7 Cards in the E.T. Hand to Watch for

“There are many voices now that will speak to humanity, voices from the Greater Community. Their messages will be delivered to individuals to be given to the world. Many of these messages will be the same or very similar—encouraging Contact, encouraging trust, encouraging compliance and discouraging resistance, discouraging doubt, discouraging further inquiry and discouraging the asking of questions.”*

Is it possible to know when you aren’t getting the whole picture and are being led astray? When in contact with off-planet voices, is it possible to know if they are completely reliable? Many deceivers mix truth with partial truth, telling the truth but telling it slant and not telling all the truth.

The truth is, the environment that humanity is entering is well populated. The fantasy that we project onto this environment is that, given the level of sophistication needed to have commerce beyond one’s own solar system, spiritual development will be found equally advanced in such races. In our limited perspective we presume these entities will have achieved the harmony and loving-kindness that humanity hold to be the highest ideal.

“He has observed the Golden Rule Till he’s become the Golden Fool.” –Wm. Blake

The Golden Rule, the gold standard for morality on Earth, a common thread uniting the world’s religious traditions–because we behold this as the highest standard we would expect universal principles to be at least this lofty?

How provincial of us.

For the span of this article, for the sake of argument, hear one voice in the clamor of voices. This one sends caution and keeps its distance. It does not flatter our self-esteem but is providing the notes from a security assessment of our position in the universe.

The message of the Briefings from the Allies of Humanity is supported by the our allies in non-physical dimensions. Give their message the same scrutiny you would any other, and meanwhile take advantage of the tools it offers. Note the strategic framework for evaluation in the last part of the paragraph above, rearranged here as a list.

  1. encouraging Contact
  2. encouraging trust
  3. encouraging compliance
  4. discouraging resistance
  5. discouraging doubt
  6. discouraging further inquiry
  7. discouraging the asking of questions

“In the absence of wisdom, clarity and informed awareness, many people who are aware of the Intervention are misunderstanding its presence and are construing it incorrectly, believing it is here for the benefit of humanity.”*

The message from the Allies of Humanity must be taken seriously. To underestimate the risk of our position is to fail to heed the warning being given.

How this hand played out: http://www.dogsplayingpoker.org/gallery/coolidge/waterloo.html
How this hand played out

Not only the warning but the preparation, including this list of some of the “tells” in messages that might be seductions. Of course we will evaluate the message from the Allies by the same measure; we will find that they go out of their way to avoid interference or any level of manipulation. They serve at great sacrifice, not for their own enrichment. What they have conveyed to us is sufficient to alert us to the risk we face if we do not become aware, educated and alert.

It is not so with resource seekers, which includes all off-world visitors who are now among us. They have sized us up and identified our vulnerabilities; they know that their ability to influence us, no matter what cards we are holding, will persuade us to fall for their bluff … unless we do become aware, educated and alert. I pray we do. Join the others united in awareness training or initiate your own progress with the Steps to Knowledge.

*All quotes from The Allies of Humanity Book Three

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  • May 19, 2022 at 8:16 am

    Hello I have pictures of many diffrent types of Crafts, diffrent species of Aliens, Close-up pictures of both Aliens and Crafts, I have them taking in light Energy in photos, I also have 3 threats in photos from I suspect the Aliens. I have one attempted abduction ( a clawlike pole but coming from craft) I have one hiding in our gate area with some sort of weapon pointed up the street in direction I am coming back, There is a Butt or magazine on the weapon In front , I have the likeness of me tied in a tree by wrists , pain on my face . A laser is pointed on my leg , from something in the trunk etc etc wondering if I am a crackpot ? See the pictures for yourself in private ( I won’t know) Facebook open page ( mine)


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