Alien Seers Vs. Human Psychics: Who Wins?

“This power of persuasion and perception then becomes the focal point. Knowing what others are doing, perceiving their activities, trying to discern their secrets and their technological developments, discerning their intentions, discerning their communications and discerning their diplomacy—all become a great emphasis now. For this reason, many nations have cultivated a special class of citizens, individuals called “seers.”… Their role is to see, to discern and to interpret.” — Life in the Universe, Chapter 7: Competition, Influence, and the Mental Environment

Have you ever wondered why so many alien abductees report nothing but good things about the aliens that take them away?

They are made to feel special, psychic, and perhaps even spiritually enlightened. Abductees are absolutely convinced that aliens are here for our own good. They interpret the traumatic experience in a positive light.

It’s not a coincidence.

All aliens that interact with other species are trained in the arts of mental manipulation. These psychic skills are used against unwitting humans to ensure that they don’t turn against the alien intervention. Some even become “ambassadors” of sorts, betraying their own race in favor of distant alien powers. It’s not their fault. They’ve simply been brainwashed into thinking and behaving this way.

Humanity absolutely must prioritize psychic and mental training, especially for those with a natural affinity for these arts, if it is to remain free and sovereign. Welcome to the 21st century!

Can We Compete On This Level?

Absolutely.Powerful Psychic Seer

In fact, according to the Allies of Humanity material, as well as the New Message from God revelations, human psychics have the potential to surpass the abilities of the intervening aliens. It’s just a question of training, practice, and following the Spiritual power inherent within us all. That last part is key.

The greatest force in the universe is Spirit. Whether you’re religious or not, regardless of your spiritual inclinations, you are sourced from a greater Spiritual reality. Tapping into your source allows you to access immense power. Seers who do so can run rings around aliens who do not.

This is humanity’s key advantage. It’s what will help us cast off the noxious influence of the alien intervention.

A Potent Training Method

Steps to KnowledgeAny genuine spiritual practice, if followed faithfully, will cultivate your psychic abilities. As we learn to step away from the mind, our inner senses become more easily recognized and utilized.

We heartily recommend the powerful Steps to Knowledge program to all aspiring psychics or seers.

It was received in 1989 in a state of Revelation by a man who trained for years to be able do so.

One of the reasons why Steps to Knowledge has been gifted to humanity at this time is to help us deal with the alien threat to our world. It’s an ancient preparation that is older than humanity itself, used in countless worlds across the universe, translated into human languages for the first time.

What Can The Most Powerful Human Seers Do?

  • Discern the truth of any statement, including hidden agendas
  • Cast their mind to far away places, even other planets, to find objects, people, locations — anything
  • Communicate with aliens without using language
  • Shield their minds from intrusions by other minds
  • Manipulate others into seeing or believing what they want them to see and believe
  • Forecast the future and delve into the past
  • Communicate with other dimensions
  • And so much more…

“Yet as you become strong with [Spirit], you will be beyond their control because now they cannot capture your mind or your heart. And with time, you will have the power of perception to see into their minds, which they do not wish. You will then become a danger to them, a challenge to them, and they will avoid you if they can.” — The Allies of Humanity Book One, The Sixth Briefing

Are You Psychic? Are You Destined to be a Seer?

Everyone is psychic to some degree. These inner senses are our birthright — we all have them. It’s just a question of practice, training, and inclination.

Some people are born with heightened psychic abilities because they have trained for this in previous lives, or because they’ll need them to fulfill their roles in this lifetime.

Everyone can cultivate this talent, however. It’s important that the world’s best psychic minds do so. Humanity must be able to match and even surpass the psychic aliens that are interfering with us. Our future depends on it.

Begin your training today.

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5 thoughts on “Alien Seers Vs. Human Psychics: Who Wins?

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  • May 25, 2018 at 10:17 am

    There are many people now who are mediums and have not taken the Steps to Knowledge. What would you tell them? Would you tell them that they have to learn the Steps? What would that do for them? Are you a Medium? There are mediumship courses being run all over the world. What would be or would there be any difference in the end result? We see the result in those who have taken the Steps training and not very many of them can do what is mentioned above. However those who are mentored by mediums or Spiritualistic schools have had far greater reaching results much more quickly!
    Perhaps all potential Students to the Step to Knowledge should continue their training and get certified as Mediums through an accredited school and then the results that you mentioned above would take effect in their lives sooner than later.

    • July 9, 2018 at 12:19 pm

      There are students of Knowledge that have penetrated the mysteries of life, reclaimed their relationship with the greater Spiritual power within, and are quite powerful in the mental environment as a consequence.

      You just won’t see them making a few bucks here and there on radio shows, peddling books and the like.

      They have real work to do, in tandem with Spirit, in concert with others who share their calling.

      The advanced students of Knowledge, as you may know them, do exist, are with us, and have important contributions to make.

      There is nothing wrong with mediumship schools, training, or certifications, if that path feels right. Follow what you know, after all.

      But to compare this type of education to the reclamation of your most fundamental relationship, the deeper part of you that remains connected to the Creator of all life, is a mistake.

      There are two very different paths — one leads to the cultivation of certain mental and intuitive aptitudes, the other bridges the gap between the mundane and the spiritual realities, recipients of these gifts becoming translators between Heaven and Earth, and great benefactors to their race in these difficult times.

  • September 28, 2019 at 11:38 am

    i had the gift of seerer and prophect since i coulod remember one day at my Grandmas house in ny my grandfather had died in his sleep so one morning he woke me up i could smell him cooking his bacon and eggs omlette and he came to my room and woke me up telling me ikt was time for school i woke urying top half way awake and the back of my hair felt my grandfathers spirit he was still in the house as a spirit.Well now i have visions and can see into the spirtual real my job in the spirtual realm is to c lose the doors that other people left open.In 2014 i recieved a message from the almighty wich i cant disclose the purpose of it was for me.I continual to see spirits and such,then in 2018 i had a near death experience i was a driver for a company and i had a customer give me a cocktail chcolate marijuana brownie, and perk three 30 percent with fetnol in it they mixed it with my soda and i went out i pulled the car over said i couldnt drive,the passenger got in the front seat and i got in the back seat i was trying to see where he was going and i keept on blacking out well the next thing i knew i was in the back seat at the casiono then it was like the creator came down and breathe breath back into me he held me in his arms i couldnt see his face though he said it wasnt my time yet he still had work for me to do.i was at the casino at that time remember seeing the first responders and next thing i remember is me getting out the hospital my adopted dad who is a minister came to the hospital and took me home.oh it gets even better soon after i got home the angels came to me they where the elohims they started messing with me like scareing me showing me events on Tv that hasnt happen yet they told me how i was irresponsible with my life up to this point and said why did the creator have to come down and save me.They kept on trying to scare me where i couldnt even go to sleep at night they continual to mess with me for about three weeks and the night when they left they open my third eye up and said i was now resposible for myself.when they open my third eye it was like bright lights comeing out of my corner of my eyes and the light were going round and about and then back into my eyes.i get flashes of white light from time to time and i now operate my mind on the right side of the brain in the bible jesus says cast your net to the right side of the boat meaning brain ive always been a targeted individual and latelyt
    the government was messing with me useing mINd control and differnt other things i now can speak telepathically im able to teach myself i always test the spirits like it says in the bible i can read prohecy i have visions and dreams.We been world war3 the last fifty years what is the united nation first on and what is the agenda of new world order i know about that.We already had our first rapture it was in the 1980 1992-1986 thats when the elohoms left, they had left me behind to help when needed.And the gave praised to the beast internet=beast and is called the beast and the apps gives worship to the beast and computer programer is slave to the beast. And we worship our devices cell phones computers bluetooth we were upgraded to 5 g in order to use these devices,The angels and the creator runs on a electrical realm sort of speaking the are enemies of the airways sattle cable wifi bluetooth and so on there are spirts of the air battle we cannot see i found the language of the angels and the creator. they work with electricty and magic.we are being attack daily bassis with wifii and sattlelight and they bring on sickness like anxiety,affect the immune systm and if two p-eople not on the same vibration and wave length it will cause you to argue and fight the worst time for these spirits to act up is in the early morning when low internet uses they are in the airs starting from radio tv sattelight wifi bluetooth and on cloud.i went through just about all the phases and everthying they coluld throw at me and surrivived by the Grace of God the reasons we cant see the aliens is becuase the veil hasnt been lifted yet the exists in past present and future timelines What the spirits have told me is that they dont like being conjured up and people used magic every day how would you like it if you were being forced to do something you didnt want to do well thats the same way spirts feel about it its a more polite and reespectable way is to just ask they can see the intentions of your heart the one thing they hate the most is being lied to arnt we the same way when we cross over to the other side wouldnt you want to prpare for it on this side first and then have a better understanding of now attending colledge now at fory eight years old and im doing pretty good fell a littlle behind becuase i found out my family bloodline im part of the elite bloodline i was hated before i was even born thats so sad to say i still got much love for my family.Im patriartic if america dont get with the program we are headed for a economic collapse and headed for a downfall if we dont get with the program the other countryies been planning this for the last twenty years and we keep on takeing the bait.America wont be america anymore and our money it be like what money.last of not least i love my God my i love my country and i love myself thats why giveing a testimoney to honw great the almighty is.I have more to say but now not time yet


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