How to Herd Humans, Part 1: Timing

“While humanity is fighting and struggling down here on Earth, other forces are here to take advantage of its predicaments, its ignorance and its superstitions.”[1]

See this and you see the reason for the timing of the Intervention to arrive when we have betrayed our hand, our vulnerability to catastrophic forces making us an easy mark to the real alien forces that see us as more manageable than we do them, until we spot their techniques outlined in this series, How to Herd Humans.

The Timing of the Intervention

“Intervention is occurring now

  1. because you are destroying this invaluable asset, this beautiful world;
  2. because you have produced technology that others can use; and
  3. because those who seek to intervene do not want to see you become more powerful that you are today.”[1]

pacification, isolation“This is their opportunity, and they will take advantage of it–

  • generating human conflict,
  • weakening the strongest nations,
  • pitting nations against one another
  • to weaken them and
  • to make them more dependent upon the presence that is now amongst them, a presence from the Greater Community.”[1]

All the better to herd humans into subjugation.

Why Now? What is Going On with the Timing of this Alien Intervention?

  1. “The wealth of the world is being spoiled and ruined, and the threat of this increasing has brought this Intervention here.” [2]

  2. “It has also come because humanity has created an infrastructure that these races can utilize for themselves. You now have a worldwide community, worldwide communications, worldwide commerce and the beginnings of a worldwide government.” (2]

  3. “Those who value this world for themselves recognize what is taking place. They have tested the atmosphere of the world. They understand what humanity has done to pollute its air, its waters and its soils. For this has happened countless times in the universe. It is well understood there.”[3]

  4. “As resources decline within this world, and as economic and political instability increases, the offerings of the Intervention will become ever more persuasive, yet what it is offering is your own demise—the loss of human freedom, your dependence upon foreign technology and foreign power.” [(1)

scavenger, resource plundererThe degraded condition of the world has invited the interest of scavengers, resource plunderers able and willing to take advantage of weakness, currently engaged in demoralizing the human will even farther than they have already, and they have been subtly at work on this agenda for decades.

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This time

The Opportunity

The Timing of the Intervention


[1] (Resisting the Intervention (September 10, 2008)

[2] Preparing for the Greater Community (April 15, 2011)

[3] The Global Emergency (October 20, 2015)

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