How to Herd Humans, Part 2: Cull the Fringe

The real evidence for the alien presence on Earth is one thing; another thing altogether is the extraterrestrial presence as a force capable of manipulating minds in the collective (and towards collectivization, which is the ultimate goal, the aim for the remainder after culling the fringe).

This force of agency in the mental environment is demonstrable and its objectives easy to describe, with the template given below for how they perceive the task of “culling the fringe,” or estranging humankind from itself to further dismay and demoralize us in order to weaken us to their blandishments, to shape our destiny as if to herd humans like cattle.

Cull the Fringe

If you are going to herd humans, once the time is right, the next step is to cull the fringe. The emphasis here is on

  • splintering people into factions
  • isolating individuals by amplifying shame, guilt and eccentricity
  • intensifying divisions and separation.

“It is your weakness and your conflicts, your ignorance and your superstition that these particular races from the Universe will prey upon. They could take control of the world without firing a shot, for they are skillful in manipulating the thinking and perception of others. That is their strength.” — A New Way Forward for Humanity (December 31, 2006)

To “cull the fringe” means to start with the frayed and fraying ends; if you want to herd the masses:

  • pick off outliers
  • divide to conquer
  • create dissonance
  • foster ambivalence and indecision

How and why to target weakness when herding humans

The Intervention culls the frayed ends of society by targeting specific weaknesses felt by individual strands in society to heighten alienation and estrangement. It culls the weak by emphasizing weakness. It culls selectively, with strategies according to type.

  • Sensitive humans are targets of a long-range alien agenda to demoralize the human will, the better to subjugate all humans without tolerance for dissent.
  • Religious symbols and ideas will accompany manifestations of uncanny charisma, promoting credulity, docility and distraction.
  • Materialists will be kept contented and distracted in the impression either that all is normal or else resistance is otherwise futile.
  • Neurotics will promulgate fear and foreboding, feeding on evil and rumors of evil.

As humans grow more alert to the changing dynamics of a changing world, those who renounce responsibility will surrender their sovereignty. It is a race to win hearts and minds, the prize our human sovereignty.

To shift allegiance to outside rescuers, then, the strategy of the Intervention is to exacerbate the sense of weakness with messages based on actual vulnerability in view of Great Waves of change.

How to Counteract These Messages of Weakness

They can outsmart you, but only if you are not looking.” Summers, Marshall Vian. Living The Way of Knowledge, Chapter 10: Being Present in the World

Learn to recognize the messages promoting dependency on outside forces. They connote these ideas that will be elaborated further in this “How to Herd Humans” series, schedule and links at Part 1: Timing:

  • You are weak (puny, needy, exposed, underinformed, owned–a strictly mechanistic view of the universe ignoring or minimizing strength of spirit)
  • You are evil (being punished, having irredeemable tendency toward evil and mismanagement; conspiracy, division, categorization, labeling, judging)

Sign the Declaration of Human Sovereignty.

Take the Guidelines for preparing for the Greater Community seriously.

Scrutinize the content of the warning being given in these interviews with Marshall Vian Summers.

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