How to Relinquish Your Sovereignty in 3 Easy Steps

Be in the moment and disregard the future.

To relinquish your sovereignty over your ability to provide for yourself, let things go. Whatever is, is relinquish your sovereignty, procrastinate

  1. In every day and at every moment set an agenda based on personal preference and inclination. Avoid prioritizing–let things unfold.
  2. Procrastinate when faced with unpleasantness. Assure yourself that the strength to deal with difficulty will be greater at some point in the future.
  3. Realize how time is slipping away and have no concern about where it goes.
  4. Feel degraded and pathetic; this will accelerate the force of entropy in a feedback loop, increasing helplessness as a pervasive and defining characteristic, adding to the sense of futility and overwhelm that has accumulated.

Broadcast your vulnerability.

To relinquish your sovereignty over your personal space, your body and your mind, maintain loose boundaries. Don’t let rules and regulations or other people’s interests confound your self-expression.

  1. Allow your attention to be preoccupied with gossip, drama and intrigue.
  2. Let your gaze drift, your mind wander.
  3. Have devices turned on at all hours and devote time to watching videos and listening to recordings in the background as you go about.
  4. Make a lot of noise and draw a lot of attention to the mistakes of others. Hope this cover acts as a screen for your own derelictions. Make sure to escalate how awful, how atrocious are the things you see going on in others.
  5. Don’t worry about patrolling the perimeter of your domain. No need to lock your doors.

Wave your individuality like a flag.

To relinquish your sovereignty over yourself , make sure to emphasize your personal rights and prerogatives as an individual. The assertion itself is the main thing, with threats and slogans to heighten the intensity. Debate is good, also, to enlist antagonists to draw out your best arguments, though the best amplification comes from those who echo your claims.

  1. Assert your right to do things your way.
  2. Make sure your way is the only way.
  3. If you have weaknesses, preoccupy yourself and others with great emphasis on them.

How easy, then, for scavenger types to come sort through the pile of debris and degradation that represents all you claim to hold dear.

Reed Summers says that this is what we are doing. The human race, each one of us contributing to the aggregate, is forsaking our great inheritance, the freedom of choice and movement that accompany sovereignty when responsibly held.

We are making contact with physical forces who have the same biological needs as we do to survive. And that is what drives and motivates them. Now there are spiritual forces in the universe. There are unseen forces. And the New Message reveals these different levels of reality. But it’s important not to confuse the level of reality that you’re actually dealing with. And I think that’s what I see a lot is people, they know this UFO phenomenon is real. They know there’s something behind it.

And yet they leap beyond levels of reality to say that these are Angelic beings; that they are enlightened; that they are, you know, levels beyond levels. And in fact: no. They’re our neighbors in space. Or they are, you know, the drug dealer down the street and you’re stepping out onto the street for the first time. It’s really important you know who that person is on the corner and not trust them immediately.

Or, to give an even better analogy, you open your door, right? To the city beyond your front door, and there’s someone standing there and they want into your home. And you think, ‘Well, maybe I should know who you are and if you’re not invited you should explain yourself.’ And I should sense out, you know, is that trustworthy? ‘What are your intentions? Why are you wanting to come into my home? Or no, you can’t come into my home if ….’ This is what we’re not doing with the world. We’re opening the door in the middle of the night and going up and going to bed. And we wake up in the night and hear people downstairs, and we trust blindly. We say, ‘Well, the universe is a loving, light-filled universe. I should be trusting. I should express to those who have come what I wish to receive because I’m creating this reality. I’m creating through my expression, and therefore if I express love those who enter my home are loving.’

Find out more about how human sovereignty is at risk

Read more about The Reality and Spirituality of Life in the Universe.

See The Declaration of Human Sovereignty and consider deeply what is at stake at this moment in our history.

Consider how endemic in today’s world are the lapses in self-governance described in this post and ask yourself how long this has been going on and how deeply you yourself have been affected by this pervasive and pernicious failure to take care of things.

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5 thoughts on “How to Relinquish Your Sovereignty in 3 Easy Steps

  • July 19, 2018 at 6:40 pm

    “…and therefore, if I express love those who enter my home are loving.” How powerfully Reed brings this point home. We do have visitors on our doorstep and they assure us they are trustworthy and we should let them in. We should even welcome them with open arms because they are “more enlightened” than we are. We must really check in with our inner-knowing and discernment before letting the visitors in. Many are welcoming them and risking their sovereignty and that of our race. We are an adolescent race that knows no better. Neither did the Native Americans when the Conquistadors landed. Knowing NO better is not a saving grace.

  • July 19, 2018 at 9:13 pm

    Great analogy between personal and planetary sovereignty, Mary. Seen in this light, it’s no surprise humanity is in a perilous position.

  • July 19, 2018 at 11:24 pm

    Great post, Mary! You make it so easy to see what we might be doing that could draw attention to us and get us in trouble. Discretion is the way to go! Thank goodness we have guidance from the Allies of Humanity.

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