The Ariel Primary School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, S.A., 1994

Not interested

I lived on planet Earth for over 49 years with close to zero interest in UFO’s and no experiences of them to my knowledge. I have little interest in TV, have never had cable or satellite TV and so I minimized my exposure to the swamp of popular nonsense about UFOs, particularly since the 70s in the United States.

Wait, what?

Then in 2017 while laughing at the naiveté of people who believed some of the clearly hoaxed “supernatural” videos posted on YouTube with my youngest son (we were both bored), he told me something.

As a young film maker my son is interested in film and video for all kinds of reasons, both artistic and practical. We had had a lot of discussion about how some of the hoaxed supernatural videos were made. He said he had heard about this thing called Ariel on Reddit. He asked if I’d be interested in it, even though it had nothing to do with ghosts, etc., but related to UFOs.

I said, “Sure!” without a second thought.

Then we found a video dealing with Ariel. After we watched that short video my whole life was changed. I could not have known how much of an impact it would have.

What happened at the Ariel Primary School in Zimbabwe in 1994

What is Ariel? In 1994 over 60 witnesses, mostly children and some teachers witnessed the landing of an exotic craft and encountered bizarre beings. This happened at the Ariel Primary School, Rua, Zimbabwe in 1994 in broad daylight. I was very affected by seeing the clear distress of the children narrating their account of what occurred.

Ariel School, South Africa1994
Child’s drawing of extraterrestrial being

For months afterward it kept returning to my mind. I tried to find ANY slightly plausible explanation for that event. I could not. Finally after many months I woke one weekend morning came out to the computer and told my partner at that time,

I was astonished.

Need to know

Though I would spend months researching the possibility of UFOs before coming to a conclusion, on the very first day I was utterly overwhelmed by the sheer volume of reported material.

As the months of UFO research proceeded, I broke the topic into four categories. I dealt with the easiest first and left the really distressing one until last. The categories were

  • crop circles
  • witness reports
  • animal mutilations
  • alien abductions

I put the crop circles aside and focused on UFO sightings. I further narrowed my focus to multiple witness encounters.

“I have to know what that was those children experienced.”

CE-3 reports with multiple witnesses

I was only interested in those incidents where groups of people witnessed craft they could not explain. I thought I’d find a few.

I quickly found about six mass sightings with overwhelming evidence of something real that human science cannot account for. What surprised me far more was I kept searching and kept finding more and more of these. To date I would have discovered over 100 hundred mass sightings, ranging from small groups to 10,000 witnesses. That I now understand is the tip of the iceberg.

To this day whenever I spend time researching mass sightings I find new cases I was not before aware of. After several months of having NO explanation for these events I finally accepted that the ONLY likely explanation was inter-planetary vehicles piloted by beings not from earth.

Then I looked at animal mutilations and claims of alien abduction. I won’t talk about that further here. It is far too distressing. I did come to understand with great regret and fear, that both were true.

I became obsessed with


Why are they here?

This led me onto another far more confusing round of research, due to the sheer volume of lunacy that pollutes the popular culture about UFO’s.

A grain of truth in everything

Every possible explanation contains a grain of truth, even if the rest of it is utterly outlandish. But nothing I could find was adequately explaining the scope and the depth of this disturbing phenomenon.

All of the pieces fall into place

A Message to Earth from Aliens
The Briefings from the Allies of Humanity

Nobody should ignore this.

Then I discovered the Allies of Humanity and all of the pieces began to slowly fall into place.

What I have discovered is of such profound significance to the life of every human being living now and who will ever live in the future. I encourage you to go directly to the straightest source available on this topic. Nobody should ignore this. Visit

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