No Need to Fight Battles Already Won or Done

“Choose your battles,” they say. Mostly they mean they have ceded some territory and are too tired to keep vigilant on all fronts.

I would say, do not fight the battles that are already won or done. What do I mean, won or done?

Those are the battles already decided–ceded by either side–in an argument over turf. Identify what you yourself are willing to cede, or not cede.

Prior to writing this post, where I planned to give examples of battles “won or done,” I had thought, if it’s mere semantics, and already completely “owned,” let it go. I found I could not!

Examples of “Done” or “won.”

When They Are Just Done:

What comes to mind personally are relationships where one of the two is just not feeling it anymore. What choice does the other have but to depart, no harm, no foul to the first to see and know what was not meant to be.

Battles already won:

These things are established, yet we still contend over the details and the specifics:

The power and glory of human spirit. The awareness of higher powers and realms. The highest, clearest and most tightly maintained ethics from the best that human development has to offer.

The essence of all humanity as one, an inherent collective unity though the human family be full of squabbling children!

The recognition that sectarianism must be tolerated as a development in the evolution of a tradition.

Only Seems Done

I had thought to write of a few cases where the discussion was over, where best to make concessions; where, as they say, to “choose your battles,” advising here not to fight the battles that are over.

I could not have been more wrong about the prime example I wanted to bring, a case where one author is so popular that they now own a special use of a word that means something completely different in all reality.

Now writing it out, I find that I can’t take my own good advice, to cede territory that is not worth fighting over.

This one matters, I suppose: the difference between hybrids who are the product of forced genetic recombination between aliens and humans and the so-called “hybrids” as Michael Newton has it, souls with past-life experience on other planets.

The definition of “hybrid” in terms of alien-human combining

According to Michael Newton, author of Journey of Souls:

“Hybrid souls have incarnated in other worlds before they come here.”

No. Those, according to Marshall Vian Summers and the Allies of Humanity. are “Greater Community people.” They are fully human. They yet are aware of a sense of connection with other races and a sense of history on other planets, just as Newton would emphasize about past lives in other realms, but let’s keep the lines clear, these are not the product of genetic modification as a slow takeover of the planet and all its biota.

Summers and Newton both describe people here at this threshold for the human race who have a soul legacy from off-planet. This concept is not a problem, however not understood. The problem is the loss of all actual meaning of the word “hybrid” by using it as a metaphor for ancient history of our souls’ journeys. The problem is in losing sight of the fact of real alien hybrids with DNA recombined through an interbreeding program designed to expand their off-world allegiance into a majority view on Earth.

Hybrids, Summers and the Allies advise, are the product of genetic manipulation to create functional humans with interests and alliances off-planet.

It will take a strong emphasis, clear defense of lines of demarcation, to keep the reality of human-alien hybridization foremost in our consciousness when we speak of hybrids and not minimize the atrocity of the intent behind this program of direct and effective infiltration.

Not Even Going to Get Started

One battle that doesn’t need a second glance: any forecast that is time-specific, any date prophesied. Assume these are always wrong and you will be right as often as a stopped clock is wrong.

Fait Accompli Does Not Mean Completely Done

There are alien entities among us. As we come to terms with this, it’s inarguable–they are here. Moving on to the outer edges of the battle lines, the areas of discussion and discernment that need defending are on what they are doing here.

It’s very disheartening, coming to acceptance of the reality of alien life on Earth, coming to awareness of the level of ignorance on Earth regarding this reality.

It is disturbing, this reality. We must not be disturbed, however, if we see this battle can’t be won, to prevent the infiltration of the human race in this way. It is fait accompli. So we choose where our energy goes, to which battlefront to watch and keep and mend.

Go deeper

Read The Soul’s Journey Through Life for understanding of your own soul’s trajectory, how souls can know and connect with other souls in other cosmos; and why forced hybridization must be denounced and not minimized or “disappeared.”

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