Deliver Us from Evil Overlords

We will pray to God for deliverance.

A prayer for deliverance is like a prayer from a foxhole, from a desperate situation:

“If I get out of this alive, I will do whatever you ask, oh Lord.”

“Lord, get me out of here.”

Deliver us, oh Lord, from evil, we ask from a place of privilege where we expect God to bend to our need.

You will pray to God for guidance. You will pray to God for assistance. You will pray to God for deliverance.

The Great Waves of Change, Chapter 4: The Freedom to Move with Knowledge

We need good assistance to perceive the shadow side of what we think we want, and guidance to know what is coming if we continue on our current path.

We will ask God’s help to guard us against evil, and to keep us far from things that incline us in that direction. We pray: deliver us from forces that seek to use and abuse us.

Expecting to be rescued, we are easy targets for exploitation.

People are seeking to be rescued when they pray for deliverance. They make promises they can only hope to keep.

Deliver us from the evil within

For the engine of war is produced by how people live, what they use from the Earth, what they believe they must have for themselves, and their endless quest for wealth and power and acquisition—beyond the simple needs of life, beyond what they actually need to live and to be sustained with stability and security.

The ReformationThe Engine of War (

Take a personal inventory to see to what degree and in what ways you are living as merely a consumer of the resources of Earth. How much waste are you producing? What do your purchases reflect about what you value?

If your home were preserved as a museum for future humans to view, would they find evidence that Early 21st-century humans believed

  • all things were given by God or nature for humans to enjoy
  • the Earth was self-cleansing, everything disappearing downstream
  • all things could be used without concern for resource depletion.
  • the past is revered; the future is unimaginable
“You’ve Got To Be Carefully Taught”

Would the anthropologists of the future see that today’s humans are

  • Insecure, fearful
  • Status-seeking
  • Mimicking others’ opinions
  • Looking for blame more than a solution
  • Easily led by ideological cues
  • Chauvinistic
  • Sectarian
  • Isolationist
  • Flag-waving, xenophobic
  • Ready to go to war at the slightest pretext against those people your relatives hate.

Will the humans of the future see what we now see, how the people clamor for an authoritarian boss and lose faith in governance for the collective good? What will remain to be told of the history of growing global awareness of the double-edged fate we pass along to that future generation:

To participate in the greater universe around us as slaves or as one among the free races in the universe.

When the answer is too good to be true

Many people do believe that if alien races are here, they must be here to help. They think, “If they are here, they are more advanced than we are; they have evolved into superior beings and can only display the highest ethics of compassion and goodness, right?” Their god is a kind of a big-brother god who will look after our best interests, as we have failed to do.

Their “sky brothers” will seem benevolent to those who seek deliverance. Around the world, many people are ripe for a rescue and primed to accept any substitute. These people believe they are more grounded in reality than those who chant prayers like incantations or like magic formulas for protection.

Not everyone one who shows up is here to help.

When we pray for deliverance, let us pray that we not accept any wooden nickels, we not sell the farm, and we be not persuaded by schemers, dreamers, charlatans, panderers, or any race who will enslave us. Let us pray we be delivered from our dependency on technology, just-in-time supply systems, rare metals and non-renewable energy and the habit of blame-shifting and preference for short-term, personal gain over long-term, environmental impact.

What we are asking when we pray for deliverance

We will pray for deliverance when we realize we have crossed the limits of sustainable habitability upon the planet, We pray for the safe deliverance of human populations from vast areas. including coastlines and other regions threatened by physical or political upheaval.

communicating with aliens
Images accompanying the Golden Record on Voyager
Desperate people pray for deliverance.

Many who pray for deliverance are willing to accept any kind of tradeoff in order to be rescued.

When we are ready to pray for deliverance, we are ripe for Intervention.
When we pray for deliverance, that is the moment that the predatory races are waiting for. Many races are alert to our vulnerability. Their interest was green-lit when we discovered the power to eradicate all life on the planet.

If we believe in a universe that supplies all our needs because that has always been the case in the past, we are over-ripe for harvest, for good or ill.

No divine intervention, no alien intervention

To beg to be rescued it to forfeit our own responsibility.
Some people now believe aliens offer us the only hope of deliverance from the consequences of our habit of overconsumption. To pray for deliverance and permit the Earth to be overtaken by Intervening forces is to give up responsibility for the planet to other forces.

Around the world, people have prayed for freedom, security and deliverance.

A New Way Forward for Humanity (December 31, 2006)
Let us not be tempted by any shady deals

When people pray, “lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil,” are the words on their lips reaching their hearts and minds?

If so, their attention is 90% on their own small concerns, if conscious at all of any intention to be led away from pathways of destruction.

Their lips move, but what are they asking? This is a prayer for an easy life, a life with no challenge. A life without challenge is a life with no purpose, no aim higher than comfort and security.

No longer can any human on Earth expect a life of comfort and security.

“Peace and change do not coexist very well.”

What will End War)

When we seek to be delivered from our own complicity with evil, the answer might come in the form of a test for us to find where we put our trust.

When some people pray to God to deliver us from evil, in all sincerity they seek to know the difference between an easy way out or a suitable solution to a real problem.

Deliver us from being put to the test.

People pray to God for assistance, for opportunity, for deliverance, for escape from pain and suffering, for renewal or for rejuvenation. But when the Message comes in such a great form, they cannot see it, they do not respond or they deny it because it does not meet their expectations or their previous beliefs.

The Worldwide Community of the New Message from God 
, Chapter 3: Being a Person of the New Message

When we pray to be delivered from evil, we pray that we need not be tested by trial. That our discernment not be challenged and our strength be sufficient to recognize deception and temptation to collude with evil. We pray to be delivered by the genius innate within humankind to create a way out of the dilemma that our planet is increasingly uninhabitable.

Sincere prayers get answers! To recognize when the deliverance has come, it fulfills the true need, greater than what is being asked.

If God sent the answer to your prayers for deliverance, would you know what to do with it?

Reed Summers shared a message from God entitled “The Battleground” on Monday, March 14, 2022, that says the Battleground is economic, political, military, and even within ourselves over what we will follow and what we will stand for at this time of great uncertainty and upheaval in the world. The battle is for what we will allow to prevail.

The recorded presentation from the March 14 presentation of The Battleground is available, with more revelations to come.

You may pray to God for deliverance. You may pray to God for the Blessing. But the Blessing and the deliverance have already been placed within you—within Knowledge within you, awaiting the time when you would have the maturity and the understanding that such a power within you must be called upon, must be followed and must be honored above all else.

God Has Spoken Again, Chapter 8: The Blessing

In our own histories, for those of us who remain, it was equally difficult to present a very similar message to our own cultures. We were met with disbelief, ridicule, shock. The idea that our worlds could be intervened by forces who were not friendly to us was something that our races were totally unprepared for. We believed, as do you, living in a state of isolation, that we were privileged and had the graces of the Divine powers. We could only assume that the initial visitations, which were carried out as secretly as they are in your world, were for a greater benefit. That was our assumption. It was only when a group such as ourselves met and counseled certain individuals in our respective worlds in order to deliver a warning and an awareness that a real preparation could begin.

The Allies of Humanity Book Two, 6th Briefing: A Call to Action
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