What Extraterrestrials Know About Humans

What do aliens know about us and our reality here on the ground? Quite a lot, we might imagine, considering how indiscreet are our communications.

One Way Extraterrestrials Know Everything There Is to Know About Humans

The Allies of Humanity advise against broadcasting the drama and everything else that clutters the airwaves:

“You will have to learn how to communicate without broadcasting into space. Even the most secret involvements of your governments are broadcast into space in many situations and can be easily discerned by those who have gained knowledge of your language and your tendencies. For the world has been observed for a long time by all the powers in your vicinity.”

The Allies of Humanity, Book Three: The Requirements for Freedom in the Universe

They point out in the same Briefing what is obvious if we would only recognize our fundamental vulnerability:

Your world is being watched. Your governments are being watched. Your conflicts are being watched. Your trade and commerce are being watched. Your tendencies are being watched, both by your allies and by those who would seek to exploit you.

And more that we would surely know if we only realized:

Your scientists who seek to listen to broadcasts in the universe will not hear very much because no advanced nation broadcasts in this way.

What Extraterrestrials Know About Us

So the Allies of Humanity point out to us how we are “broadcasting [our] strengths and weaknesses to all who wish to view them.” We don’t realize how foolish it is to expose ourselves this way; we don’t even know what our strengths and weaknesses are. To the aliens who have a real and tangible interest in exploiting our vulnerability, these things are obvious.

Extraterrestrials Know Humanity’s Weaknesses

Our emotions make us vulnerable, we are advised. It is not so likely that real aliens “feed off our emotions” as they find us very easy to manipulate, whether the emotion we are feeling is loving or fearful.

We are sentimental and superstitious–we really have no idea how foolish our hope that all will be well if we only have faith. We do not detect the subtle distortion that discredits real issues when we wish to believe we can create our own reality.

We bankrupt our endowment, burning through the resources of our planet as if our generation’s pleasures matter more than the survival of our own species and the multitude of others who share this world, with no thought for how our poverty will make us subject to deals a lot worse than trading the island of Manhattan for a handful of beads (or whatever was traded).

We can observe recent affairs in the United States to see how division weakens a people. The Allies of Humanity adjure us to become unified.

We are ignorant of politics and commerce among intelligent beings in the universe, like an indigenous tribe that had never encountered competition for resources. Education is more needful than a positive outlook.

Human denial, the habits of projection and hopeful expectation, naiveté, and the wish for rescue are all among the weaknesses of a race that is fundamentally at an adolescent stage of development, in the eyes of more cosmopolitan races.

Most Extraterrestrials Do Not Appreciate Humanity’s Greatest Strengths

Surprisingly enough, human spirituality is developed to a greater capacity than is generally found among intelligent life in the universe, we are given to understand. Freedom is rare in the universe, we are told.

Our world is rich in biological resources, something the few races who know of our existence do understand better than we. And our world is located in a strategic position, not isolated in a remote part of the universe where more powerful forces might do with us as they please without consequence.

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Despite humanity’s long existence in this world, you are a young race—immature, unwary and unsuspecting. You have many great qualities. You have kept spirituality and creativity alive in the world, where they have died in so many other worlds—advanced technological worlds that are sterile and secular, where individual freedom is unknown. You have great promise. But you have great problems, and you have some disabilities as well—the tendency towards human denial. And your tribalism, which has served you in the past, can blind you now.

The Voice of Revelation (April 14, 2011)

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3 thoughts on “What Extraterrestrials Know About Humans

  • December 24, 2020 at 6:02 am

    What do aliens know about humans? Everything. Because like fools we tell them everything.

    • December 24, 2020 at 6:24 pm

      Except for what they can’t fathom: our sense of the sacred and what we hold sacred.

  • July 22, 2022 at 3:19 pm

    Most humans think they are the only lifeform and see alien life as a laughing matter…comic strip or Sci fi movies


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