to the panorama of life in countless forms because who you are and where you have come from accounts for all of Creation, not simply one little aspect of it.

God’s Ancient Covenant with Humanity

Recall again the Powers of Ten video from the previous post and consider how the covenant must hold true for all races in all dimensions.

The Covenant, then, is not a Covenant with one people, or one nation, or one period of history, or one religion, or one part of the world. It is not tied to human philosophy, ethics or understanding. It is more fundamental than this. It must hold true in all dimensions for all races of beings who are living in Separation in the physical reality.

The Covenant, then, in one sense is very simple, but to live it and to live according to it requires great care. It requires real self-honesty. It requires a deeper discernment and a careful consideration of one’s life and the lives of others.

God’s Ancient Covenant with Humanity
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