When a Human Speaking Resembles AI

That person I just met, was he a hybrid?

was he a hybridIs it possible that I was carrying on a conversation with … a real alien, someone from an extraterrestrial race born of a long program of hybridization with humans to produce

  • tall, willowy and thin (imagine a paintbrush, his fine face and hair the brush)
  • stunning in the speed of mental operations and ease of decision making
  • little need for approval, little response to projected human emotion
  • projecting the character and interests of a recently graduated philosophy major
  • promoting idea of endless resources, the more dangerous and chaotic climate limits more imminently threatening.
  • a dispassionate seed-sower–casting ideas about town as if to plant a concept as authoritative.
What was it about him that would make me ask, was he a hybrid?

If there was one thing that first made me wonder if I had just met a real human/e.t. hybrid, it was the way the content of his spoken word reminded me of AI, Artificial Intelligence.

First on the basis of some nudge, I asked, what was lacking, where was the “not human” vibe about him coming from (not based on his appearance nor the sound of his voice)?

We had fallen into a conversation; I found him “magesterial” as he communicated his thoughts and ideas. It was striking, to hear views on carbon fuel consumption reflecting the philosophy of the School of Mines (resource acquisition: it’s what they do)… from a CU grad with a major in philosophy?

What is going on here

He emphasized the philosophical work of Jeremy Bentham (humans are pigs, then, if the highest good is personal happiness) and John Rawls, who raises a question:

  • if you could not guarantee your role in life, what kind of society would you wish to be born into?

It was striking, how the conversation came to be and that it was extended an hour. I’m inclined to think that I was the subject for a report. Nothing spoken in the conversation would suggest that or any notion I’m proposing, except for how emotionally-based were my responses, compared to his thoughts and ideas that seemed to regurgitate college lessons.

What was missing

He had no discernible agenda.
That’s the quality of voice, the weirdly dispassionate voice I am thinking of when I think of pronouncements from AI. The voice doesn’t care; it is just reporting evidences.

What was not present

His agenda was not to connect further than that one meeting, I would guess. Was he collecting data on me, even as he was doing most of the talking? Was his speech, field notes being recorded not just by me but by him, a status report from an agent of the Intervention? These thoughts might sound a note of paranoia, yet these are questions that sooner or later will need to be asked.

Why this conversation, why so urgent and why those two philosophers

The question–what is he doing–takes a different cast when I consider that the young man I had been speaking with might be a hybrid human/alien.

When I consider that maybe he is a hybrid

I see the faults of humankind in the eyes of other races in our sector of the universe. I see my happiness and I see the Way of the Tao that watches where happiness is liable to go. I see the allure of the savant among Greater Community people. I see plenty of reason to cultivate the bland manner of speaking as found in AI.

He wasn’t “taking applications for new friends.”

He wasn’t there to make a new friend.

He had opinions, yes, but somehow no skin in the game. Pragmatic, yes, but possibly because I nudged the conversation in that direction from the start?

I hope I am wrong. I already know what kind of a fool I am, so that is not what needs proof here. What kind of a fool I am, would be preoccupied with other thoughts.

If he is an example of what will become commonplace to meet, the reality seems not so far off into the future.

How about not hybrid: new human

Is it possible to consider, no that was not a hybrid I was talking to?

How to prove my suspicion to be false? How to see definitively, the young man is all human, no e.t.

Let’s prove he is not demonstrating the kind of mindset we will be finding among us. If we can’t prove this young man is completely born from a lineage anywhere but on Earth, we can contemplate how much the off-planet hybrids will resemble this young man in Boulder.

Short Note on Jeremy Bentham

Jeremy Bentham

*Jeremy Bentham (1748—1832) was the father of utilitarianism, a moral theory that argues that actions should be judged right or wrong to the extent they increase or decrease human well-being or utility. His first book,  A Fragment on Government,  1776 marks “the beginning of philosophical radicalism” and includes an early view of the concept of sovereignty and the “greatest happiness of the greatest number.”

Conclusion: not a hybrid, very Greater Community

John Rawls with his “Veil of Ignorance” and concern for the “least” in society is important and relevant. Seeing how precisely his work does address a key–and voiced–concern for me lately, I release the hybrid hypothesis here, my worst case scenario for “what might be wrong with this picture.” The young man was so pure and free of agenda that a very pure message for me could be sent through him.

It cannot be stated clearly nor long enough

How did John Rawls’ work get suprressed that the naive but well-informed bystander does not know his work? How it came to me, a matter of personal contemplation of fundamental truths to keep me upright.

Who else has been suppressed like John Rawls?

Saul Alinsky.





Jeremy Bentham, detail of an oil painting by H.W. Pickersgill, 1829; in the National Portrait Gallery, London.

Courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery, London
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