Proof will come too late

How much do you have to see before it is clear?

You don’t want to wait for the proof because then it will be too late. By then, there will be very little recourse.

The Allies of Humanity Book Two | Third Commentary by the Unseen Ones As revealed to Marshall Vian SummersDec 18, 1998

Once again, a breakthrough article by Leslie Kean and Ralph Blumenthal in the N.Y. Times blows the lid off secrecy from government sources on the topic of UFOs. This respectable daily newspaper and the official acknowledgement take some of the sting of ridicule out of the subject as well.

The article builds on their previous work establishing video evidence of unexplained phenomena as authentic and not explainable.

Now duly authorized, honest and forthcoming government witnesses with increasing number and volume validate concerns about the intruders in our skies conducting themselves in ways we can’t explain and do not understand, admittedly. That simple admission does knock down a big screen of denial: our best analysis admits it does not know what this is. This much we can agree on: what we don’t know outweighs our projections and understanding.

The world is undeniably different.

Breaking down denial, finally, an excellent start to reduce the stigma and antagonism around the subject of UFOs, to de-sensationalize the topic of life in the universe and begin to take some obvious truths as granted. This site takes the perspectives given by the Allies of Humanity as most necessary to take into consideration.

Truth not only stranger than fiction but larger and more urgent

So, welcome to a world where now it’s mainstream to consider UFOs as real. It’s more mind-expanding than can be taken in at first.

It is a reality that is unlike the comfortable isolation of the ignorance of a vast and vastly inhabited universe.

It’s having to take in as fact that our local area of the universe is a high-traffic sector, highly commercialized, and we humans as naive as Mowgli, naked before the sophistication of the city.

It is not too late if the warning is heeded

If we can see the logic in the perspective given in the Briefings from the Allies of Humanity and recognize the fragility of our position in the face of inexorable, persistently and increasingly obvious and fundamental truths:

  • how commonplace–how universal–are over-consumption, population overgrowth and exhaustion of resources
  • how technology fosters dependency
  • the complexity of relationships completely beyond our ken
  • the compassion of non-interference
  • the initiative of that band of Allies of Humanity for the sake of plausible deniability in officialdom

It is not too late.

Our vulnerability to exploitation resides in specific tendencies that keep human evolution stalled in the past. Our weaknesses could hobble our ability to pivot to a future dramatically different from the past.

We have significant strengths that have won us a fraught yet unusual degree of freedom in our world. It is too late to continue to maintain childish or adolescent notions about the price of freedom. We can become better informed by understanding what is required in the Greater Community as revealed in the New Message from God.

To build on human strength and manage human weakness

At best, in our Allies’ opinion, our maturity level is adolescent; among our competition, who wish to take advantage of our ignorance and indiscretion, are those who regard us as brutish as animals and needing to be treated as ignobly.

What survival will require of us, in view of a Greater Community perspective, to enhance our strength and to manage our weak areas, is to apprentice ourselves to these survival tasks not now well established:

  • self-sufficiency
  • discretion
  • unity

Wherever those abilities and skills are demonstrated, we must support and build those characteristics as if the survival of the human race depended on it. We must give no reinforcement to the voices that diminish human resilience as demonstrated by these qualities.

Ask persistently: what does your invader require?

What is required

To understand what will be required in a sophisticated, highly populated–and to understand how populated–Greater Community of life in the universe, examine the newest offering from Marshall Vian Summers and the Society for the New Message from God: Preparing for the Greater Community. This perspective on the arena of competition we are dealing with and the insights into life in the universe will assist us to identify and strengthen humanity’s strengths and account for weaknesses:

  • our tribalism that forces us into camps of opposition
  • our superstitious beliefs that trap us in bubbles of fantasies of exceptionalism and expectation
  • human conscience, consciousness and conscientiousness of practice adding heavy lead to our “mettle,” gravity and weight of existence and survival

Now the reality of the alien presence on Earth can be acknowledged, if not yet wholly taken in. Now the perspectives given by our Allies must be acknowledged for their realistic and pragmatic view of life in the universe and its impact on us at this time.

“The transition between the world you have today, which is crumbling, and the future world that is your greater promise is a great gulf.

It is as if you were standing at the edge of a great chasm and you were looking across the chasm to the other side, wondering how you were going to get there. There is no magic lift that is going to lift you over this chasm. There is no bridge that is going to appear magically to take you there. You are going to have to climb down into this chasm, go through it and find the way up the other side.

There is a way, and God is showing the way in the New Revelation.”-

from Marshall Vian Summers, The New World: The Vision.

At present we are in the painful, precarious process of slowly going down the canyon wall—walking, stumbling or sliding. When we get to the bottom, we still have to have the energy to cross the big river (we haven’t figured that out yet) and find a way to climb up the far side to the top of the rim above, all the while trying to keep intact some sort of social cohesion, financial viability and personal and collective safety through it all. We can gaze at the far side with great hope and inspiration, but the journey to get there across the great divide will be bigger and more difficult than anything humanity has ever achieved before and we won’t have a great deal of time to achieve it.

Marshall Vian Summers, Campfire Chat, 7/17/20

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