Who is at risk?

It is atrocious that any of us is at risk of being used like a lab specimen for extraterrestrial races to experiment on for unknown reasons. The reality that people are being physically abducted must not be underestimated; it has been studied at times on this site. This post will not address the question of who is at risk of being physically taken by physically present and real aliens but rather who is at risk of being ensnared in the mental environment.

For the vast majority of people in your world, the Intervention will be unknown and completely hidden.

The Influence Upon Humanity

Along with the very real alien Intervention in the physical is an equally atrocious battle for the mind and soul of humankind, all the more ghastly because subtle while being conducted in the open, though shrouded in deception and confusion.

Yet for those who become aware of it, either because they have been taken, or because they have witnessed evidence of the Intervention in your world, these individuals will either be encouraged to believe and to support the Intervention or they will be cast aside and tormented by it.

The Influence Upon Humanity

Who is at risk of being taken for a ride metaphorically, then, in the mental environment of belief? Who is at risk of being deluded by the persuasions of alien species? Whose freedom is at risk of being corroded beyond all recognition without their being aware of it?

Already, there are individuals in your world, we understand, who have been cast aside and who are tormented, who have seen and felt and recognized things that they cannot incorporate into their understanding.

The Influence Upon Humanity

Finding no compassion amongst their human fellows, they deteriorate into depression and into self-disassociation.

The Influence Upon Humanity

One answer to know who is at risk in the mental environment, and how and why, appeared in the trending discussion on narcissism and gaslighting, the controlling behavior of asserting false reality as if it is real, with a destabilizing effect on another’s sense of reality and sanity. Who is at risk of being a victim in a control drama of abuse? See if you spot your more idealistic tendencies that could set you up as a target of a deception:

You are more likely to be gaslighted if:

You are very responsive to people who seem hurt, needy or easily frustrated.

You have a strong need to be right and seen as right.

You care deeply about being liked and appreciated.

It is important to help people and make things turn out alright.

You have a great sense of empathy and are able to see things easily from your gaslighter’s point of view.

You want to maintain the relationship.

You have a hard time letting go of relationships.

It is difficult to acknowledge when someone treats you badly.

You are more comfortable relying on another person’s opinion.

You find conflict very uncomfortable.

You are worried about not being good enough.

You feel more comfortable with other people’s opinions than your own.

Natalie Engelbrecht‘s answer in Quora discussion, What are the earliest signs of gaslighting?

Here the visitors attempt to either bond you to them or try to switch you off. Only one who is strong with Knowledge will be able to resist the inducement and to find insulation and freedom from torment. That is why learning The Way of Knowledge must be encouraged. 

The Allies of Humanity Book TwoThird Briefing: The Influence Upon Humanity
Who is at risk?

The effect of gaslighting on its subject does resemble the effect of the alien Intervention agenda towards humans that they wish to ensure become as docile as cattle. What a narcissist does for their own ego satisfaction, the extraterrestrials who are set on plundering the resources of Earth do to meet simple survival needs. They have no regard for our personal dignity.

Both types, the human psychopath and the alien resource explorer, do disregard our spiritual inclinations except when they can manipulate our hopeful expectations. We can learn from the study of human narcissism how entities behave when they regard you as worthless and disposable and only a means to their own ends with no regard for your own values or ethics.

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Further context for alien abduction

Are you sensitive? Do you try to be a good person? More info here on who is at risk of being subjected to extraterrestrial manipulation in the mental environment.

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5 thoughts on “Who is at risk?

  • March 2, 2020 at 6:05 pm

    Gas lighting is a real danger for empathetic people. For empaths to become strong, we must become aware of this weapon that can be used against us when we truly know something isn’t right.

  • December 7, 2020 at 8:53 pm

    Hi Mary, I like this article, with all the quotes from good sources, and would like to point out it is possible to get past that state of being someone who knows about this and has not allowed one’s self to be co-opted by the intervention, and becoming one of what this describes as “the cast aside” and perhaps “tormented.”

    You don’t have to be tormented, this is not required. You can join the struggle. I’m pro-actively trying to incite more people to become actively engaged in this struggle. It is so nice to see others like you and everyone else in the Alien Resistance movement putting in time and effort! Together we do this!

    I do find, however, that although I am not being mentally tormented, I can and do expect some kind of blowback, usually in the form of technology messes up around me. Or what I’m writing disappears just when I get the good stuff out… lol.

    We are in a struggle for our freedom, no one said it would be easy.

    • December 7, 2020 at 9:08 pm

      Glad you liked it, Bill. Guest editorials are always welcome. Now soliciting first-hand-experience accounts.

  • April 29, 2024 at 7:19 am

    Very insightful observation, drawing together narcissism, gaslighting, and the nature of the Alien Intervention taking place in our world right now.
    A new and helpful way of conceptualising what is going on.
    Thank you


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