Humanity Receives New Message About Alien Contact

“The New Message from God tells us that we are emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life in the universe, that the world is being infiltrated by forces from beyond that oppose human freedom, and that we are facing Great Waves of environmental and economic change in the world which will create a future that will be unlike the past. It is these three great events which people and nations are unprepared for and that is why there is a New Message from God in the world.” — Marshall Vian Summers

At great turning points in history, one is sent to receive and deliver a message which has the power to alter the course of human destiny. Buddha, Jesus and Muhammed were all such Messengers. The unprecedented challenges facing humanity has called a New Message into the world.

Who else but God could prepare us for the reality of alien life? Humanity is facing worldwide economic, political, and agricultural collapse. This is the most important time in human history and a New Message is in the world to help guide us through it.Marshall Vian Summers

Marshall was illuminated as a young man through his contact with nature. In 1982, at the age of 33, he was called into the desert of the American Southwest and told to “record”. He had no idea what this would be. He only knew to trust the Angelic Voice. Thus began a decades long journey of receiving a message that would, in time, be revealed to be a New Message from God.

9,000 Pages Received

At over 9,000 pages in length, it is the greatest message ever received. The actual Voice of the Angelic Assembly has been recorded. Unlike previous Revelations, there will be no confusion or corruption with this one.

Open your heart and mind to the possibility. Listen to this genuine recording. You are hearing the Voice of the Angels speaking as One. This Revelation, entitled Preparing for the Greater Community (read the entire Revelation here), was received on April 15th 2011. It talks about how humanity must prepare for the aliens who have long been preparing for us:



The New Message calls for human unity, cooperation, and caution with regards to our dealings with alien life. It explains that the universe is a difficult place to live. Technological civilizations are all competing for a limited amount of finite resources. Freedom is rare. It also highlights that this is our greatest opportunity to outgrow our difficult history and become the magnificent race we are meant to be.

“People do not see and they do not understand the power of these times to alter the fate of humanity.” — The Importance of the Greater Community

To progress, we must first survive. The New Message from God has the information we need to help move humanity into a new direction. This message is for people of all faith traditions and people with no faith tradition. It is for the entire human family.

Sustained contact with alien life is the most difficult threshold a race can face. Aliens are here now. This is the world we have all come to serve. The Messenger walks the Earth.

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7 thoughts on “Humanity Receives New Message About Alien Contact

  • August 21, 2015 at 6:54 pm

    Thank you, this is a great message. One have known since I was a child. We all need to wake up! This is our world, our planet. It is of great importance that we gain understanding and quit fighting amongst ourselves. Do not live in fear. Learn, grow and see what’s going on around you. They are already here, researching and watching. Soon they will be revealed. We will have to learn new things. Prepare for changes… I’m glad for this message to be made public. But, as HE said… We are already slipping. Too much time has past, let the sleepers awake.

  • August 22, 2015 at 6:41 am

    Dear Marshall

    I enjoyed you taking the lollipop out of my hand in one of your lectures if you’ll call it that. I personally agree with your angle on a lot of what you’ve said, coming from a fairly isolated background in terms of extra terrestrial realization and thought, except for movies and growing online communities who I’m sure I need to be just as discerning with as I would ET’s.. This aside, I thought I’d write to you to commend you on your work and communications that you’ve established, even if it where all just rattle in your own mind (not saying it was) but you made sense. I can relate to the situations you talked about as though they where my own to be completely honest and that’s what I’ve heart felt love about speeches like yours and even just simple conversation with people who have an interest. I’d like to share some of my own story with you because I genuinely feel that I have something worth sharing and hopefully one day contribute to the grand picture like yourself from my own dabbles with extra terrestrials and all that is existential. My whole life I’ve spent countless time staring into space in the void of my own mind and the space around our planet too from being captivated by stars, dreams and possibilities from such a young age. Whilst spending my elementary years quite petrified of ET’s coming out of my closet or turning my bedroom a glowing, deafening and completely immobilizing green color to abduct me for genetic research etc, I eventually grew through this period of fear. Later in my life a lot had changed, I was still religious and spent much time staring into space romanticizing the possibilities of our own existence and future exploration, what worlds are beyond and of course what kind of life is out there!? I believe people of our generations are ultimately primed for this function of thought thanks to the sheer number of believable science fiction stories and media of varying kinds portraying a life so different and exciting from the mundane existence we’re conditioned into. Again much later in life, the reality begins dawning on me as an adult as to how mundane, unsustainable and frankly, hostile the environment we’ve constructed and conditioned ourselves into really is, the reality has also dawned on me that there’s infinite life in the universe so chances of us encountering ET’s or UFO’s are greatly likely, as such, I begin staring more intently into the stars, I find myself in the outback or on a mountain top practically praying for salvation, ironically this is the period religion became dead to me. Post 2012 spirituality kicks up a gear, previous years had revealed to me the empathy, comradery, heart, soul, mortality. Now some more time’s past & things have now become the kind of interesting that I’d anticipated for so long, which of course dawned a new degree of realization, that is the severity of the nature I’m becoming aware of, the depth of its power and weakness related to our own & the responsibility I hold toward maintaining this as a human being. Subsequently I was drawn to new teachers of the new dawn and I became my own as I listened more intently now too, I’m now becoming proficient in things I never had been before, from sustainability, confidence to talking clearly. Since 2012 I have seen with my own eyes countless UFO’s, not satellites or planes or jets of any kind, but legitimate UFO encounters, from a vast distance of course. Since then I and most likely everyone else in the internet community has seen footage from retired air force officials and astronauts coming out about their encounters too and suddenly the veil has been lifted, but only momentarily I feel until we’ve conveniently put it back kind of loosely on top as if to imply we’re capable of understanding now that we aren’t alone but we aren’t ready to integrate such awareness with our way of being. Since this veil has been lifted, I’ve comfortably spoken with many earthlings about the possibilities space and ET’s hold, along with the fears and not to mention, their encounter stories most of which are genuine from what my intuition can discern. Some places that I’ve visited have regular visitations of UFO’s so much so they’ve coined them a nickname and treat it all very casually which has been easing on my mind like Aloe Vera on Sunburn, their simple attitude of “oh well they just ..are” whilst reassuring still doesn’t sound much like a solution to me and by solution I don’t mean AA-gun installments, but something.. whether that be commerce driven, technologically driven etc as long as it’s civil and in the name of progression I wouldn’t have minded. I’m hoping for anything by this point, but not quite intently and by that I mean intention with amplified projection I suppose you could say.. existential communication stuff that I’ve experienced with humans, nature and animals my whole life.. stuff you believe only a seer is equipped to dealing with on the ET front. Now here’s my favorite part in my story which is my main submission to you; After years of limbo taking their presence as it is, talking openly and generally holding an optimistic yet critical mind toward all things including ET’s to further my own development as well as others, I was one day confronted with an encounter in my most radiant state, my whole body felt like it was the brightest white light you had seen, particularly my heart area.. meanwhile I was in the middle of nowhere at roughly 3-4am, literally miles and miles from anything, barefoot, in complete darkness but feeling more connected than I’m ever yet to feel again to my direct surroundings and myself, almost as though I was protected and watched over whilst unconditional love energetically returned and flowed through me from source, on this walk I carried some water but very little, also some crystals and a high power laser LED torch, I’d decided to walk without the torch on to enable feeling my surroundings better which was a great choice. I was stopped every mile it seemed for a debilitating moment of deep reflection and contemplation that felt to be freeing me each step I took afterward. I stopped again to take in the surroundings and the stars, this time I spotted a UFO the same way I’d spotted them everywhere else I’d seen them sober or intoxicated, absolutely no different in inertia activity, light, speed etc.. meanwhile I still felt I was radiating pure vibratory love which I’ve often believed to be the universal language above all else including mathematics, so I felt empowered by the moment and got my high powered laser LED torch out, faced it to the sky and shaped the symbol of unity twice like a spotlight performing morse code into the sky and at that instant I lost track of the UFO and fear settled over me, no less than how I felt as a child under my dooner covers petrified of being abducted, in my ultimate state of light and love I cannot believe how quickly I was reduced to fear as if they where now silently approaching my location with hast for some kind of sick research. I began walking back the way I’d came, feeling like I have too much to give to the planet to be turned into some experiment, finally taking great ease of mind once I came into close proximity with the trees of which brought me a sense of security before hand, although I still didn’t trust being there so I continued high tailing my way back to where my camp was with the torch off to remain unseen knowing full well that me being here or there isn’t going to prevent any kind of abduction but feeling content with the notion of refuge and familiar comforts including other campers who where all asleep anyway. I felt like a smart person with great intentions, who became clueless and scattered away from a chance of real interaction the way a young teenager runs from a kiss and I felt I had no control of this which I thought you might find quite interesting in your studies, I realized I wasn’t prepared.

    Thank you for your time,
    Kind Regards

    Daniel Brown

  • October 6, 2015 at 8:07 am

    I always had a connection with them and people thought I was mad. Well there you go. I see Light ships all the time at night and they remind me there around as well. I’ve had so many experiences that I thought they were normal until I made the mistake of telling people. That’s when the problem started. The truth is were never alone and never have been. They only contact people who they know are ready for the contact, and they’ve been doing this with me since I was a kid. They protect people as well especially when they know your doing good work to help humanity. They understand more about what’s really going on. They really help the planet when things got out of hand. I think people are scared of the unknown and they really do watch to much tv to be able to be objective.

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  • November 8, 2015 at 2:50 am

    I to have received this message for a number of years now and still on going. It has become a teacher student relationship and I feel I’ve fallen for the teacher. But as I always have been, with any knowledge I gain, from what ever source. I look long and hard at the motive and adgender of the teacher by so readily offering said knowledge. Before I even consider putting this knowledge to use. As with this knowledge I’ve received and still do to this day, has come many powerful gifts. My only real true feeling though is that the supposed free will that God gave us as a gift all boils down to my own intent. The base root intention that I wish to use this power and knowledge for. As long as I can carry the burden of the ring, (Lord of the Rings reference) and use it for the greater good of man. Then all should be peaches and apples. Is there truly any man, one man that can indefinatly and infinately carry the weight of unmatchable knowledge and power without ever being corrupted by it or subverted by others? I’m sure going to give it my whole mind and hearted best shot. Wish me luck. It would also seem that if I trust and believe in my own pure ability of intent for greater good of all shunning greed and want altogether. Then all I have to be concerned about is the greed of others. Tall poppies. Poor Big Daddy. Woe as me? Onwards we march. Thanks to all and the others who know who they are. Trust and respect always, Great Scott the Scott Free.

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  • October 24, 2019 at 5:05 am

    I was really coming up with a different idea, though I entirely appreciate your notions.


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