Many Voices, Part One: Know When You Are the Mark

Trust but verify and trust very few


How to play poker when aliens are real. 

To be able to discern friend from foe in the universe, evaluate the content of “messages” from extraterrestrial sources.    

  • Study the intention.
    • Is there an offer of trade, a bargain, any manipulation or deception?
    • Any interference or physical presence, or information only?
    • Does this information help or hinder?

Look around: do you see the mark?

Poker players know the rule: If you do not see the mark, you are the mark. You are the mark if your position is weak and you do not know it.

You must know the difference between your strength and your weakness, for your foe will speak to your weakness, and your friend will speak to your strength.”The Allies of Humanity Book Three, Fourth Briefing: Hidden Powers

How to read the hand they are holding

When any extraterrestrial source produces concepts that are completely original, these are special cases. The authenticity of the source does not matter as much as the validation of any information being communicated: 

Is there real content in the information? How is any human supposed to be able to know how to validate or falsify any of it?

This series of posts on “Many Voices in the Universe” will explore how to approach any source of information from extraterrestrials and will continue the thread outlined in the previous series “How to Herd Humans.”:

  • When an entirely new conceptualization, it is paradigm shifting, opening the aperture of our vision of the sector around us and the future before us to mind-boggling wideness and wonder. How not to lose the ground we are standing on while agape at the orders of magnitude beyond our scope.

These shifts in perspective come, by necessity, at thresholds of development for the human species. The comfortable will feel afflicted, the afflicted will take comfort. The backwards facing will feel antagonized, the forward thinking synergized. 

The pragmatic will be a quick study at the new terms of negotiation with an alien species, seeking the information most reliable and trustworthy, to know who to trust and who is bluffing. 

Many languages

“There are many voices now that will speak to humanity … from the Greater Community.” The Allies of Humanity Book Three, Fifth BriefingMany Voices in the Universe

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