Why Don’t They Come and Land on the White House Lawn?

Many people wonder, “Well, why don’t they come and talk to our president? Why don’t they come and speak to our leaders?” 

Living The Way of Knowledge, Chapter 11: Preparing for the Future

“The President of the United States does not speak for 6.7 billion Earthlings,” says Stanton Friedman who calls this question “one of these stupid things that gets repeated over and over again.” .


“Obviously, the aliens aren’t here to have tea with the President, or the Prime Minister, or anybody else like that,” he says

“Well, why else would they come here?”
Why don't they come and land on the White House lawn?
Saucers over Washington

Stanton Friedman notes the resources of our planet and our immaturity as a race, our ignorance, our self-destructive tendencies. He echoes the teachings given by the Allies of Humanity about the reality of the hidden extraterrestrial Intervention and how it is taking advantage of human conflict, religious strife and environmental collapse to further separate and control a divided human family. The arrival of intervening forces from beyond our world at a time of unprecedented change represents the greatest event in human history and the greatest challenge to humanity’s survival and freedom.

Stanton Friedman is engaging and entertaining and sharp in his analysis. Before he died in 2019, the field of ufology was not as contentious as it is today, and yet he and those who could see as clearly as he could, as persuasive as they could be, were not stronger than the forces that were and are intent on sowing confusion and deception.

There is no one here who represents the human race. There is no group mind here. A mob is not a group mind. An army is not a group mind. Who can speak for the human race? Who can represent the will of humanity? Even your greatest and most powerful leaders do not have the support of their people and can rarely muster a real consensus amongst the people over any issue. So who can the visitors from the Greater Community speak to? Is there anyone here they can speak to? For a group mind must communicate to another group mind in order for the communication to be complete and effective. If they speak to an individual, then the individual must create a group mind with others in order to respond to them.

Knowledge here must establish a real community—not a community of law, not a community that is governed by manipulation and coercion, but a community that is driven by intention, dedication and a certainty that specific people must bond together to get things done. 

Living The Way of Knowledge, Chapter 11: Preparing for the Future

In 2008, when the world population was 6.7 billion, Stanton Friedman could see that humans were disunited and primitive. He could not imagine a different world.

Why don’t the aliens come and land on the White House lawn? In 2008, the United States was more likely to be considered the ruler of the free world or the most powerful of the developed nations. Our world has been changing in the time it took for the United States to gain ascendancy and to become compromised. Our world must see the necessity of uniting with one will to arrest the degradation and the overthrow of the planet to hostile, outside forces.

This is a worldwide problem. It is not a problem for Americans or British or Chinese. It is a worldwide phenomenon. The Intervention does not prize one race over another, except insofar as one race can help achieve the intentions of those who are intervening. In this, there is much emphasis on America because it is the most powerful, influential nation. But this is a worldwide phenomenon.

‘The Allies of Humanity” Book Two, Third Commentary: Understanding the Intervention

The Allies of Humanity have been calling for humans to unite with one will to protect our sovereignty and our security.

What could be more important? That is not a stupid question.

“Unity for a race must be established sooner or later. It can be established through submission and domination or through consensus and wisdom. This too represents a fundamental choice. Unfortunately, most nations that we know of, and certainly most nations in this region of space, have chosen the former option, choosing the submission and domination of their peoples to establish a unity of purpose and to crush dissent. Free nations, which are so rare in the universe, have chosen consensus and wisdom as their overriding need and emphasis.”

The Allies of Humanity Book ThreeSecond Briefing: The Requirements for Freedom in the Universe

For this to happen, individuals must become unified within themselves, says Marshall Vian Summers. It will take time and dedication. Only a crisis of the proportion that we are facing could force that kind of commitment upon us.

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