Earth Is No Prison Planet!

Prison PlanetHalt that metaphor! The idea that Earth is a prison planet is great as a myth but as a cosmology, not helpful. It works to communicate the chronic ache of alienation and isolation but can only exacerbate those aches if it becomes the driver of the narrative. Calling to our deepest longings for freedom and rescue, the idea of the prison planet connects on many levels our hopes, wishes and fears … and animosities.

The image goes back to Plato’s Cave. Plato rightly uses the image of being imprisoned as a metaphor to describe limited perception. It is ground breaking concept to convey the idea of limited perspective–very apt for the shift to the Greater Community perspective, no? How better to describe enlightenment to the unenlightened?

This use of the idea of existence as a prison goes further back when seen in the idea of samsara where the goal is escape from this plane. The image is rich, adaptable and persuasive.

David Icke could well be talking in the same terms as Socrates, not confusing metaphor with reality, except for the heavy influence of the idea of the prison planet as the driver for Icke’s vision and work. An indicator for confusion of levels is when the myth is the one driving force at all times, the only point to all discussions, the explanation for everything.

Whitley Strieber is hopeful, despite the foundational role of the idea of the prison planet as a reality.

“It’s time for us to wake up and face the truth, that we are a captive species on a prison planet, but the fact that we are so close to understanding the science of our imprisonment means that we are also just beginning to touch the key that locks the door, and if we are strong, if we defy and defeat the sinister forces that rule us now, we have a chance at last to unlock this place and do what we are able to do, that we are richly capable of doing, that those who love us—and they are out there, too—have hoped and sought that we should do from time immemorial.” — Whitley Strieber

It’s very evocative, isn’t it?

A deception will always mix truth and fiction to create an effect. The “Alien Interview” with Matilda MacElroy uses the idea of the prison planet–resonating as it does with our sense of alienation as spiritual beings in a material existence–to heighten the significance of what is otherwise non-edifying (and doubtful).

A deception creates its own forcefield of blindness. At, the concept represents a foundational view of the world defined by the dialectic between notions of freedom and oppression, devolving into “us against them” at every turn. A deception sets one group against another.

Captive SlaveThe aim is to create a sense of helplessness, where chaos and unpredictable but likely danger loom, conveying the disabling idea that resistance is futile.

The Allies of Humanity present a completely different view of human existence. From the point of view of the Allies of Humanity, the freedom we have cultivated here on Earth is precious and at risk of forfeiture if we do not take responsibility for maintaining it in a self-sufficient manner.

The Allies of Humanity present a view of human existence shared by the New Message from God. It does not minimize the bondage of a limited perspective. The Allies give a realistic view of existence with practical tips for stepping outside the cage that is defined by life as we have known it. The Allies alert us to the dire and imminent risk to our freedom, the possibility that this concept could become more a reality than a projection if we do not take responsibility for the requirements of mortal (limited) existence.

“For once you lose your integrity and your freedom, it is very difficult to regain them. Very difficult. Even when people have sacrificed their integrity for relationships or for money or for advantage, even under these more normal circumstances, it is very difficult to regain it. You have to mount tremendous effort and take risks. It is easier, then, to stay out of trouble than it is to get out. You do not want to become a prisoner in your own world. You do not want to become a prisoner in your own mind. You do not want to become a prisoner to anyone or anything else.” — The Allies of Humanity Book Two, Second Commentary: The Effects of the Pacification Program

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10 thoughts on “Earth Is No Prison Planet!

  • April 21, 2016 at 10:23 am

    At first I thought the Prison planet theory sounded plausible. Then I thought….anything Alex Jones supports…S U S P E C T! Thanks for this article.

  • July 31, 2016 at 3:52 pm

    We are prisoners of our own thoughts and the thoughts of others. Freedom is in having a still mind for “in stillness all things can be known”. This planet was created by The Creator as a place to experience being without The Creator. Read The Separation:

    “You are living in Separation from your Source and from Creation itself, which exist beyond the physical reality entirely. You are living in a temporary reality. It is impermanent. It is changing. It is expanding. It is chaotic. It is governed by its own laws and dynamics.
    You are a spiritual Being living in a physical reality. This accounts for your dual nature and the fundamental conflict and confusion that permeate your mind and activities. It is the result of Separation fundamentally.”

  • September 2, 2016 at 12:52 pm

    Earth could not be a prison due to the simple fact that intelligent lifeforms would never allow one species to run amuck..killing and destroying their own species and all other types of life and natural resource…it would make zero sense..if this was a prison the owners would just leave us to pass into extinction..but they would not allow the suffering of millions of creatures…also we would all be sterile..why allow an unwanted species to continue to reproduce?

    • September 20, 2016 at 5:56 am

      no it does make sense. the prison planet theory includes the idea that “the others” which are the supposed negative entities need negative energy to live so they create all kinds of distractions and conflicts to get that energy. also they need us financially…why wouldnt they allow the suffering if it creates the negative energy they need?? and why does source allow the suffering?? the theory is that we were collected from different planets and thrown here…its kinda too much to type..check it out
      its goes along with what the author of this article im commenting on states…you’re either gonna just remain futile and not do anything because you’re trying to escape this planet that is supposedly under a fake electrical grid or you’re gonna fight back but spiritually

      • February 10, 2017 at 2:45 am

        Thanks so much for these links, LD. This post needs revision and needs more examples, exactly as you’ve provided. I was able to express my thoughts more concisely on this e.t. wiki:

    • April 11, 2017 at 6:41 pm

      ‘…one species to run amuck..killing and destroying their own species and all other types of life and natural resource…’

      lol. you have described exactly life on earth.

      and how on earth have you managed to miss all that? how are you unaware of endless war, gmos, partial-birth abortion, murder/disease/sterilization by
      medicine, vaccines, weather control, chemtrails and poisoning of our air, food, water, soil, institutionalized servitude, poverty, famine, man-made or natural hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, droughts, torture and slaughter for sport, profit, to ‘satisfy’ human appetites for bloodlust of animals – our fellow sentient beings, rapid extinction and dwindling of animal species, control and brainwashing of our children, increasingly authoritarian government – a world of tyranny and disease, the indignity and suffering of old age for those who make it that far. the examples are too extensive to include them all.

      perhaps you are at least peripherally of this situation but choose to pretend it is non-existent? earth is not a prison planet – it is hell.

      • February 14, 2018 at 9:54 am

        that”s exactly how I see it!!! Bravo.Carl

      • March 30, 2018 at 10:13 am

        The hell of it is that it’s a hell of our own making.

        There is exquisite beauty in the world, for instance your own capacity to enumerate the problems on Earth–the sheer cadence of your list reminds me of Bob Dylan’s “Nightsticks and water cannons, tear gas, padlocks/Molotov cocktails and rocks behind every curtain,” (

        To overlook the possibility that this place is a laboratory for dealing with conflict and struggle and instead a punishment inflicted on us unwittingly is to disregard the huge strength inherent in humans, the ultimate connection to all that is exceptional and fine, the connection to God called Knowledge.

  • March 31, 2018 at 11:25 pm

    We’re not here to confirm THE DARKNESS; but rather to bring the LIGHT.

  • May 16, 2019 at 7:01 pm

    If you are forced to pay taxes at the threat of violence and eviction. That’s called a form of imprisonment.


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